Mysteries of History 9/12 Murder Medici

Medici — a famous family of the Italian Renaissance. The elder brother of Lorenzo, the ruler of Florence, and a younger brother Giuliano, his faithful assistant, support the artists and banking services to the papacy, choose people to positions of influence and conquer new territories. Their heavy-handed tactics nazhila them a lot of enemies who wanted to deprive them not only power, but also life.

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Most mysterious discovery of the twentieth century. Crystal Skulls

For the first time this skull was found in 1927 in Central America, the expedition of the famous English archaeologist and explorer F. Albert Mitchell-Hedges.

  Preceded the discovery began in 1924 working on clearing the ancient Mayan city in the humid tropical jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula (at the time — British Honduras, now — Belize). Thirty-three hectares of forest, which absorbed almost divined the old buildings, to facilitate excavation, it was decided to burn down. When the smoke finally cleared, the expedition saw an amazing sight: the stone ruins of a pyramid, city walls and huge, thousands

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Secrets of the world. A secret underground pyramids

We are sure that we know all about the pyramids. When it comes to the pyramids, we immediately remember Egypt and Mexico. Every tenth citizen of our country is the picture of Egyptian pyramids in Giza. However, few people know that these ancient structures are on all continents and in virtually every country of the world. They are even found on the ocean floor, and, surprisingly, right under our feet.

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Graves on the Milky Way

Peru has found unique burial mounds in the shape of animals and constellations.

The inhabitants of ancient Peru transferred Milky Way to Earth, building burial mounds in the form of constellations. On them were priests calendar determined the solstices and advised fishermen and farmers, predicting onset of El Niño.

For more than 150 years of ancient burial mounds in the shape of animals (perhaps the most famous of them — Serpent Mound, or the Serpent Mound in Ohio) have attracted the attention of tourists and scientists. But not so long ago, scientists discovered that the mass graves

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Who hides in caves?

According to many legends speak of the existence of intelligent life in the depths of our earth. These stories lead some researchers to think seriously about that fictional stories are hidden nuggets of truth.

According to some historians, one of the entrances to Agartha, the underground city, at the foot of the Himalayas, just below the monastery in Tibet Lasha. Others say even sure what else there is the entrance to the city in Ecuador, in the Los Tayos. There are experts who believe that the entrance to the underworld is located on the top of Mount Shasta

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Axum Obelisk

In the north, Ethiopia in the ancient city of Axum is one of the most amazing mysteries of the world. This is the highest monuments. 176 man-made granite obelisks taller than 33 meters. Their age is about 2 thousand years.

Amazingly, the old rectangular columns are made of a single stone. Who and how the data processed and erected a giant monoliths — is unclear. One thing is clear — Ethiopian natives could not do it.

According to local legend mysterious creators granite obelisks were able to melt the rock, making it soft and pliable. These technologies

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The origin of the American Indians and the Hyperborean theory

The objective of our topic — trace some views on the origin of the American Indians. This question troubled for some reason, many scientists do not even had to do with American Studies. To clarify the origin of the Indians, we should first seek the assistance of anthropology, ethnography, and mythology. Basically, the version of the origin of the Indians are built on the basis of these disciplines, and each of the theorists choose the one that is closer to him.

One of the most interesting theories represent the views of the anthropologist, linguist and symbolist Dr. Hermann Wirth.

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Where you came from — modern humans?

Scientists still can not clearly explain the phenomenon of the appearance of Cro-Magnon man on the planet — modern humans. It really is a mystery: rather low-browed Neanderthal brutalize 40,000 years ago something unexpected, "suddenly" came to dwell in caves perfectly piled high with gorgeous handsome skull that would be envied and Socrates. Where did these people?

Scientific sensation was the study of the genetic code of Neanderthals: it appears that it has very little to do with the genetic code of the modern (Cro-Magnon) man. This discovery is quite confusing evolutionary theory, according to which Neanderthal man is

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Giorgio Vondzhovani lamb of God.

For twenty years, as a Sicilian Dzhorzhdio Vondzhovani attracts the attention of many ordinary people, experts and scientists from all over the world.

Its history began in 1989. Second in September 1989 while in Portugal Fatima, one of the areas of the Saints, he laid flowers at the foot of the statue in front of him and suddenly there was a bright column of light, and in him the figure of the Madonna.

Giovanni: I was given a long message, and clearly states what will be my end missiya.V Mary asked me if I could take the suffering for

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Secret Organization> Student organizations in the U.S.

At the heart of any secret organization is a corporate way. Taking the concept of hegemony of the Italian political scientist Antonio Gramsci, one can assume that a group of government, not to lose its hegemony in the political system will always try to maintain its cultural core by building a corporate culture and influence, thus, on civil society itself through its well established institutions. Now there was even a special term for the modern comparativism — «skinship» — a symbiosis of English words skin («skin") and kinship («kinship", "similarity").

Any political elite, a group consisting of the hegemonic power

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