Strange thing. Big break

Scientists suggest the: continents are moving towards each other. And soon they are at a great clash. Africa crash into Eurasia. A strong impact will a series of earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions …

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It involves an invasion of red weather

People with red hair often born in the humid


British scientists have uncovered the mystery of people with red hair, finding out that they often are born in countries where the climate is more humid and cold, and the sky — mostly cloudy. About 6% of the whole of northern Europe are red, state preliminary statistics. Moreover, according to The Telegraph, the palm is, apparently, belongs to quite the United Kingdom: red hair in 13% of Scots, 10% and 6% of Irish English.

This finding is likely explained by the fact that the inhabitants of these regions suffer

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Patent for rain. Russian scientist knows how to cause precipitation

Russian scientist has just received a patent for his invention, which can make it rain. Such ideas are very relevant. After all, does not the oil and gas, and fresh water is a major deficiency of the XXI century, according to many scientists. Disperse rain science has learned. But his cause? On the issue of fighting in many laboratories around the world. The original version has the head of one of the laboratories of the Physics Institute of RAS, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Viktor Pavlyuchenko. It uses the principle of the cyclone — an area of low pressure.

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Scientists have uncovered one of the mysteries of yawning

When people around us yawn, and we ourselves want to yawn. When the owner of the dog yawns, then begins to yawn and his dog. Scientists explain this phenomenon by the fact that both people and animals in this way exhibit empathy-the ability to read the emotions of others. It is noteworthy that both children and baby animals are immune to contagious yawning.

A number of studies have already shown that the thesis of contagious yawning apply not only to individuals but also to chimpanzees, baboons and adult dogs. Scientists believe that yawning in the animal world is used

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The universe may burst like a soap bubble?

The Higgs boson, according to American scientists, can lead to the end of the world. They suggest that the universe may burst like a soap bubble. But this will not happen sooner than a few tens of billions of years

Physics cautiously welcomed the news of the discovery of the Higgs boson: the particle responsible for the mass of all matter in the universe was too heavy, which may indicate its instability, said at a conference in the U.S. physicist Joseph Lykken of National Accelerator Laboratory named Enrico Fermi USA. In his view, the characteristics of the particles

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In Russia, its time to create a center for the study yetis.

"It should be about creating a new science education, if you will — hominology Institute, which would lead the search, and at the same time — the study found specimens" — said one of Russia's leading professional researchers so-called "Bigfoot" Igor Burtsev , noting that currently the Russian Academy of Sciences does not officially recognize the existence of "Bigfoot" and is skeptical of the work of private investigators.

Last week, the administration of the Kemerovo region spread information that the Mountain Shoria Azasskoy in caves, local hunters saw some humanoid creature covered with hair growth 1.5-2 meters. Annexed

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Who prevents the truth about the climate?

On Earth warmer — can be seen with the naked eye. Not every winter spoils frost and snow thaws Arctic, retreating snowfields of Greenland … It would seem that it is no secret that the greenhouse effect — the result of human activity. However, in recent times louder voices of skeptics trying to deny the obvious facts. Who benefits?

Why deny the obvious?

Unprecedented amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere rise, which leads to global warming. The average air temperature at Earth's surface has increased by 0,8 ° C in the last hundred years. Now the climate is

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Apocalypse. End of the world. Climate change

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Secrets of the weather or the weapons of the XXI century.

What accounts for global cataclysms in nature, which have increased in recent years and killed millions of people? Can a man today affect the climate, cause tornadoes and hurricanes? What is established in Alaska American setting "Harp"? Scientists and experts answer these questions is ambiguous … The film also involved a Russian scientist who participated in the creation of the American secret installation "Harp."

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Universe: Gravity

She's strong and modest. People strive to get rid of her hugs. It creates and destroys stars, planets and galaxies, and to direct their movement. Without it, we know life to an end. Earth just explode. This is a wonderful and mysterious force, the ruling of the universe: gravity.

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