Sun shot at the Earth? As a result of effects on climate — man or nature

Mankind has already done a lot of mischief at home: and on the ground and in the water and in the air. Still, not all of the global climate change — because of us. The mechanism of weather on the planet of a million years. His current imbalance — 10% work of man, and the rest — natural processes. The biggest influence on the weather of the planet has the Sun. The familiar 11-year solar cycle is broken. Flash luminary became stronger. For us it is — a direct threat.

Sun — like a spinning spacecraft, which are the

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Mystery date 21. 12. 2012. The famous astronomer of the end of the world and the mysterious planet Nibiru

Another message about the coming end of the world Shambhala oracle who predicted that on December 21 of this year, the world will come a global cataclysm that caused many to panic.

So we decided to see a specialist and asked the deputy director for Science Cultural and Educational Center. Tereshkova Nikolai Perov talk about this frightening date, and the future that awaits humans.

— Nikolai, the oracle of Shambhala, December 21, Earth, along with the solar system passes through the galactic "zero band" that would lead to the complete darkness, "can not be subject

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Incredible «coincidence»

We see that the features of the fundamental forces that bind particles already contain the sources of the order and the principles which, in particular, lead to consciousness.

Academician VA Matveev, director of the Institute for Nuclear Research.

Our body is made up of twenty-seven of the chemical elements, of which only one hydrogen formed during the birth of the universe. The remaining twenty-six born in the interior of massive stars that have evolved and died the next billion years. How ash extinct stars incarnate in us and in the world around us?

Playing against all

Imagine that every week

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U.S. lunar expedition from the point of view of formal science

Because amid the excitement elections ohotnoryadtsy I continue to be interested prosaic things such lunar fraud USA, a professional scientist (in this case, it is important), Sigismund Mironin sent me his stuff on this subject. This material is interesting that Mironin investigated unexpected (to me) side of this scam. But since Mironin too academic, I cut his stuff in the hope that from this material will be more accessible to people, do not do science, in addition, removed references to 28 scientific sources, and something in the text are highlighted. So, my word Mironinu.

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Military Secret № 162 (12. 11. 2012)

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The death of the planet, as it will be …

Observatories around the world have recently discovered giant asteroid Apophiswhich rushes toward Earth. Astronomers have modeled its trajectory.He might encounter with the Earth in 2029, and it will be disastrous.What is urgently developed scenarios to prevent disaster. But this is only one version of how and when to die humanity.According to scientists, there are several scenarios of "doomsday"

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«X-Men» among us

Scientists from Cornell University in the U.S. and the University of California in Los Angeles made an unexpected and horrifying discovery. The study of genes 14,002 people from all over the world has shown that in recent years people have acquired a lot of new, not previously encountered mutations. A rare inherited disease become truly ubiquitous.

According to lead study author, associate professor of ecology and evolutionary biology and bioinformatics at the University of California, John Novembra, they assumed that rare variants of genes appear unusual at present, but their number was a

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Scientist Miassa invented a time machine

Scientist Miass (Chelyabinsk region) created a time machine. Engineer and inventor Viktor Bulaev recognized in the scientific community. From his house he made a mini-lab. Two of its facilities are in an apartment, where he was conducting scientific experiments.

Participant of the experiment from Chelyabinsk Natalia — the third time in a time machine. The prototype installation was the invention of special mirrors Russian scientist Vasily Kozyrev.

"The measurement of bio — this is standard procedure. It is required before we get into the setup. His aura need to know "- the correspondent of the" First Regional "Svetlana Tikhonova.

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Strange thing. Killers from the moon.

Recently, in the secret archives of NASA discovered an unknown account with negotiations astronauts. On the tape clearly heard that the crew of the spaceship on the moon faced with something inexplicable. Very soon the film is gone, and NASA announced that more than 700 hundred boxes of videos and audio recordings of space missions, literally vanished into thin air. Stole hundreds of priceless materials, but the most incredible is that the video has disappeared unique mission to the moon, which no one knew anything …

It is considered that the development of man is over the moon

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6 most optimistic forecasts for the future of mankind

Most science fiction writers and futurists see the future of humanity in a rather gloomy colors — and with good reason. Our relationship to the environment leaves much to be desired, we are too thoughtless use of technology and more and more improving in self-destruction. However, there are also optimistic that the distant future is amazing and wonderful. Here you will find the seven most optimistic predictions about the future development of our civilization.

1.Status quo

In the 1990s, American political scientist, economist and author Francis Fukuyama wrote a book "The End of History and the Last Man"

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