Extinct giant America

In 1978, during the excavation of a hill in Ashtabula County, Ohio (USA), archaeologists have made a surprising discovery. They found an unusually large human skull. The size of his was that a grown man could wear this skull on his head, like a helmet. And if the current findings are extremely rare, in the XIX and XX century, the first half of the remains of the giants in the U.S. are far more often.

Though the theme is not new …

28-meter-long skeleton, exhibited at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome, created by the artist

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Strange thing. Living Underground. (28. 09. 2012)

What secrets are hidden dungeons of medieval castles that have developed in a secret bunker scientists of the Third Reich, how much truth about intelligent race, living in the bowels of the planet?

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God-aliens in history

Over the past two to three billion years old map of the world has undergone tremendous changes. Geologists believe that all of the land originally formed one single continent, Pangaea, who was standing in the middle of the vast ocean. He then broke up into Laurasia, which included a current North America, Europe, and North and Central Asia, and Gondwana, which included The present-day South America, Africa, Antarctica, India and Australia, between which lies the vast inland sea (Tethys).

For many centuries Laurasia and Gondwana thickets endless forests, the destruction of abrupt changes in climate. Then, tormented and torn

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How much to mankind?

Modern scholars have long preferred to limit the history of human civilization several thousand years before that supposedly stretched deep wild and cruel Stone Age. But the discovery of such ancient cities as Catal Giiyuk in Asia Minor or Jericho in Israel, made a little different look at this issue and extend the cultural period of human existence for about four or five thousand years.

However, for the written evidence of ancient, science continues to take into account only those that recognize a few dozen or even a hundred years ago. Meanwhile, there are documents that allow you

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Gods aliens: EGYPT

Egyptians consider themselves the most ancient inhabitants of the Earth. According to occult tradition, tens of thousands of years ago Lemurians fled there from their sinking into the ocean continent. They passed through India and settled in the Upper Nile. The first dynasty founded by people from the sun and the moon, in other words, the people of the cosmos.

Extremely ancient origins of Egyptian kings, gods confirmed Manetho, who was born around the year 300 BC, and from the early years preparing for a high-priest of the temple of Heliopolis, famous as a mine of wisdom. Must be

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Stone tablets stories

When looking through the historical records of unusual phenomena, one's amazing abilities and achievements, noticed an interesting pattern. It should establish some idea of the state as the dominant ideology, as an element of human life loses presence miracle stories. Mermaids, dwarves and goblins like hiding in their most secret refuge, fearing that people dubbed them the devil incarnate. Disappear and report wizards, as if they cease to be born, but at the same time, there are more reports on the punished and executed for heresy "servants of the devil."

Amazing art magic or

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Dogon tribe, messengers from Sirius, lives … in Africa!

This tribe Dogon population of about 200,000 people living in isolation and on the plateau of Bandiagara in the territory of Mali in West Africa. By tribe are interested not only anthropologists, but astronomers.

Why? Mud houses, dances on stilts planted millet fields, burial caves — the most primitive culture. In the 1930's, the French anthropologist Marcel Griaule long lived among the Dogon, studied the life, legends and even recorded the decision of the council of elders was allowed to be on the mysteries of the title of priest. Griaule published a series of articles in journals on

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What technologies could give earthlings representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations.

…Around the III millennium BC of almost all the nations of ancient civilizations, new building and construction technology. Some archaeological evidence convince us that such construction techniques used in the days of early Neolithic. For example, in Turkey, under the hill, called "Umbilical Mountain", German archaeologists found the ruins of a large stone church, built in the days when people knew how to build the best, simplest tents and huts.

In the same church, on the columns, they found a number of characters that can be taken as signs, hardly made by primitive people. We are talking about the

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Secret signs: In love with a ghost. Helena Blavatsky.

The most famous woman mystic Helena Blavatsky. She opened the mysteries of the universe and the afterlife. She died and rose, saw the future and read minds. Idolized her thousands of loyal followers, but she loved the one who could not belong. Invisible lover accompanied her life, sending the happiness that ordeal. She called him the Guardian …

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The mysterious Dogon tribe of Mali had predicted the coming of the Space Gods

Secret knowledge of the Dogon

  African Dogon tribe inhabits a small area in the dense jungle in the bend of the Niger (Republic of Mali). Even in the midst of the day there twilight — dense foliage hardly miss the sun. The number of mini-ethnic group — a total of about 300,000 people. And they live in the jungle, that their existence the world learned only in 1931. About 50% of the Dogon practice Islam, others retain ancient traditional beliefs. The main occupation — agriculture (in some areas use irrigation), also bred cattle.   It all began in 1931,

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