Mystery of the gold standard (special vodka karmic)

It is well known that in the world there are various masterpieces of art, science, technology and culture that people recognize as the "gold standard."

And such a masterpiece for centuries remains unsurpassed as an example for the people.He serves them as a benchmark and the ideal.The question arises.What hides the secret of these "gold standards" and whether there is an unknown objective background, patterns?

In order to approach such mysteries, looking for a simple and easy object of study.In my research, the choice fell on the mystery of the "gold standard", which is presented to Russian vodka. And

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Mayans and its mythology. Part 2

Old black god

God under the letter A doctor Schellhas called "old black god" based on the fact that he is depicted as an old man with sunken cheeks and toothless gums, the upper and sometimes the lower part of his body is painted in black. His image is only in Dresden. Professor Cyrus Thomas from New York believes that it is God Ekchua, which traditionally draw black but Schellhas trying this name to God under the letter M. A more plausible theory is that Ferstemanu who sees in God A god Wotan, identical to the Aztec god

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Mayans and its mythology. Part 1

The Mayan

That is Maya — a people who occupied the territory between the Isthmus of Tehuantepec and Nicaragua — most obliged civilization of Central America. The language spoken by the Maya, was very different from the Nahuatl language, spoken by the Nahua in Mexico, and in many ways, their customs and traditions differ from the customs and traditions of the people of Anahuac. It is worth remembering that the latter was the heir of an older civilization, that in fact they were in the valley of Mexico savages and that virtually all the knowledge he had about

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Civilization of the New World. Part 2

Pyramid of Skulls

The main temple of Huitzilopochtli surrounded ascend forty smaller the pyramid and temples. In Tsompantli (Pyramid of skulls) collected the remains of countless terrifying sacrifices relentless Aztec god of war, and in this horrible construction of the Spanish conquerors have counted no less than 136 000 human skulls. In the courtyard, or in the "teopane" that surrounded the temple, located thousands of homes of priests, whose duty is to carefully care for the territory adjacent to the temple, and all the charges were accurately distributed.

Architecture Nahua

As we will see later, Mexico

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Civilization of the New World. Part 1

Civilization of the New World

No question the issue of local origin of civilizations of Mexico, Central America and Peru, although a number of previous ideas proved wrong. The ancestors of the peoples who inhabited these regions and cultures they have created independently of each other, called almost every civilized nation of antiquity or a blanket, and put forward arbitrary, even spectacular, with the intention to show the theory that civilization was born on American soil by Asian and European influences. These theories were put forward, mainly people who had only a general idea of the environment in

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Sun Gods and Symbols

Solar Trinity

Sun as the highest among the heavenly bodies visible to the astronomers of antiquity, was the highest among the gods and became a symbol of the supreme power of the Creator. From a deep philosophical understanding of forces and principles of the sun came the concept of the Trinity, as it is understood today. The doctrine of the Trinity of the Godhead is not only inherent in Christian theology or of Moses, but it forms a significant part of the dogmas of the great religions of both ancient and modern world. The Persians, Indians, Babylonians and Egyptians

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Gods of Egypt

The gods of Egypt in their evolution have been several historical stages. Initially, the hierarchy of the gods every time I get re-orientation depending on what area to move the capital of ancient Egypt, and with the sun — Pa — identified key local deities. In the end of "socialization" of Egyptian gods reduced to empower the most important of them (Amen-Ra, Osiris, Horus) "regalia" Pharaoh, ruling the world or in the world of living dead. Other gods become their servants or relatives.

It was connected with the centralization of power in the hands of the ruling pharaoh and

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Druids: the archaeological evidence

Since the late 1920s, it became the archeology major source of new information about the Druids. Over the past years, new excavations and interpretations have greatly expanded our knowledge of the history of Europe, and although the gaps are still abysmally high and constantly remind myself, and the depth of our ignorance in many areas is infinite, even the most pessimistic historian will have to admit is now an opportunity to create a kind of coherent and consistent scheme. However, before we proceed to consider the archaeological evidence to critically survey that is already on the subject, first in general

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Giant meteorite killed the dinosaurs

Increasingly in recent years, scientists began to argue that the meteorite fall was for the dinosaurs kind of an act of mercy. The fact that they were so at the time were on the verge of extinction as a result of a changing climate due to volcanic eruptions.

In support of this theory, American scientists from the University of California at Berkeley under the direction of Paul Rennie presented a study of the crater in the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico.

Scientists, using the technique of high-precision dating studied tektites from Haiti, which were formed under the impact of a

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Landmarks and Mayan sculpture

According to most researchers, Mayan culture is one of the greatest achievements of mankind in ancient times. This civilization existed for almost a thousand years. Mayans were the first development of the people of America, faced by the Spaniards during the conquest of lands of the Western Hemisphere.

By the time Europeans arrived Maya occupied a vast territory. In its range, scientists usually distinguish three cultural and geographic areas. So, for example, cover the entire northern Yucatan peninsula, which is a flat limestone plain with bushes. In places it crossed chains of low rocky hills. The lack of rivers,

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