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The territory of misconceptions with Igor Prokopenko (2013. 02. 19)

Theme issue:Cosmic mystery. Why water is the most unique substance in the universe?; Danger zone. Can water again decimate the population of planet Earth?, Inhabitants of the planet. Where to look for life in the solar system?; Twin of Earth. Secrets of the world «Kepler-22 b»

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Meteorologists do not see the signs of the end of the world, but was reminded of decreasing photoperiod

Contrary to the belief highly sensitive people waiting for the apocalypse in December 2012 due to the end of the Mayan calendar, meteorologists are optimistic. According to meteorologist Russian specialists "not fixed in nature no unusual events indicating the approach of the end of the world," quotes "Interfax" agency head Roman Vilfand.

"Hydrometeorological Center of Russia forecasts is not the end of the world, and a decrease of daylight. Before December 22 every day astronomical daylight hours will be less and less. And on December 22-23, it will be a total of seven hours — very little. No other

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Strange thing number 63. The great mystery of the dollar (02. 11. 2012)

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Each of us lives Nostradamus

It would be great if our body can prepare for an important event for us, which we do not know yet! You think it's out of the category of fiction? Not at all: the body can actually predict future events, without any prompting from outside. This conclusion employees Northwestern University, USA, analyzed the results of studies conducted from 1978 to 2010.

The fact that our subconscious knows more than consciousness, for scientists is not a novelty. Thus, in the form of a deck of cards avid players are excited, not even realizing that it was laid on the table

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Meridian fateful Great Pyramid

Resident of the Kostroma region Abrosimova Vladimir Timoshenko interested in the history of Egyptian pyramids, read about them more than 25 books. He drew attention to the unusual. As you know, one of the features of the pyramid of Cheops in that ancient builders orient it precisely to the cardinal.

Through the faces of the pyramid can be made meridian that crosses Africa, Asia, Europe, Antarctica, and in the opposite hemisphere and even America. According to Vladimir Alexandrovich, with the Meridian of the Great Pyramid is related to many important events of the planet, and Russia in particular.

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Sergei Apin: Effects of. Beginning 13. 11. 2012 (22. 12 Moscow time)

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Scientists have come to the conclusion that there are creatures in the Kuzbass like Bigfoot

Bigfoot population in the region can reach 200 individuals

In St. Petersburg, completed a study of the DNA pieces of wool, found in a cave Azasskoy (Tashtagol Kemerovo region) during an expedition to find the yeti in the past year, the press service of the regional administration on Monday.

"In the northern capital of the study was conducted at the university and in the Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. We conclude by examining the sample under the electron microscope, that got us 10 hairs from Azasskoy cave did not belong to man. They — from

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Special Project: Who rules the world? (31. 10. 2012)

Who stood behind each of the 44 presidents of the United States? The principle on which it conducted the election campaign? How are the "legends" of candidates for the top job? As unwound public consciousness?

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Unsolved world. Sun

Scientists reveal how the sun determines the Earth's climate. Can the sun be the key to solving the problem of global warming? And the solar wind plays a more important role than previously thought?

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Military Secret Ether 29. 10. 2012

In this issue:

— Secrets of the Seven Seas. Divers found the sunken treasure.— Cultural center of ancient peoples. Archaeologists have discovered an ancient temple buildings on the planet.— The reverse side of the moon. That is hidden from others? — As the leader of all the peoples of the Whites fought.— Guard, loot! What if you pulled out the bag?— Why things on our planet are repeated over and over again?— U.S. election. Who will vote for the most advanced democracy?— Killer tanks. Russian arms have built a cannon capable of penetrating any armor.— Armoury. All new items Army

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