Spear Absolute power

Spear of Longinus or Spear of Absolute power — unlike other Christian relics. He was ranked as a variety of supernatural properties, such as the endless reign of owner spears over the world.

Legendary Spear of Longinus appeared on Earth before the advent of our Savior — Jesus Christ. Lance is the founder of Phinehas — the third high priest of Judea. As a military man, Phinehas often connected with a certain strength, which in those days was considered a god, passing his orders to people. When the owner of the Lance died, it was to travel from one

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Egyptian sun god — Ra

RA (Re) in ancient Egyptian mythology, the sun god, worshiped as the king and father of the gods. Identified with the god Amun. Depicted in the form of the pharaoh.

The eyes of the god Ra was one of the most influential characters in the art of ancient Egypt. They appear on the sarcophagi, the sides of boats, steles, clothing, and amulets. Eyes of Ra lived a strange, independent of the main body's life.

It was believed, for example, Urey (divine serpent), decorating the bridge of the Pharaoh as the "right of burning Eye of Ra", is able

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Military Secret of 03. 09. 2012.

— UFO Conspiracy intelligence— Chechnya: The Story of a betrayal.— Buffalo in the fire does not burn, the water does not sink.— Rocket SN-3: American wolf in sheep's clothing.— Chinese mystery lake.— Barklay de Tolly: Stolen glory.— All the secrets of an army of unarmed combat.— Dragons: A beautiful tale or true true story?— Cautiously approaching the solar storm!

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Secrets of the world — the ruler of the world. Secrets of Kabbalah

Kabbalah — esoteric movement in Judaism. Kabbalah followers claim to secret knowledge contained in the Torah, the divine revelation, which gives power over the world. Kabbalah followers call themselves many celebrities — and the foreign and domestic …

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Vatican — the secret, hidden from the people

Vatican for centuries considered the keeper of the faith of mankind. That's just kept the faith very peculiar. There is evidence that the Vatican has laboratories equipped with the latest technology. It was there that different investigations in all areas of science and new age. But for unknown reasons, these studies are not in a hurry to publish.

It is no secret that there were many cases of people possessed evil spirits. Although the Vatican did not officially recognize the existence of such a fact, that they have special priests who have the knowledge how to perform the ritual of

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Managing people on the planet Earth

Managing people on the planet Earth

In the foreseeable process management framework humanity were laid in the days of ancient Egypt caste of priests. Managing people and hold them in subjection was accomplished by issuing a dosage of knowledge at different levels of society and hiding their entirety.At the present level of development of the society management methods have changed little. The most complete this management system set out in the Concept of Public Security provided by non-governmental institutions of additional education "Institute Conceptual Analytics" in the form of crowd-"elite" model of society.

"World Government" (or global predictor, named

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Mystery of the damned books «

If it had not been lost ancient knowledge, the world would now be looked at differently

Opiate of the people

Throughout human history suddenly appeared and disappeared as suddenly amazing books. The first to call attention to this strange phenomenon was Jacques Bergier (1912 — 1978), a specialist in sunk into oblivion folio.

"Books are being destroyed with reality and with such a rigorous way — he wrote in his book" The Accursed Book "- which inadvertently creeps thought maybe the reason for this is that their content is threatening the existence of human civilization." Who claims to

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Riddles Stories 10/12 Murder in Rome

Conspiracy against Caesar was in a secret, which were rare in istorii.V for months Caesar's close friends were preparing one of the most heinous murders in history.

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Question — when there were secret societies, where their source?

More and more people are learning that in the history of mankind from the earliest times to the present, there were various secret societies. Many have heard of the Masons, Knights Templar, the Illuminati, the Priory of Sion, and other organizations that have played a significant role in the history of Europe.

The question is — when there were secret societies, where their source? We will not be diving into a sea of mythical civilizations, like Hyperborea and Atlantis, as yet know little about them. All data on these civilizations are contradictory, often invented, need years and decades of

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The Secret History of Mankind (part 3)

"Researcher L. Ryzhkov argues that" … up to the borders of present-day France poured Slavic "sea" of a single ethnic group, who spoke on almost common language, not yet spoiled by German, Turkish, Finno-Dzungar (ie, Mongol), Arab and other invaders. Leipzig at the time was called Lipscomb and was the center of Slavic luzhichan whose descendants live there today. Dresden was Drozdyanami, Meissen — Mishan Merizenburg — Mezhiborom and inhabited these lands — Nishanov, milchane, selichane, Decani and hutichi

Indian Rus

The main settlement of Troy Russ Russ was going on at that time existed overland isthmus connecting Asia Minor

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