Tunnel through the planet

In the works of the father of literature HP Lovecraft horror are amazing monsters that live underground. But if we compare it with the text of half-mad stories of eyewitnesses, survivors of the caves, striking a striking resemblance descriptions. Involuntarily suspect that Lovecraft ever seen people, snakes, and they lived through the horror remained forever in his memory and left its mark on the life and work of grim. What is this mysterious world, outdoor science fiction writer?

It is difficult to find people who would not have been stories about creatures who live in the darkness of caves.

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12th Planet in the myths of ancient Sumer

Sumerians — "blackheads." This nation, which emerged in southern Mesopotamia in the middle of the III-rd millennium BC, out of nowhere, now called the "father of modern civilization", and in fact until the mid-19th century, none of it did not even know. Time has erased from the annals of the history of Sumer and, if not for linguists, maybe we would never know about Sumer.

But I'll start, I suppose, with 1778th year, when the Dane Carsten Niebuhr, who led the expedition to Mesopotamia 1761st year, published copies of the royal cuneiform inscriptions at Persepolis. He first suggested that

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Wild East Russia: Vodka and Old Believers

Russia is a big country, that during my travels, I often find myself at a loss, trying to find a common theme for the country, not counting it a common language and a common history. In fact, one of the common ground for all who study Russia, is the difficulty in understanding what is is the true essence of Russia. Be that as it may, one of the aspects of Russian life, which always amazes me, no matter in what part of the country I may be, is how visible is her story. Moscow is a contrast of the monarchy,

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Tabor — Legend

Tabor — a mountain in the eastern part of Galilee, near Nazareth — rises to 588 meters above sea level and attracts the eye with its round shape. Its slopes thickly overgrown scrubby oaks, hazelnut, oleander and myrtle. In spring it is full of flowers, peace and quiet broken only by the singing of birds, and from the top of a magnificent view of the Jezreel Valley.

In Hebrew and Arabic Tabor, or Tabur, means "navel", because their shape resembles a flat mountain massive hemisphere

In Hebrew and Arabic Tabor, or Tabur, means "navel", because their shape resembles a flat

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Prehistoric artifacts

There is a lot of circumstantial evidence that in the past our planet visited by extraterrestrial civilizations that have achieved high levels of development. Numerous artifacts found in different parts of the world, represent the strange creatures that are now referred to as humanoids. Here are some of them.

According to the historian Herodotus, the geographer Strabo, the prophet Jeremiah, and other ancient authors, the tribe of the Scythians was a wild bunch of monsters who drink human blood. Indeed, this nation there was such a custom. Of the skulls of vanquished enemies, they produced cups and drank

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Mystery of the Great Sphinx

Giant statue of a mysterious beast guarding the secret of the elixir of immortality. The alchemists of the Middle Ages literally prayed to Hermes Trismegistus (Hermes thrice greatest). According to legend, it was the founder of the esoteric knowledge, the owner of the secrets of the production of the "philosopher's stone" through which any metal can be turned into gold. Served as the "Sorcerer's Stone" and the basis for the elixir of immortality.

On the identity of the Trismegistus is little known. It seems that he was the son of the Egyptian god called one and built on

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People have become predators since the dawn of humanity

At Olduvai Gorge in northern Tanzania are 5-inch skull fragment of the ancient dead child. According to anthropologists, it indicates that people ate meat for 1.5 million years ago

Skull fragment of a child has symptoms of the disease, called spongy hyperostosis and the resulting shortage of nutrients, which are found only in meat. According to co-author Charles Musiba opening of the University of Colorado, the child died due to sudden change of diet and a lack of essential body substances, such as vitamin B9, and B12. Based on the study of the remains, scientists have hypothesized that

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Creator of an extensive spy network Vatican, already in the Middle Ages enveloped in the world and known as the "Society of Jesus", was a man of remarkable intelligence, guile and a fair excessive cruelty Ignatius Loyola. He also organized a secret squads Jesuits, who for many years, like bees, accumulate in the blood zagashnikah monastic treasures acquired by following the covenant canonized boss: "Monarchs — slaves of gold and gold — their only passion, but it must be ours."

To some extent, the way it is! Because in the XVIII — early XIX centuries is the reigning persons, in

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Alien Secrets of the Earth

The minimum amount of knowledge about a particular subject, makes us more likely to give up the belief in its importance than deepen and systematize knowledge that can lift the veil of secrecy. In extraterrestrial beings visiting Earth regularly, believe a few, but to deny the fact that UFOs not only exist, but also serves to humanity some signals, at least not prudently…

Today, almost every developed and developing country, there are special services designed to explore strange objects that are increasing over the major cities and towns and modest settlements. Details of

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The search for the Holy Grail

One of the most important areas of top-secret work in the Third Reich is the search for the Holy Grail chalice.

Holy Grail — in another writing Grail as the translation of the Old French — the so-called Bounty Bowl, or the sacred chalice from which Jesus supposedly ate at the Last Supper. After this, the Savior came into the hands of enemies, was convicted and crucified on Calvary. It is in this cup Joseph of Arimathea collected the blood from the wounds of the crucified Christ, and then the cup got extraordinary magical.

According to legend, the Holy

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