Food of the Gods № 5 (12. 02. 2013)

"Food of the Gods" — a fascinating journey into the world of ancient cooking, flavored with bright scenes making of "divine food" and episodes of the latest discoveries of scientists. "Food of the Gods" will entice even the most sophisticated residents of the metropolis. You know, where we were visited by corn, cocoa, wheat, dates, tomatoes? What they have in their DNA? Where on earth were the seeds of grain? Vegetarianism — a legacy of the ancient or fashion of the day? Then prepare an elixir of longevity? How could the ancient people come up with all this yourself? Myth

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The disappearance of the young billionaire

Secluded beaches, fabulous forests, mysterious islands … It is here, on the coast of New Guinea, over 50 years ago disappeared Michael Rockefeller, heir to his father, billionaire. What happened to him in the wildest jungles in the world? If he did not get ambushed by the natives, cannibals, lurking among the trees?


Fatal Bay

For the young rich man expedition was not only an adventure, but an escape from civilization

Michael Rockefeller disappeared day in November 1961 during anthropological expedition into the wilds of New Guinea. According to reports, he landed on the Bay Destiny Bay.

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Ancient underground shelters.

In many parts of the world there are ancient buildings, some unknown person and for what purpose created. Given the limited technical capabilities of our ancestors, it is simply impossible to believe that they were built by people of stone or bronze age. In Turkey (Cappadocia) discovered a vast complex of underground cities located on several levels and connected by tunnels. Underground shelters built unknown people in ancient times. Erich von Daniken in his book "In the wake of all-powerful" describes these shelters: "… Were discovered giant underground town for many thousands of people. The most famous of them

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The discovery in Egypt: That hide the Egyptian authorities.

That hide the Egyptian authorities.

Many years ago, that 70 years have passed since then, as Edgar Cayce predicted that one day in Egypt will be found a room that will have a name or a Hall of Records Hall of Chronicles, and it will be connected with the Sphinx. It is this room to tell us of the existence on Earth millions of years ago, a highly advanced civilization, and the passage to the Hall of Records will go to the room beneath the right paw of the Sphinx.

In 1989 with the help of special

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The Mayan Calendar — Deciphering Earths past?

The massive crash shook the earth since its inception to the present day. Many of them fall on the existence of Homo sapiens, a lot has happened in historical terms recently.

Colossal Gobi-Altai earthquake of December 4, 1957, floods in Bengal in 1737 and 1876 with thousands of victims of the eruption of Krakatoa in 1883, the tragedy of Pompeii in 79 AD — all these events are clearly dated. However, the farther into the depths of your stories such shocks quickly lose their sharpness. Already a volcanic eruption on the island of Santorini, which took place one and

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Intercontinental underground tunnels vanished civilizations

Intercontinental underground tunnels vanished civilizations  

2003 in Moscow (near Solnechnogorsk) was marked by a mysterious event. In Lake Bottomless driver Vereshenskoy village administration Vladimir Saychenko discovered regular life vest U.S. Navy identification inscription confirming that the property belongs to the sailor Sam belov the destroyer "Cowell", terrorists detonated 12 October 2000 in the port of Aden. Tragically killed four sailors, and 10 were missing, including Sam belov. Maybe the information was wrong and there is no mystery?

The survey of eyewitnesses and participants in the events described, it was found that the

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In Antarctica, we find the energy portals!

Not so long ago, in press materials flashed the detection of magnetic anomalies in Antarctica, Lake Vostok.

Admiral Richard Bard was trying to uncover the secrets of the planet's poles. He made several expeditions to the South Pole in 40-50's of the last century. There is a hypothesis that the Earth is hollow, and the poles are entrances to the subterranean world inhabited by intelligent beings.

Obviously, such an entry and sought American admiral. However, the mistake was that Bzrd imagined this input in the form of a very real tunnel or mine. In fact, it's just energy

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Soothsayers and astrologers of the Third Reich

Karl Ernst Krafft, William Wolfe

As you know, many Nazi leaders had sympathy for mysticism and astrology. However, despite this, the fate of the astrologers in the "Third Reich" was not too happy, regardless of their political views expressed. All press down under the political regime itself demanded total, unrestricted monopoly in the "domination of the spirit."

Interesting testimony given German archives. So, before the arrival of the Nazis to power in the archives found mass predictions about Hitler, who, according to the author of the book "Occult Reich" J. Brennan, "literally all … known for their inaccuracy. "

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The future of the Earth in the hands of the Hopi

Hopi Indians still live on reservations in the north-eastern part of Arizona (USA). Oraybi — the unofficial capital of the local Indians, and the number of the tribe, only about 6,000 people. The settlement appeared in this region at the beginning of the VIII century. But, as always, here there is a matriarchy.

The tribe is divided into 30 clans. At the head of each is the oldest woman that "part-time" serves as the shaman, communicating with the dead ancestors. Usually the woman by nature endowed with the gift of clairvoyance and healing. The men are busy Hopi women

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«Death squads» guard time

It is no secret that in some countries there is a secret organization — "death squads" made up of the best special forces. They extrajudicial killing criminals, not waiting to shake the formal justice system. It is possible that these undercover units exist in Russia ….

101-km in Brazilian

Death squads in El Salvador

For a long time, States do not require any secret punitive organs, for it is officially rulers could crack down on unwanted, without any trial. Suffice it to recall, for example, Russian guardsmen.

But with the development of the legal system is clearly murder was

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