Scientists have begun to doubt: is there now?

Mind games give birth to a dead end research

Is our world is real? That was the question asked earlier fiction. Today and physics doubted: maybe the universe is a matrix, as in the same film? The question seems so seriously overdue, that publication on the subject poyailas a respectable scientific journal NewScientist.

Information about the world is as a single, one-step, but in reality, it comes to us at different speeds. And there are events — the light blinked, someone snapped his fingers — the duration is shorter than the time required for their perception and processing. By

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Rule the world … caste

The global crisis, raging for over a year on the planet seems to be on the decline. And it will surely be over. But many questions remain, and chief among them — who are to blame for his appearance? Usually in such cases, all blamed on the machinations of some secret societies, most Masons. They are the subject of hundreds of books and thousands of articles, but for sure they are not known anything. Why? Because most of the stories about Freemasonry — it is a view from the side. And in order to understand the phenomenon, it is necessary

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Unsolved world. Extinction of Humanity

Our world is replete with a variety of life forms, from the most simple to the creatures, man himself. Now imagine a world drowning in deadly gases, dried abnormal heat and destroys fatal temperature drop. World, in which the incident asteroids, destroyed high-temperature shock waves. Planet-killer capable of destroying 95% of all living beings on it. It all seems like a nightmare of science fiction, but it is really our planet — Earth.

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Strange thing. Universe after 2012

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Strange thing — time without rules

There is a theory that the launch of the Large Hadron Collider may result in distortion of time and as a result — the emergence of travel in time and space. But even in the Third Reich were working to create a "time machine" …

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Secret area. Bermuda Triangle.

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Apocalypse: the fall of the Moon

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Special Project: The Secret of the Ark of the Siberian

For aggressive expansion of some states may not hiding greed, not political ambition, and the banal desire to survive. Aware of the imminent danger, a number of governments, look to Russia, to be exact — to Siberia.

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Mysteries of the Universe — Revenge of the Universe

More recently American scientists made a sensational statement. They called the time of possible apocalypse for Earth to the nearest minute: Friday April 13, 2029 4:00 am 36 minutes

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The territory of misconceptions with Igor Prokopenko. 23. 10. 12.

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