Neanderthals were killed in the steppe bison

Dutch researcher Gerrit Dyusseldorp analyzed the finds made at two archaeological sites, and concluded that Neanderthals were skilled hunters and sophisticated.

Dyusseldorp strongly disagree with the view that Neanderthals relied solely on force, said the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research. Depending on the location of settlement Neanderthals produced by various methods of hunting, which allowed them to hunt in the woods and in the open steppe, where herds of ungulates at the slightest danger fled.

The warm woods Neanderthals could well subsist by hunting alone. In more severe climate they had to combine into larger groups to participate in

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Wolfhound. Aryan alphabet. Legend of the progenitors

Along with the power of knowledge Aryans worshiped. Arias by knowledge not understand abstract esoteric and philosophical theory, which in our time a great many, but the particular technology to achieve certain goals.

We Aryans had developed written and there was a very specific script that has a vague resemblance to known now runic signs. All members of the genus known typeface characters alphabet, but used it differently. Ordinary members of the family, for example to "write" only on the ground or on the sand. Apply the same runes on more durable materials were entitled only magicians. Magicians were

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Our family is not the earth, it is our first who came to Earth from other solar systems

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Timeline of Christian perstupleny

719, Pope Gregor instructs Bishop (Bishop) Boniface missionary among the Germanic tribes. V723 Mr. Boniface cuts down his own famous shrine Germans — Donar Oak (god Thor) in Hesse and builds a chapel.

956-986 years. Harald Sinezuby force trying to impose Christianity in Denmark, up to 960, as does Tryuggvi Hakon the Good and the father of St. Olaf in Norway ("Saga of Yomskih Vikings").

988 Pr. St Vladimir (Basil: baptismal name) — destroyed idols of Veles and Delight, the idol of Perun beaten with sticks and horses dragged through all Kiev, destroyed idols Horsa, Stribog, Simargl, Mokos, Dazhdbog.

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Mystery of 13 crystal skulls. Scientists reveal secrets.

Disclose Truth TV introduced a new TV show with the participation of experts: Tarpeya historian Raymond (Raymond Tarpey), a biologist (Jaap van Etten), archeology and ancient history expert Stephen Mehler (Stephen Mehler)

Various experts shared their knowledge intriguing world of crystal skulls. First of all, the historian Raymond Tharp, who specializes in the study of ancient Chinese culture and Mayan culture, related to the history of the Mayan people, which he described as "Adam and Eve of Atlantis."

"In the story, Eve became pregnant from the skull, and gives birth to twins. According to Edgar Cayce, this crystal

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Stonehenge and its secrets

Huge construction of Stonehenge — a stone puzzle at the heart of Europe, as it was called this amazing monument one researcher Dr. Trevor Umlmor. This ancient building located in England, now archaeologists agreed that this architectural monument built in three phases between 3500 and 1100 years. BC Stonehenge I was a circular ditch with two rooms and may have served as a cemetery. In a circle along the outer shaft 56 are small funeral "Aubrey holes", so named in honor of John Aubrey, who first described them in the XVII century.

To the north-east of the entrance

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Why women have given the power of men

Millions of years of sex, which is now considered to be weak, a strong half of mankind. At least psychologically. Scientists have found two sources of uncommon strength

1. Wanderlust

Subordination of women in the ancient world — just a myth, propagated repeatedly in textbooks. This is the conclusion reached by researchers at Oxford University, who published their results in the journal Nature.

— Ladies dominated the prehistoric times: to make responsible decisions in his tribe were matriarch battles — says Professor Julia Lee-Thorp.

But where pretty trogloditki learn from top managers?

It turned out that they were recruited

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Underground Reich.

The film tells the story of the underground factories, warehouses, shelters, built by the Nazis in 1943-45, GG, the construction of which killed thousands of prisoners.

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Secrets of the Mayan priests

About 2500 BC. e., near modern Huehuetenango (Guatemala), there was a group of tribes whose members speak the same language, called protomayya researchers. Over time, this language is divided into different Mayan languages, speakers of these languages have emigrated, settling in different areas and formed a remarkable civilization. Mayan civilization.

At the height of the highest, the years 250-900 AD, the Maya civilization flourished in an area stretching from the south of the United States to present the Isthmus of Panama, and covers the territory of contemporary southwestern Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and El Salvador and part of Honduras. However,

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Secrets of the Earth and the universe — DEATH OF GIANTS

Dull, heavy, slow-moving, clumsy … So in the XVIII century German scientist described dinosaur Friedrich Theodor Fischer. Since then, both opened their first relics, dinosaurs enjoyed a very poor reputation: huge creatures, weighing about a hundred tons, with a miniature brain is not able to adapt to climate change, although inhabited our planet for a hundred and forty million years. Not surprisingly, they were condemned to death in accordance with the laws of natural selection and disappeared without leaving a trace.

Is it all there? Paleontologists increasingly reflect on the matter. Here, for example, the notorious "slowness" of

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