Ancient calendars and age of the earth

Ancient calendars and age of the earth

The idea that the Earth emerged millions, perhaps billions of years ago, quite new. It was formed in the late XVIII — early XIX century, after the publication of the books of Hutton and Lyell. These scholars introduced the idea, known as the theory of uniformity, based on the assumption that natural processes have always proceeded as slowly as in our time, and, therefore, the shape of the Earth was formed gradually over endless millennia. In the framework of these concepts was no room for either relatively recent six-day creation, not for

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BBC: The Star of Bethlehem. Under cover of legends

It is one and the most mysterious stories in the world. The history of how the Star of Bethlehem pointed the way to a new messiah. According to the Bible 2000 years ago, the Magi, the wise men from the East, following the star, found a den of Jesus Christ. Is this just a beautiful Christmas story a myth? Were the Magi really something to see in the skies of Judea? Today, astronomers can look back and try to answer this question. Perhaps a clue to keep ancient Chinese chronicles … Or perhaps reveal the secret of ancient coins? Combining

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As the Creator of correcting errors

The Biblical story of the Flood in general can tell any Christian. Noah, being warned by God about the future of world square, built the ark. Then God flooded the earth, and were saved only by the righteous, then humanity began its history with a "clean slate."

However, this seemingly simple story, which in Genesis devoted only a few pages, keeps a lot of secrets. Understand them until the end has not yet been any scientist.

A tribe of giants

First, the researchers Bible question: why God punished people so cruel, destroying all but the righteous Noah and his

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Bonapartes tomb. From Russia with love … (Series 2/2012)

The whole life of the French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte was closely intertwined with Russia. Ironically, even his tomb in Paris is made of red porphyry, which was brought from Russia by order of Nicholas I. In France, such a stone was found. Began his career as Napoleon Bonaparte, and how to finish his days leading the project tells Maxim Dodonov. Having been in Corsica, in France, he met a descendant of Napoleon, Napoleon, going all the way to Moscow and visited the island of St. Helena, he will talk about Napoleon, who had not known in Russia.


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«Northern Shambhala» — unknown land

This September marks the 90th anniversary of the expedition of Alexander Barchenko the Kola Peninsula. It was the most mysterious expedition of the Soviet era. All material on it is still stored in closed archives.

The famous explorer and geologist Alexander Horowitz over fifty years studying and collecting all available information about this campaign. He agreed to share information with our correspondent.

Nuclear and psychotronic weapons of ancient— Alexander, who and for what purpose, organized this expedition?— According to the information I have gleaned from a variety of public sources, in September 1922, a special (encryption) department of the

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Patom crater. The most mysterious place of the planet?

The crew of the "Mysterious Russia" went on an expedition to one of the most mysterious places on the planet! In the taiga, a thousand miles from the nearest town, hundreds of miles from the nearest villages. There, where the probability of encountering a wild bear in the hundreds of times greater than the chance meeting with the man.

In the region of the Republic of Buryatia Badoybinskom hidden object mystery that does not sleep scientists from around the world. Over recent years there has been a lot of expensive organized expeditions. But none of them found a clear

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Version: Cain was the son of the serpent-tempter

The parable of Cain and Abel is the most famous episode of the Holy Scriptures. It was with him begins the history of human strife and crime. But this parable is fraught with many puzzles to get to the hidden nature of which is not easy …

As you know, after the expulsion from Paradise, Adam and Eve had two children — Cain and Abel. According to Genesis, Cain became the first murderer, and Abel — the first murder victim. Jewish name Cain an affinity with the words "Cain" (blacksmith) and "channel" (create). Name Abel (Hebrew — Hevel) may

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Secrets of the rulers. Documentary. One series. Mystical number Groznogo Ivan.

Ivan the Terrible. His entourage called servants of the devil. He ordered the executions, then spent the night in a penitential prayer, he wore the monastic robes and replaced seven wives. The day of his death foretold Lapland witches … Catherine the First. She was born into a peasant family, but ascended to the throne. She was given an amazing power over men. They said that this power gave her the devil himself … Alexander II. His death wanted half of Russia, he was the spirit of his father and predicted disaster from the nearest person. Seven lives he foretold

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Sumerian civilization

Schumer — the oldest civilization on earth, made many discoveries, first invented writing, some of its cosmological myths confirmed by science.

The very appearance of the Sumerian civilization looks very strange, in the second half of the 4th millennium BC. e. appeared in southern Mesopotamia Sumerians ("Blackheads" Sumer. "Sang-ngiga" Accad. "tsalmat-kakkadi"). This was a people ethnically, linguistically and culturally alien to the Semitic tribes that settled in northern Mesopotamia, around the same time or a little later. Sumerian language, with its bizarre grammar is not related to any of the extant languages, race Sumerians also not known.

Invention of

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Food of the gods. Recipe young Tibetan sages. (26. 02. 2013)

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