Mysteries of History 4/12 Kiss of Death

John the Baptist preached and denounced sin than antagonized the powerful, and eventually lost his head. The tragic fate of the prophet is inextricably linked with a girl named Salome. What did she want? And what role she played in the death of John the Baptist? "

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Mysteries of History 3/12 Unknown life of ancient Egyptians

Egypt — the land of the pharaohs, pyramids, colossal monuments and huge ancient temples. But famous TV presenter Terry Jones takes the audience on an amazing journey into the daily lives of ordinary people who lived three thousand years ago. How they dressed, what they ate and drank, how to work, what was the relationship between men and women, which was applied make-up? All this and more — in a fascinating journey into the unknown life of Egypt.

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Mu was located in the Pacific Ocean, across the mainland was eight thousand miles from north to south, the mainland was five thousand miles, the continent of Mu itself as a continent of three separate parts, and between them is a heavy sea. Grazed cattle on the lands and cultivated fields near the mountains grow tropical plants, there proceeded many lakes, streams were small ponds. Near the ocean coast palm trees grew, swam in the lake lotus flowers these flowers were sacred to the people, the roads were wide of smooth stone.

On the mainland, home to several million

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The aliens have visited our planet

Can bp, aliens have visited our planet? If yes, the material traces of their presence on our planet Earth's inhabitants will be presented unusual, weird, is not amenable to scientific explanation.

In 1959, the Sino-Soviet paleontological expedition led by PhD — Zhou Minchenia found in the Gobi desert strange impression. It was found that the fingerprint came here millions of years ago. The size and pattern is rather similar footprint sole astronaut to set foot on Earth when her still living dinosaurs. No other explanation for this imprint paleontologists did not get going.

In the Libyan desert discovered

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Mysteries of History 2/12 Blood of the Sun God

In search of the fabulous treasures of a small group of soldiers led by Francisco Pizarro conquered the most powerful empire of ancient America — the Inca Empire.

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Crystal Atlantis

The ancient Greek philosopher Plato in his work entitled "Dialogues", wrote that the Atlanteans "themselves came in for trouble." But his story is cut off and does not reveal the secrets of the tragedy.

The first crystal was presented to representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, the Atlanteans, who warned that the need to treat it with caution, because therein lies the terrible destructive force. Perhaps it could unravel the American clairvoyant Edgar Cayce, who, going into a trance, saw a vision of the long-vanished worlds.

According to him, "Atlanteans used crystals for worldly and spiritual goals." In his

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Mysteries of History 1/12 True Pocahontas

Pocahontas name known almost all over the world. Her story appears again and again — in paintings, plays, films, novels. It is understood by all the love story — a young American Indian woman in love, risked his life to save an Englishman named John Smith. Thanks to the dedication of Pocahontas he manages to survive. Amazing story, but how true?

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At the dawn of history, there was a mysterious man, Imhotep, one ancient tablet age 4600 years before Christ, it speaks of his glory, and he was the vizier of the king of Lower Egypt, the architect, the high priest of Heliopolis, is a very versatile person.

During the reign of Pharaoh Djoser's about 2778-2268 BC, Imhotep began to design the construction of the first great step pyramid at Saqqara, six diminishing step down from the top of the pyramid is the first prototype of all the pyramids, even something like the Great Pyramid of Giza. Imhotep this

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Ancient Map of Atlantis

Ancient mysteries of modern man always attract particularly ancient maps of Atlantis. Look, as if through a window into the secrets hidden civilizations time helping us map our world … we never knew.

Not inferior to modern

To create accurate maps essential vessel capable of long voyages to the study area, the chronometer to determine the coordinates, as well as mathematics and cartographers to process the information.

Meanwhile, there are ancient maps drawn BC, which does not exactly give way to a modern, while on the research vessels (as the official history says) was not the question, and

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Mysteries of History 5/12 Lost Deity of Easter Island

Carved in wood, a grotesque head, connected to the body, roughly stretched and thin as a stick. "When the famous naturalist and broadcaster David Attenborough saw this amazing figure at the auction, he knew at once that it is more valuable than was the auctioneer. He bought a figurine and decided to learn about it all possible. His investigation swept the world, from Russia to Australia, from England to Easter Island, where he was hiding the key to the mystery figures

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