Strange thing. Planet of Dinosaurs. Chronicle liquidation

1983. In Turkmenistan, the archaeologists found traces of dinosaurs, but close — human footprints …

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Reflection of a UFO. German mark.

1947. Another mission of the American polar explorer Richard Byrd came to the shores of Antarctica. This expedition, in contrast to the previous three fully funded by the Navy of the United States and has a military title * High jump *. At first all goes according to plan, the first week made tens of thousands of aerial photographs. And then there is something mysterious: expedition, designed for half a year, 2 months collapses and leaves the coast of Antarctica.

Lost destroyer * Murdock *, lost half of carrier-based aircraft and killed dozens of sailors and officers … On

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Proved: Ural elk — the oldest on the planet geoglyph

Scientists are faced with new mysteries around an ancient image

Last year, the local historian Alexander Shestakov led blagoustroytsvom National Park Zyuratkul. And casually opened the artifact world significance keen eye of the scientist did not disappoint.

For example, the famous ancient city of Arkaim in Chelyabinsk region, archaeologists have identified with the floor look. While up to them in these steppes visited hundreds of ordinary people. A similar story happened with geoglyphs elk.

— Walking at the foot of Alexander noticed — it was too uneven grass growing — told fellow archaeologist Shestakov Stanislav Grigoryev. — Signs and

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Riddle of the Pyramids from the Edgar Cayce

According to Peter Oreshkin, author of "The Babylonian phenomenon" on the mummy of King Tutankhamun in the pyramid of Giza is an inscription on the Old Slavonic: "In the century bear living the truth that you are trying, that placing barriers." What kind of truth mean the creators of the pyramids and this line?

It seems that it has solved the great American prophet Edgar Cayce.

This man was a true sensation XX century.

About him dozens of books, dispersed millions of copies, and countless articles in the press.

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Revealed the secret of resurrection of the Savior

Scientists call the Turin Shroud — the cover, which was wrapped executed Christ — the "fifth Gospel." — This is the greatest Christian shrines — conclusive physical evidence of the Savior — the director of the center of the Shroud of Turin Alexander Belyakov. -Methods of modern science provides insights into how was the greatest of miracles — the resurrection. Lord rose from the dead in a fiery body.

Shroud of Turin studies conducted over a decade. Coordinates the study physicist Alexander Belyakov. In the past, he has participated in the development

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Journey to the Center of the Earth (Journey to the Earths core)

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Ica stones

Peru resident Dr. Cabrera since 1960 gathers around the small town of Ica, located 150 kilometers from the Nazca desert, a collection of oval stones — from the very small, the size of a fist, to stokilogrammovye boulders. The entire surface is dotted with these findings, shallow, stylized drawings of people and animals.

The sheer abundance of painted rocks — a phenomenon quite unusual. Only in the collection of Cabrera, a passionate admirer of the ancient cultures of America, these stones about 12,000. Many of them got to the store, and the local museum, the samples are sold to

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Special project: a vanished civilization. 19. 09. 2012

Atlantis, Hyperborea, Lemuria, Pacifis, Shambala … This is a fabulous island, inhabited by the gods? Or civilization really existed?

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First God created Eve

Scientists have two versions of the disappearance of matriarchy

Recent studies have shown that ladies saddle for millions of years. And then a man came to power. Why? Scientists have two versions of the disappearance of matriarchy

1 VERSION Geographic:

Women went from the old familiar places, and started life from scratch in the new territories, where they had taken power into their own hands

Only in textbooks life ancient woman seemed hopeless and sad. Present was scary as stumbles into a cave hairy macho with a bloody carcass of a wild boar on his

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Stonehenge has helped create music?

Recently, the American scholar Stephen Waller, a rare arheoakustike specialist, examined the famous Stonehenge and found a very interesting acoustic phenomena. The scheme of the acoustic shadows cast by its stone pillars, quite accurately reflect the pattern of interference of sound waves generated by the sound of two flutes in the center of megalithic complex.

The phenomenon of sound "wells"

If the center of this famous ancient stone structure put two musicians to play the flute, then bypassing the Stonehenge, an outside observer in some places almost no longer hear the sounds of musical instruments. This phenomenon can be

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