Hidden treasures in Poland

Exotic marks the border between Poland and Slovakia.

"Attention, a ghost!" — Warns trip pointer to lift the lock Nidzica. Students who, basically, and visit the castle, are photographed in front of it to memory. Ghost — the spirit of Princess Inca Umino, who was stabbed here at the end of XVIII century, the Spanish guards, tour guides tell the young and adult visitors. Phantom of the guards are hidden hidden treasures.

Five-time replacement passport.

Sleep in the Polish region of the Eastern Tatras populated mainly Slovaks. In winter there are no tourists, and they prefer to rest

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Mysterious gates God

The mysterious structure of large size, was found in Mark Howe, a mountainous region in southern Peru, located 35 kilometers from the city of Puno.

The local Indians this city is better known as the "City of the Gods," and he has not been fully explored because of its inaccessibility. The aircraft in this mountain ridge people noticed a lot of structures and semi-destroyed buildings. Door "Puerta de Hayu Marca" (Gate of the city of the Gods / shower) was found in one of the rocks of the ridge, the height of 2 meters and 7 meters in width

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Monsters margins of the known world

In the eyes of a true Christian chilling image of the beast suggests infinity of the divine imagination.

Ancient heritage

Various monsters and monsters are an integral part of medieval cosmography, which dates back to antiquity, where the "other" — a world of barbarians, that is all that is not Greece and Rome. Most of the monsters that are filled medieval maps, all of these one-legged and bryuhogolovye nature's mistakes, oddly enough, the images were not born in damp and moss-covered walls of the monastery, and the beautiful gardens of Hellas. Of course, medieval cartographers used and the stories

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Hieroglyphics in Egypt

In August 1799, the French engineers were digging a trench in the suburb of Rosetta, a town located near Alexandria. Bonaparte (from 1804 — French Emperor Napoleon I), invaded the country, preparing for a decisive battle for Egypt with other invaders — Turkish and English, and his troops with feverish speed strengthened bases on the coast.

Suddenly, one of the sappers shovel rattled against the stone. It was a massive slab of black basalt covered with mysterious clearly carved inscriptions. Detachment commander ordered to clean it from dust and dirt, and deliver to the headquarters.

French scientists who

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Inca Empire and its fall

Francisco Pizarro in 1502, came to America in search of happiness. For seven years he served in the Caribbean, taking part in military campaigns against the Indians.

In 1524, along with Pizarro, Diego de Almagro, and a priest, Hernando de Luque undiscovered organizes an expedition to South America. But the participants and can not find anything interesting.

In 1526, a second expedition, in which Pissarro namenyal gold from local residents. During this expedition, the Spaniards were captured three of the Incas, in order to make them translators. This expedition was very hard, They have seen and disease,

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Cup of poison for the king

March 18, 1584 church bells announced the death of one of the most famous tyrants in history. Boyars called him Ivan the Fourth, people also called it the Terrible. Strange circumstances accompanied the death of the king — he died on the day in which he predicted the death of the Magi.

Ivan the Terrible and his life for more than four years after his death is the most contradictory feelings. He turned Russia into a strong centralized state, succeeding in 1547, the title of Prince of Moscow at first Russian title of Tsar of All Russia. He

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Europeans ate more people than savages

Nightmare treated human flesh advised even the famous Paracelsus

A little more than two hundred years ago — before the end of XVIII century — European doctors used a vengeance and human flesh, and preparations of the corpses. With so obscure historical Western enlightenment of society introduces the latest issue of the German weekly Der Spiegel.

That's just one of the recipes German pharmacologist Johann Schroeder. It is not clear what, but in the XVII century it was prescribed, "Human meat should be cut into small pieces, add a little bit of myrrh and aloes, a few days

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The mystery of ancient civilizations — White Gods

About Mystery White gods of antiquity, steeped in traditions and legends, they are mentioned in the earliest written records of their image is in many places of the world. For many ancient peoples White Gods were mentors and teachers, they hold the light and knowledge, they created a civilization. Who were the white-skinned men with beards (so basically depict and describe the white gods), which emerged, and what motivated these people? From time immemorial, some of them came otryvchatye information.

In Egypt, China, South and Central America, in different historical periods and under different names, they suddenly appear and

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Kept secret until 2017

70 years ago there was one of the strangest and most mysterious events of World War II: May 10, 1941 at 17 o'clock in the evening, Hitler's deputy, Rudolf Hess, the party, self-speed piloting the twin-engine plane "Messerschmitt-110", flew to Scotland in 3 nights May 11 jumped with a parachute near the manor member of the royal family of the Duke of Hamilton.

First comer farmer Hess presented a false name and asked to deliver it to the Duke. The Englishman led first parachutist to his house, watered the tea, but secretly called intelligence. They found the true

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Indians fattened children before sacrifice

British anthropologists from the University of Bradford were able to recover the rituals associated with child sacrifice before the Inca Indians first appearance of Europeans. With modern analytical techniques, they found that children fed a special way in the year prior to their death.

Study were subjected to hair four mummies found in the highlands of the Andes. According to the changes in the chemical composition of hair, for a long time the children who at the time of death was between 6 and 15 years old, ate mostly vegetables, which is typical for the peasants. About a year before

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