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Of perch, Hanuman temple and ancient civilization

History — interesting and fascinating, if not necessary to hack forty questions for the exam. It is interesting, first of all, when it comes up. With the new, in the sense of a recently discovered (or digging) history, Omsk experienced researchers. According to them, hundreds of thousands of years ago in West Siberia there was an ancient civilization centered on the site of the now famous village in Okunevo Muromtsevsky area.

And supposedly there is a temple of Hanuman, who, according to legend, Rama presented the whole of Siberia. The first touch to this great mystery began over half a

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Mysterious Russia: Republic of Sakha.

Mysterious Russia: Republic of Sakha. Traces of alien civilization

Yakutia. The Republic of Sakha. The largest republic in our territory. In this vast taiga is cold pole of the earth. In winter, temperatures here can drop to minus sixty degrees Celsius! And yet in these parts people live — the ancients, whose memory has brought to us an incredible legend.

In the deep taiga, in a place called Death Valley, people at different times was the so-called "pocket" — a huge man-made structures from an unknown metal. Inside, there was always warm in the summer. According to the

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Secrets of Bluebeard

The great and terrible story of life, became the prototype of the hero of the worst and "unchildlike" tales of world literatureGilles de Montmorency-Laval, Baron de Rais forever entered the history as Bluebeard "Puss in Boots," "Little Red Riding Hood", "boy-in-law," "Sleeping Beauty" — these stories adults tell children at an early age, children are now increasingly looking cartoons and shows based on fairy tales by Charles Perrault. But "Blue Beard" … Few adults decide to tell the kids this terrible tale. For example, I read it myself when I learned to read. Perhaps no less a shock I received

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Mysteries of Stonehenge

Judge Stephen Waller examined located in the English county of Wiltshire famous Stonehenge, built over five thousand years ago, and found that the acoustic point of view it is a very difficult place — giant stones are able to create amazing sound or acoustic illusion mirage.

If the center of the construction of the giant stones to put the two musicians and get them to play the trumpet, the observer, ignoring them, in some places almost hear the silence — the sound waves reflected from the stones, put down in these parts to each other and trumpet almost quiet.

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Strange thing. Nuclear wars of antiquity 14. 09. 2012

Geologists are sensational evidence that the BC on the planet Earth has already been used on nuclear, chemical and other advanced weapons of mass destruction. Ancient texts speak of a clash of gods. Who were they, and what technical level reached their civilization?

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Mysterious burial aliens!

When routing the highway near the Belgian town of Malmedy builders discovered a strange discovery. At a depth of five feet bucket bulldozer wrenched out of the ground human skeleton length of about two meters. Work immediately stopped and called the police. Guards, in turn, invited scientists, because the skeleton seemed to them too unusual.

Mutants in ancient tombs?

In skeleton were disproportionately short leg bones and, conversely, the long bones of the hands. But most importantly — a skull, which is perfectly preserved in its internal volume was nearly two and a half times more "capacity" skull of modern

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Chickens and dinosaurs — that common?

Scientists have deciphered the protein bone Royal Tyrannosaurus, which lived about 68 million years ago. The research experts have concluded that these ancient predators were the ancestors of modern chickens! According to experts, it is the scientific evidence that between dinosaurs and birds, there is kinship.

According to Mary Schweitzer of North Carolina State University, despite the fact that the bones of dinosaurs have long been studying, "always assumed that at the cellular and molecular level, nothing is saved."

It was thought that some proteins can be stored about a million years, but no more, in terms of the

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Mystery of the Sphinx revealed and classified

Since 1997, the government of Egypt to hide from the world scientific discovery, which they did in the year and in the years since. That's it ever since they own them individually and kept secret from our world.

That hide the Egyptian government?

Many years ago, that 70 years have passed since then, as Edgar Cayce predicted that one day in Egypt will be found a room that will have a name or a Hall of Records Hall of Chronicles, and it will be connected with the Sphinx. It is this room to tell us of

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«The Lost World» of Antarctica

Scientists continue to study the depth of Antarctica and the oceans surrounding it. Sometimes this leads to the sensational discoveries and findings. Thus, the expedition led by Professor Alex Rogers of Zoology at Oxford University, studying at a depth of 2.5 kilometers with a remote-controlled device Isis New deep hot springs off the coast of the mainland, found the real "lost world."

Mysterious inhabitants of the underwater world

This discovery can rewrite the theory of how sea creatures filled the oceans. At great depth they found the animals that previously no one had ever seen. These creatures seemed to

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