UFO or a terrible weapon of the gods from beyond the stars

One of the most exciting mysteries of Ancient Egypt — vast fields of glass, which were discovered in 1932. In December, an officer "Egyptian Geological Bulletin" Patrick Clayton was driving among the desert dunes of the Great Sand Sea near the Saad Plateau.

Suddenly he heard a strange car wheels crunching. Coming out of the car, the traveler found that the way of scattered large pieces of transparent yellow-green glass, glass has a very unusual clarity: almost devoid of impurities, it is 98 per cent consisted of silicone! Clayton was a pioneer who became famous deposits of Libyan

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Black Lightning Mohenjodaro

About 3,500 years ago, died under unusual circumstances ancient Indian city, went down in history as the Mohenjo-Daro (Sindhi language "Hill of the Dead"). In the manuscript of "Mahabharata" describes the powerful explosion that followed the appearance of the sky, "glare" and "fires without smoke." From a high temperature "water began to boil", "fish looked like obgo-revshie." As a result of the disaster killed all the inhabitants of the city, an explosion destroyed the building and other structures.

In 1922, the Indian archaeologist R. Banerjee found the city on an island in the river Indus. By groups of skeletons discovered

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Mountain of dead

Mountain of dead (in the language Mansi — Holat Sjahyl) — abnormal position, height 1079 in the Northern Urals. Since the 1960s, this place is also called Dyatlov Pass. By coincidence, it was dead on the hillside at various times killed at least three groups of 9 people.

In early 1959, a group consisting of 10 experienced tourists repeatedly traveling on the Circumpolar North, and led by a highly experienced Igor Dyatlov — all remember him as a courageous, resolute man — after a well-conducted training, and hiking. The campaign was announced as the third route (at that time

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Secrets of the «walls of Babylon»

In the reality of ancient Babylon, scientists believe with difficulty, and not immediately. Evidence and views of ancient scholars and philosophers, such as Herodotus and Strabo, not taken seriously even in the fifties of the nineteenth century, because it was assumed that they, like children very much like to exaggerate.

Indeed, according to Herodotus, circle wall fencing Babylon stood at almost ninety miles! Although ancient philosophers such as Diodorus and Strabo were significantly less "generous" (they wrote that the Babylonian walls are only 70 miles long), and did not believe them. Even the capital of Great Britain, London, with

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Secrets of the Ages — The Curse of Inca Gold

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Fairy tales and myths come from real events

Many people are not aware of the fact that sometimes the basis of fairy tales and myths have been put place in the reality of the event. In the beginning, there was Troy, then there was the tale of Troy and the Trojan War, then, as described in the ancient legend of the events were forgotten and acquired the status of fantastic speculation. Heinrich Schliemann found the physical evidence of the existence of Troy, proving that the myth of the city is based on real events. Troy and the Trojan War of ghostly chimeras generated by imagination of the ancient

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Lost City of the Jungle

Cambodia, Angkor Wat, Ta Prohm near the town of Siem Reap, in the center of the country.

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What kind of superman said Hitler?

It would seem clear that the "superman" of Nietzsche. But as used to say "Father Muller", "clarity — a form napuskaniya fog".

Chief of the Gestapo, no doubt, aware of the activities "of the German Society for the study of ancient history and heritage of the German ancestors," which Hitler in 1937, integrated into the SS.

Officially, the "Company" engaged in archaeological excavations Viking IX century fortifications, ancient settlements in the Middle East and the countries occupied by the Wehrmacht (including burial mounds in Ukraine).

But few people know that Hitler committed to work "the Company"

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How was solved the mystery of Egyptian hieroglyphics

In August 1799, the French engineers were digging a trench in the suburb of Rosetta, a town located near Alexandria. Bonaparte (from 1804 — French Emperor Napoleon I), invaded the country, preparing for a decisive battle for Egypt with other invaders — Turkish and English, and his troops with feverish speed strengthened bases on the coast.

Suddenly, one of the sappers shovel rattled against the stone. It was a massive slab of black basalt covered with mysterious clearly carved inscriptions. Detachment commander ordered to clean it from dust and dirt, and deliver to the headquarters.

French scientists

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Hitler found a Tibetan city of the gods?

Fifteen years on the personal orders of Hitler SS expedition in Tibet looking for the legendary Shambhala. Materials of these expeditions, as horrible as war booty to the Allies, and is kept in Germany, has not yet been declassified. The governments of Germany, the UK and the U.S. announced that it planned to open secret files only in 2044, that is, 100 years after the expeditions.

Tibetan secret Haushofer. The leaders of the Third Reich, paid close attention to the study of the occult practices of the East is not accidental. Adolf Hitler and his closest associate of Rudolf

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