Black pharaohs

It is well known that the pharaohs were the Egyptians. And how could it be otherwise? However, in fairness it should be noted that Ptolemy I — associate of Alexander the Great, conquered Egypt in 332 BC. e., then proclaimed himself Pharaoh — the founder of the Ptolemaic dynasty, was a Greek, not Egyptian. Similarly, the Egyptians were not black pharaohs who ruled Egypt from 751 to 667 BC. e. Who were they and where did in Egypt?

What led a long confusion

Several years ago, local newspapers and magazines, there were small notes, tells about the sensational discovery

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His father — an alien

Sometimes, people find it very strange artifacts, and in the most unexpected places. The find, which we now describe, it could be evidence of the visit aliens from other worlds on our planet.

In 1930, the 15-year-old American woman named Mary with her parents went on vacation to his family in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. Rest had 160 kilometers to the south-west of the city of Chihuahua, the grand beauty of the Copper Canyon, surpassing in size and depths of the famous Grand Canyon in the neighboring U.S. state of Arizona. After a joyful meeting relatives immediately cautioned

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End of adventure «Skulls of Death»

In the midst of World War II, two-masted schooner was the mysterious central Atlantic, periodically changing the flags of neutral countries. Then, under the cover of night, close to the Mexican coast and landed on an inflatable boat landing of two.

When the boat reached the shore safely, the schooner left in neutral waters and returned after the agreed time, taking place in the conditional mysterious landing. A little later it was found out that out of the vaults of the museum of the city of Veracruz lost crystal skull made, according to some, in the era of

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In September 2007, in the mountains of Nevada lost plane of the famous traveler and record holder Steve Fossett. He set 116 records on the sea and in the air for the first time in the world circled the Earth in a balloon and made a non-stop flight around the world by plane. Won 400 mountain peaks. The purpose of the last flight of Steve Fossett was Finding a flat area for setting speed records on land.

Today, few people know that he had a predecessor — Percival Fawcett, also a famous traveler, who lived at the turn



Their intentions and purpose of writing the book, author, Charles Andrews, says the following:

"For many years I have read all the books about Atlantis, which could get. I was looking for the answer to the question of the ancient sages and scholars, modern researchers, Native American, applied to the works of Edgar Cayce and other well-known mystics. I am very surprised that the resulting material is very mystic echoes the more traditional sources — even if a direct connection between them would not be at all. I soon came to the conclusion that in the age up to

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Bible-mystery, myth or miracle?

Does the Bible refutes modern archeology? Became a science critical commentary of Scripture? What evidence can be found in the Bible historians of antiquity? How can you determine if the Bible was written by divine revelation?

The video helps to answer these questions. Looking at it, you'll learn why many consider the Bible a miracle, has the power to radically change people's lives, and even affect the historical fate of entire nations

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Ground is riddled with tunnels

Mysterious underground tunnels found on all continents. Experts are convinced that it is a very ancient man-made structures. But still do not know who built them and for what purpose.

Moves under the world

The descent into the abyss

Polish researcher Ian Paenk argues that system of ancient tunnel covers the entire planet, including the ocean floor. Tunnels as if burned in the land. Their walls are hardened molten rock that looks like glass. Modern humanity like tunneling technology is unknown. The oldest tunnels, whose age is estimated at about one million years old, found in 1965 by

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The mysterious history of the Earth

Modern history by ruling circles in all countries of the world and based on the work of academics from the historical sciences has been greatly simplified so that it was possible to understand the common people. This story is distorted in every state in favor of its establishment.

Officially (according to academic history) human civilization on Earth began with the emergence of the first city-states in Sumer (Southern Mesopotamia), and with the advent of nomes (city-states in ancient Egypt in the 4th tys.dne. Until that time (the opinion of the official historical science) existed tribal organization of power (the

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On Earth, found the cemetery aliens

In Central Africa, scientists have found a cemetery aliens alien buried at least 500 years ago! "The graves are at least 200 bodies. Surprisingly, they are very well preserved. Now we are trying to find out where they appeared on Earth, and that they are killed — said in November 2009, journalists in Kigali, Rwanda, a Swiss anthropologist Dr. Hugo Children. "

The team of anthropologists found a mysterious cemetery in the study of Rwandan jungle, — the Weekly World News. At first, scientists assumed that stumbled upon the remains of an ancient settlement, but excavations showed that the

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The capital of the bank or baking technology?

Its history mankind shared the world into black and white. But who created this duality? Where is the forge of philosophy, which has made this division? Why are black — it's bad, and light — well, and vice versa? The answer to these questions can Myths about Shambhala and Agartha — unique spiritual centers of previous civilizations of Earth. There, according to legend, and now live mysterious beings that control the course of human history …

Clash of the Titans

All the scriptures of major world religions rather similar: God is the creator and have rebelled against his angel,

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