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Universe — a giant hologram

German scientific experiment called GEO600 scientists to search for gravitational waves, which lasts for seven years, has led to unexpected results, according to the magazine New Scientist.

Using a special device — interferometer — physicists gathered scientific confirmation of one of the conclusions of the theory of relativity. According to this theory, the universe, there are so-called gravitational waves — disturbances of the gravitational field "ripple" the fabric of space-time. Spreading the speed of light, gravitational waves, presumably generate irregular movement of large masses of astronomical objects: the formation or collisions of black holes and supernova explosion, etc.

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Earth is plunged into darkness

Confidence of older people is that even before the sun was shining brighter than it is now, as it turns out, has a more than reasonable grounds. British scientist Dr. Garry Stenhill (Gerry Stanhill) based on analysis of long-term records found that the amount of sunlight reaching the Earth's surface, continuously and rapidly declining. According to BBC, Dr Stenhill, currently working in Israel, back in 2001, called this phenomenon "global dimming" (global dimming).

Comparing the data on the total amount of solar radiation reaching the Earth's surface, for the period from the 1950s to the present day, Dr. Stenhill

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Approaching end of the world yet

Professor Paul Ehrlich at Stanford University made a presentation entitled 'Can you avoid the Apocalypse? "Main profession Ehrlich — a biologist, but his performance was much broader and included the study of economics and technology. He listed the major environmental problems which bring disaster to our planet, and a short presentation each.

On many issues you can find a wealth of information (extinction of species, climate change, pollution), but there are other prerequisites doomsday less known to the general public.

For example, global toxification: we crowded planet with toxic substances, and therefore, the probability of interaction of various

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Yes, it is once again flying saucer.

Yes, it is once again "flying saucer." True, it can not carry green men, and the inhabitants of planet Earth — as well. The best that it will be enough — bit of reconnaissance equipment, or scientific equipment. But the drive then claimed the ordinary — plasma. A plasma in the universe — full of.

Another contender for the most that neither is an alternative means of flight in the Earth's atmosphere called WEAV (Wingless Electromagnetic Air Vehicles), that is — "wingless electromagnetic aircraft."

"If it is successful, it will be revolutionary," — says the inventor of this unusual

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Psychic from Togliatti help people survive the «doomsday»

Not cease rumors and speculation around, perhaps, the most discussed topic in recent years — the supposed "end of the world." Recall, it is associated with the Mayan calendar, which ends December 21, 2012. What will happen on this day, people have tried to unravel the centuries. Now there are 11 major theories. Among them — the version of the alien attack, the destruction of all life and of the radiation incident on the earth a giant asteroid. Psychic from Tolyatti Irina Belozerskaya said that could help mankind survive this most terrible time. And, according to her, survival skills to

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Zhirinovsky. Very tight predictions for 2012

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Survive the Apocalypse

Not a great mind started up the rumor of a survivalist's lone lunatic, foil-finished by hiding in burrows fear a nuclear strike, where they sit on piles of canned food and fancy weapons. Chat with James Rawls (James Rawles) for five minutes, and it's clear — he's not one of those who live with illusions. Rather, it is what we live by them.


Rowles — a striking example of the new millennium survivalist. Instead of mumbling to himself in a bunker, retired army captain shares through his blog concepts of survival, exchanging ideas with readers around the world and

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LOS ANGELES AND MOSCOW sank into the ground

U.S. scientists have made a terrible statement: Los Angeles may soon disappear from the face of the earth. This conclusion experts have analyzed the geophysical situation in the west coast of the U.S..

Internal stresses in crustal faults of the San Andreas peaked on record, and the pressure in the tectonic plates may soon lead to a devastating earthquake. The area has transformed beyond recognition. In coastal areas such as the Carrizo Plain, 160 km north of Los Angeles, there was clear a giant crack in the ground. Here, even the rivers often change their direction.

If the dire

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Lake Baikal — a premonition of doom

Baikal during a single century fascinates many people. But few know about the secrets that keeps the lake. These secrets, many researchers have tried to study, but over time they became more and more.

One hundred and fifty years ago, Lake Baikal earthquake of 9 points. As a result, a huge piece of land to the right of the Selenga River delta was under water. At this place there was failure of the bay. Under water with the land left several villages. It was the biggest in the historical period in Baikal earthquake. Now scientists say that this disaster

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About chipizatsii, some questions and answers

1. General plansCard will look like this:

Part of the plans behind the scenes is the gradual erasure of boundaries (creating a planetary country), which will be the general political, power, economic, social and religious systems. The integration of electronic information systems in all areas of society. Replacing all your important documents and money for the embedded chip in the human body, which is both a passport and a virtual wallet. There is also information about the systematic destruction of large parts of the planet, the abolition of the middle class, the transfer of important government functions to the

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