Tsar Bomba. Soviet Apocalypse.

October 30, 1961 there was an event that changed the course of history. Seismographs recorded around the extraordinary power fluctuations. World soon realized that the Soviet Union has shown that very gruel, who loved to scare Nikita Khrushchev. USSR detonated the most powerful in history hydrogen bomb.

The consequences were shocking. Nuclear explosion almost reached cosmic heights. The blast wave circled the planet three times. There were rumors that a man-made sun blazed much longer calculation time, and Soviet scientists were frightened, though started an irreversible nuclear reaction that can destroy the Earth. This possibility is predicted Dane Niels

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The Secret History of Mankind (Part 2)

Later the Romans, intending to prove their descent from the gods tried to efface the traces of the Etruscans from the memory of mankind. Therefore, the scientific world today is general consensus that the ancient Romans were masters of Western Europe. Yet ancient historians knew that the teachers of these teachers were the Etruscans.

This is evidenced by the work Hellanicus, Stephen Byzantine, Ptolemy, Titus Libya, Strabo, Diodorus of Sicily, Pliny, and many other pre-Christian authors. According to ancient historians, the Etruscans gave the Romans musical instruments, rostrum (bow) and the anchor, theater, mining, ceramics and metal, herbal

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The Secret History of Mankind (Part 1)

Secret history of humanity — it is quite different from that which we are taught in schools. And this story, like all of humanity, it does not matter that the two stories do not match. After all, contemporary history there are only hundreds of years, people lived on Earth for millions of years. New generations come and say, "We do not know, we do not believe it." But that does not change the past. And, besides, the scientists are wrong, at least, than ordinary people. Once they refused to acknowledge the existence of meteorites, saying that the sky is the

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A great deception of Ancient Egypt

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Roadside Picnic

When the world was not yet dinosaurs, it has already moved machinery. These are the results of analyzes of unusual discoveries made by Russian scientists.

And the object of sensation was the most common … Stone!

However, everything, including the "ordinariness" of the stone — in order. Dmitry Kurkov habitual traffic already picked up a stone and initially looked at it briefly then returned for secure examine him bystanders Lila Kuleshov. She brushed the dirt stuck to the stone and …

Describe in as much detail, because then I

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One Atlanta in Earths history

Part I. Atlantean race (4th root race of Earth).

That Atlanta — one of the seven archangels of the Earth 49. His spiritual father — Supreme God supervises the Level 2 system in the galaxy Sirius Orion Nebula. Toth was born soul twice in the history of Earth. The first birth was in the Lemurian race (third root race of the Earth), a second birth — in the early races of Atlantis (4th root race of Earth). He is no longer in the world was born, so is He called Atlanta.

1.Detstvo and youth Toth.

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Russians over the mammoths?

Was there ever a unique civilization of Hyperborea? And if so, where it was located — in Greenland, the North Pole, in Siberia or in Karelia?

Map legendary Hyperborea Doctor of History and director of several expeditions Valery Dyomin believes that soon we will find out the answers to these questions.

"The evidence of the legendary country for centuries poets chant can be found among the ancient historians — says Demin. — However, where it was located and what time there, is not known. Most researchers believe that the Hyperborean civilization — 15-20 thousand years. Despite such

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Ice mummy reveals the secrets of ancient man

The World Congress on the study of mummies in the study named Ötzi mummy is not just determined that he ate two hours before his death, but the fact that he had brown eyes and he took care of his bad teeth.

Before his death, named Ötzi fortify meat Ibex — Alpine mountain goat

Named Ötzi was discovered in the Alps back in 1991. Scientists believe that the death of the old man came five thousand two hundred years ago. On the example of this finding, they were able to figure out how to live in the

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Alien Pyramid ANTENNAS UNIVERSE. Part 3

Since its launch 22 October 2008 Indian space probe Chandrayaan-1 broadcast more than 40 000 images of different parts of the lunar surface. Specialists from the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) argue that this — a record compared to the lunar missions of other countries.

According to estimates of ISRO, for the last 75 days did Chandrayaan camera and transferred to 235 photos each day, or about one photo per minute. It also reported that the resolution of some images up to 5 meters, providing crisp and clear picture of the surface of the Moon, while the lunar missions

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Great Sphinx of Giza in the valley — an ancient Egyptian sphinx. This statue with the head of a man and a lion's body always looks to the East along the 30th parallel, it is as if waiting for something, her eyes are always directed to a single point on the horizon, where, during the equinox the sun should rise. Sphinx is carved out of the limestone monolith, the bedrock of the Giza Plateau, the height of 20 meters and a length of almost 72 meters.

    According to one legend, the head of the Sphinx — very similar to

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