Hobbits — relatives of man

Found in 2004 on the Indonesian island of Flores hominid remains long been identified as one of the "lost links" of human development. These creatures, for his small stature was nicknamed "the Indonesian hobbits", inhabited Southeast Asia about 18,000 years ago. Recent studies have shown that in fact the remains do not belong to one of the ancestors of people, and a parallel branch of humanity.

"Indonesian Hobbits", which was given the scientific name Homo floresienses, had a height of about one meter and weighs 30 kilograms. Their brain volume of 400 cubic centimeters — three times less

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Embryo in Ancient India

2500 years ago the gods in ancient India made transplant embryos. This is stated in the traditions of Jainism.

In India, the "country of a thousand gods" in ancient temples and books, there is a mass of traces showing the work of aliens. Another found a trail veterinarian Dr. Wolfgang Lampeter of Wasserburg. In the tradition of Jainism, he found the description of embryo transfer.

According to legend, the gods decided that one of them should go to Earth to start a new religion. For this mission was chosen god Mahavira,

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Avalon — True Peace Center

Among all the values which are given to all known Wikipedia, Avalon — is not only a favorite fantasy world of Robert Zelazny network malls or movie title, it is primarily a mythical island, lost the True Center of the World. This is the place where, according to legend, a magic boat was taken away after King Arthur was mortally wounded in earthly battles. To this day it remains a mystery whether the "island of apples" (also known as Avalon ") is actually or is it just a fairy tale.

Anyone interested in mythology, knows

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Creeping «Cemetery Atlantic»

Gained notoriety in sailors Sable Island, located in the Atlantic Ocean, 240 kilometers to the east of Canada, on the approaches to the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Along the coast of the island facing two main currents Atlantic — Labrador carrying icy waters of the Arctic, and the warm Gulf Stream.

As a result of their meeting dense shroud of fog enveloped the island for weeks or even months. Add to this, again, and frequent storms. Not only that, Sable Island, like melyam Goodwin, also a "vagabond" — for the last 100 years it has moved from west to

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Pyramids near Samara natural or man-made?

Mysterious structures found near the village of Smolkin in Syzran area. These pyramids built 5,000 years ago, the ancient Russia-Aryan civilization, said Samara writer and local historian Yevgeny Bazhanov. Civilization existed thousands of years in what is now the Samara region.

— Pyramid of the ancient peoples has always been a cult symbol. This means a ray of the sun, the ancient symbol of the god Horos. It is possible that under the influence of the Egyptians built the pyramids Samara its grand buildings — says the writer.

Amateur archaeologist continuously searching for ancient artifacts near Samara. In

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A world without gods

It is difficult to paleontologists. More recently, just remember all the genealogical tree: praobezyany generated apes, those made Neanderthals, Cro-Magnons, they gave birth, and even these were almost modern humans. Now different theories more, and each claims to be the ultimate truth. And in such circumstances to recreate a picture of prehistoric life? For example, those of Cro-Magnons, who lived just south of Moscow, 20,000 years ago. But we still try to do it.

These were outstanding people. Compared with other tribes they are very much able. Build strong houses, figurines carved out of stone and bone, were making

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Neanderthals disappeared because they eat people?

Mysterious disappearance of Neanderthals about 30 thousand years ago, a worried minds of scientists.

Now French researchers have found that the fate of this species was sad. In their view, Neanderthals were eaten by our ancestors. At the conclusion of this prompted the recent excavations.

This is evidenced by teeth marks, cracks and fractures discovered by archaeologists on the bones of Neanderthals during excavations in Leroy in southwest France. Teeth marks are the same as on the bones of deer and other animals eaten by our ancestors in the Stone Age. Scientists believe that people ate meat, and necklaces

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Mysteries of History. Ice mummy

What was the life of five thousand years ago in the Stone Age? In an Alpine slope at an altitude of three thousand meters was discovered frozen body of prehistoric man. Whether he died from the cold or was a victim of murder? Forensic examination will play the last day of the life of ancient man

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Notorious gangster five years rule of the Roman Church

When the fall of 1958, Cardinal Roncalli was elected to the papacy, becoming the head of the Vatican, he took a chance to take the name of John XXIII and successfully ruled until 1963. But few know that the same age and with the same name as the Roman church in 1410-1415 he headed the former pirate, a bandit and a complete scoundrel Balthazar Cossa, eventually excommunicated from the throne and was nicknamed Catholic antipope.

Balthazar Cossa, Belante count, a total of 11 years, pirated, life robbed, raped, killed, has twice been convicted by the Inquisition and sentenced to

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Mysterious places on the planet

Our planet is full of interesting and mysterious places, whose story continues to excite the minds of people for centuries. While many try to explain strange phenomena with the help of science, there are places that continue to amaze us with its magnificence, unusual origin and mysterious beauty. Therefore, perhaps, despite the existence of hazards in these places, people still seek to attend.


It is an ancient monument consisting of massive stones that form concentric circles, which is located on Salisbury Plain UK. No one knows for sure who created it and why, but scientists are offering all

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