Plan Nephilim: The War of seeds

"Do not be deceived" — it was the first thing that Jesus said to his disciples after they asked him about the signs of His coming and of the end of days. The same warning was later ran on his apostles in the New Testament, and it is correct.

The third being with whom we meet after the message of creation in Genesis — talking snake, who took unlawfully taken the position that God has given to man. Tool snake? Deception.

By deception that led to the fall of man, is planning another invasion of the planet Earth. The

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Nikolay Subbotin a secret Nazi base in Antarctica

Nikolay Subbotin, the coordinator of Russian UFO Research Station, shared with the readers of "Hour of opening" some secrets of their research mythical Nazi base under the ice of Antarctica. For the first time on our website, we publish some copies of documents confirming speculation that the Germans still managed to penetrate the secrets of the Antarctic continent.

Below you can read the text of comments published in the "Hour of discoveries," which is now sold in kiosks.

"The fact that in the depths of Antarctica lies a top secret base SS, say so long and so hard that

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South America — the underground labyrinths

South America — the underground labyrinths

Many unsolved mysteries hiding in South America. High mountains and jungle continent still was not properly investigated. Rumors of underground tunnels stretching for hundreds of miles, and huge wealth, allegedly hidden there, the trees and statues of life-size cast of solid gold and jeweled incredible value; of gold discs engraved with inscriptions — are spread in the Spanish conquest.

Ancient chronicles and notes of Spanish clerics, have survived, according to the subterranean passages that existed under many ancient cities of South American natives. Spanish conquistadors led by Francisco Pizarro former swineherd possess the

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The evolution of the destruction of mankind

Chemistry and deathNot only chemists know that poison the person — not worth anything. For many centuries, the opponents of exterminating his enemies with a variety of substances mixed into food or drink. However, they were anything: kings and Caesar, ministers and mistresses, spies, and even relatives. However, in the XX century was the beginning of the mass persecution of people. It happened in the war …

"In the evening the river Ypres by the German trenches rose yellowish-gray cloud that drifted fair wind to the positions of the allied forces. The French and British soldiers who occupied the

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On the trail of mystery. Universe: A coincidence or a miracle?

Modern civilization owes its development in the first place science and culture. With advanced technology, a person could look at distant galaxies and the mysteries of the microcosm. But the questions from this was more. Today, thinking people are trying in their worldview to reconcile faith and knowledge. They do not want to go to extremes of denial and try to follow the wise words of the great physicist Albert Einstein: "If religion without science is blind, science without faith in a bad way" … "

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Cards, which can not be

Previously it was thought that the October 12, 1492 America was discovered by Christopher Columbus. Sailor took her to India in search of the "Western way" in which, and sends his expedition.

However, found that the first explorers from Europe, appeared off the coast of America, and 500 years before Columbus, were the Scandinavian Vikings from Greenland — Erik Red and his son Leif Eiriksson.

In 1004 Leif first landed on the coast of North America, on the peninsula of Labrador and Newfoundland.

These and other events are reflected in the famous Icelandic sagas. So, in the "Saga of

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The holiday, which feared the church

Since when is Christmas celebrated? Did you know that the holiday was not among the early Christians, and hundreds of years after Jesus' resurrection the church fathers were afraid to enter it, for fear that people would be against it?

Born on the day of the unknown.

Yes, the early Christians believed the time was not on the birth of the Savior. Two thousand years ago, the course was a lot of other eras. In the era of Alexander the Great after obschegrecheskie dated events of the Olympics, starting with conditional first Olympics held in 776 BC. In the East,

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In 1910, off the coast of Cuba, a French ship was wrecked. Freeman Lane, one of the surviving sailors, a wave washed up on Isle of Pines, south of Cuba. Forced his way through the forest that covered the island, he saw the entrance to the cave, which goes deep into the earth. Freeman came in and stood in amazement and admiration: the walls and ceiling of the underground rooms were all painted with cryptic targets pierced spirals, like flying kites.

Many years later, in 1998, the cave, known as Cueva № 1, examined the British scientist Andrew

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Mexicos Zone of Silence

One of the most amazing, obscure and poorly understood "Damned" The place is in Mexico, only six miles from the Texas town of El Paso, mysterious, magical "zone del Silencio" — Zone of Silence, as it is known locally. Researchers around the world are increasingly linked to the phenomenon of silence Zone UFO.

According to Professor Santiago Garcia, the unusual properties of the "curse" of the quiet zone was first spotted in the late nineteenth century, when a group of farmers who tried in vain to grow cereals on barren ground, occasionally fell under a hail of hot

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In the footsteps of mystery: Did nuclear war BC. Indian trail

In 1922, Indian archaeologists have discovered the ruins of the ancient city of Mohenjo-Daro. Five thousand years ago it was a great center for the amazing development of the Harappan culture of the era. Among the ruins were scattered alloy pieces of clay and other minerals that are in the distant past and solidifies into glass. Analysis of the samples held in the University of Rome and in the laboratories of the National Research Council of Italy, showed that fusion occurred at a temperature of about 1500 degrees … It turns out that our history is simply moving in a

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