Swastika: Myths and Realities

"… The fact that the star, it is not … rotation. All its rays emanate from a single center, but never meet each other. They go to infinity. Roughly speaking, it is a symbol of individualism … The swastika is no individualism, there is the principle of collectivism. That is, here are the hooks, that these branches, they move, duplicate, one another. They show the rotation. They show that individualism — is illusory ideology, we all depend on each other. In society, a man can not exist by itself. But to accept this truth is very difficult for a man

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Strange thing / Children of the Gods (15. 02. 2013)

Why are leaders of the ancient tribes, kings, emperors, were convinced of the divine nature of power? What is behind this myth?

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Hanging Gardens of Babylon

According to historians, Antipater traveled and recorded his impressions. Babylon smote him, above all, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Start searching.

In 1898, on the banks of the Euphrates, about a hundred kilometers south of modern Baghdad, on the instructions of the German Oriental Society archaeologist Robert Koldewey began searching for the legendary Babylon.

Having studied a lot of literature devoted to the ancient city Koldewey wanted to find this architectural wonder, the glory of which consisted of the Tower of Babel, grandiose walls and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. According to historical sources, the luxury and splendor of

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Caduceus (from the Greek word "messenger", "precursor") were god-healer Mesopotamia (Eshmun?), The ancient Egyptian gods Anubis and Isis sometimes, Greco-Roman god Hermes-Mercury, the Phoenician god Bal (Baal, Baal), the Sumerian goddess Ishtar and some of the other gods and bogigi. In Christianity, the caduceus became the attribute of Sophia (Wisdom). On the ancient Orthodox icons she keeps it in his right hand.


There are so many interpretations of the value of the caduceus. He is considered a key symbol, opens the limit between light and dark, good and evil, life and death. In this case, the caduceus wings

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Tibet — a space portal?

The participants of one of the scientific expeditions to Tibet found that where the axis of the main mountains of Tibet Kailash on the opposite side of the globe, you can go directly to Easter Island, where there are stone statues of unknown origin.

When connect the island with the Mexican pyramids imaginary line and continue it on, then upremsya … exactly in Mount Kailas in Tibet. And when you combine this meridian of Mount Kailash with the Egyptian pyramids, then again go to Easter Island! The distance from the Egyptian pyramids to the Tibetan and from Easter

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Mysteries of the Pyramids.

"Secrets of the Pyramids no longer exists", — says Andrey Verzhbitsky, author of sensational discoveries in the field of antenna systems.

He proved that these ancient structures is nothing like the giant terminals, designed for long-range and ultra long-haul space communications. Version is not new, but have Verzhbitskaya justify from a technical point of view.

Why build a pyramid, know of any tourist who has visited Egypt. "This is the tomb of the Pharaohs" — we repeat the lecture guides and generally accepted scientific hypothesis. But how to explain the dozens of features of their internal structures?

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Secrets of the world — Exposing. Fall of the Empire (15. 02. 2013)

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The number of skeletons Mona Lisa reached 7 pieces

In search of the remains of the woman who posed for Leonardo da Vinci, archaeologists have learned from her grave in another mysterious stranger

Fortune favors scientists who conduct excavations in the abandoned convent of St. Ursula in Florence. They dig one skeleton after another. The other day got the sixth and seventh. Thus the probability that the remains will be found among the unknown — the remains of the woman who posed for Leonardo da Vinci — increases with each finding. Not even excepting that they have recovered from the grave.

The famous portrait of Leonardo da

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Alien Pyramid ANTENNAS UNIVERSE. Part 1.


Atlant significantly increased their intellectual, creative and psychic abilities, while at the singular points of the pyramid. Meditator months moving from the first to the seventh chakra pyramid, under the law of Resonance increased its brain power so long until we reach Samadhi

Dear readers, when someone tells us about the pyramids, we, first of all, remember Egypt and Mexico. However, the ancient pyramids are found on all continents and in almost all countries of the world. Tetrahedral pyramid correct proportions, built before the flood, and to this day are in the Canary Islands, Guatemala, El

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These Plato and modern history.

Remarkable "coincidence data with our knowledge of Plato

Deep water off the coast of the Peloponnese

Praafinyan land was described as: "All of it runs away from the mainland by the sea, like the Cape, and from all sides of the vessel is immersed in a deep abyss." The ancient Greeks could not even suggest the presence of more depths of several dozen meters. Perhaps, however, that Plato based on the presence of steep banks, drew the correct conclusion, that where the rocks abruptly cut off at sea should be greater depths.

The process of denudation

"… And

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