Indian government philosopher

XV century. Mexico. Endless war, the bloody human sacrifices. Whether to poetry, to philosophy, whether here? It turned out that "when the cannons roar," muses are silent not always. And proof of this — life story of Nezahualcoyotl, ruler of the ancient city of Texcoco.

An escape from killers

Nezahualcoyotl high relief on one of the buildings in the city severomeksikanskom Tsiudad

Began his reign is not rosy. The leader of the Indians in Texcoco tepanekov seized power when Prince Nezahualcoyotl barely 16. The young heir to the throne, which saw the death of his father, had to flee.

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Strange thing. Maze of ancient gods. 08. 02. 2012

Recently, a group of scientists managed to find the legendary Minotaur's labyrinth in Crete. They say that this place is endowed with incredible energy. What are these mazes? Who made them?

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Secret Files of antiquity: the Maya Underworld

In this fascinating film scholars and explore the strange phenomena and unsolved mysteries of antiquity and acquaint the audience with their discoveries. From dark and creepy evidence of vampires in Eastern Europe to the improbable assumption that Mary Magdalene might flee to France, every investigation plunges the viewer into the mystery shrouded past. Some of them lead to the discrediting of the legends, and others — to unexpected conclusions. Jigsaw stories with us: after all, the truth is somewhere out there …

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Living Underground

Legends of underground inhabitants found in various nations. But do these legends real motives? Might actually exist somewhere in the mysterious world of the deep underground? Previously thought about it just lay historians, enthusiasts romantic warehouse. The discoveries made today allow us to study this issue from the scientific standpoint.

Secrets Dungeon Kievan Rus.

The first dungeon in the Kievan Rus appeared before the X century, but it was amateurish compared to the caves of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. Officially, many kilometers of underground passages, cells, tombs and churches were established as an underground monastery. According to the modern Kiev archaeologist and

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Boulders floating in the air

In the legends of many peoples explains how the famous Cyclopean buildings were erected (the pyramids of Egypt and South America, Indian temples and similar structures).

You want — you believe, and you want — no, but it turns out the boulders during construction themselves floating in the air. Legends of these usually account no one accepted. You never know what might fantasize people who lived in those ancient times. In reality, probably hundreds, if not thousands of slaves harnessed in special rollers and shouting like 'hey, uhnem "pulled clumps of place settings — sometimes for hundreds of

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On the trail of the gods

Where did the gods? Scientists suspect that our planet has a twin-twin, the so-called planet Earth orbit Gloriya.Na directly behind the Sun is a point, which is called libration, — Explains astronomer.

— This is the only place where you can be Gloria. As the planet rotates at the same speed as the Earth, it is almost always hidden behind the Sun. And you can not even see it from the moon. To fix it, you need to fly 15 times Read More indirect evidence of the existence of Gloria and older sources. For example, a wall drawing in the

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Mysteries of History 7/12 Secrets of the First Emperor

This is a great story that has become legend. It happened more than two thousand years ago on the other side of the world.The young king was the ruler of the empire. Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China. He was considered a brilliant military leader. He subdued the "all under heaven" and called his name. So who was he, that the most powerful man of antiquity?

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Georezonatory — energy mazes

In the middle of summer in Perm will be the third All-Russian Conference of researchers unknown. On this day, Perm, and then anomalous zone Molebka visit many ufologists, both from Russia and around the world. But this conference will be notable not respected actors, but an attempt to recreate the ancient technology of building stone labyrinth, analogues of which can be found in Karelia.

Are always wonders attributed stone labyrinth Karelia here and ancient magic rituals and stone observatory, and even the gates to another dimension. What researchers want to recreate from Perm. For the answer "Steps" asked

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Mysteries of History 6/12 This Sex and the City

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Tangible evidence of past civilizations

What the reader will discover in this article, is known to many researchers' interests. But all these details are unknown or inaccessible to the vast majority of people often just because the official academic science does not want to explain the many archaeological finds and written, not to destroy it created a formal picture of intelligent life on Earth. It is essential to talk about some of these findings and provide relevant explanations, especially since they are very well fit into the picture of the development of intelligent life, which is given in the Slavic sources. So, what is found

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