Ancient biosphere

Occurred in the world nuclear cataclysm had to leave behind material traces. I looked for them and found a completely unexpected place. Nuclear mushroom plasma reaches a temperature of several million degrees, so breed in crater, as shown by the test, heated to 5000 ° C, melts and turns into a glassy mass.

Such glassy substance is ubiquitous on Earth and is called "tektites." They are usually brown or black. Some researchers suggest that the meteorites, although so far no meteorite, composed of tektites, was not found. Tektites have a terrestrial origin, they are

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Myths Dogon and Sirius

Renowned astronomer Robert Temple in his book "The Mystery of Sirius" to speak out publicly about the African Dogon tribe — identity of the people who lives in Mali in inaccessible plateau of Bandiagara, which keeps their ancient traditions, and information on the brightest star in the sky — Sirius.

Based on legends and amazing knowledge Dogon, Robert Temple suggests that in ancient times people came to Earth Sirius or one of the planets, included in this star system.

We can assume that at the land of rational beings, messengers of a distant star gave Aborigines some of their

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Does Ivan the Terrible killed his son?

The killing of Tsar Ivan Vasilyevich the Terrible his son Prince John, until recently, seemed certain, because it is reflected even in textbooks as one of the evidences of the alleged cruelty of the Russian autocracy. And no one thought, came from this fact in the historical literature.

When he saw in 1885 in St. Petersburg at the show a new picture of Ilya Repin's "Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan November 16, 1581", which later became known as the simplified name "Ivan the Terrible kills his son," the chief procurator of the Holy Synod of the Russian

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Along with the dinosaurs lived giants

In 1850, American archaeologist D, Carter opened in San Diego in the street Tbhasskoy stoyamku ancient inhabitants of America, whose age is 80-90 thousand years were studied hundreds of items belonging to the people of that time, but the scientist was only ridiculed and scientists, mopoveduyuschimi official version

Then in 1953, he held a grand excavation n the same place, and invited hundreds of scientists, including those known to participate in the recovery and study findings. All refused. Carter wrote on this subject: "The State University of San Diego refused to see the finds that were found in

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Magicians of Ancient Egypt

On faith in the power of ancient magic, evidenced by the inscription on a stone slab placed between the paws of the Sphinx guarding the pyramid of Khafre in El Giza. The inscription reads: once the pharaoh Thutmose IV, who was then still a prince, tired after hunting, asleep at the foot of the Sphinx.

In a dream he was a god-Horem ahet-Khepri-Re-Atum, who represented the Sphinx. He ordered a statue of clean sands, which were brought by the wind from the desert and by the time of Thutmose was almost completely buried the Great Sphinx. As a reward for

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Sex BC — Egypt.

About sex found a lot of papyrus, statues, wall paintings of the Grand Ramsesa.No modern world has become more material, and a limited account is not prohibited beret.Vse accepted belief …

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Forbidden history of Slavs

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Secrets of the world: The contract with the devil

Film investigating the occult hobbies leading politicians and the richest people in the world.

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Who discovered America?

And do not be surprised by this question. Yes, we know: with swimming Christopher Columbus, held in 1492, Europe has learned of the existence of America. Kudos for that Spanish explorer. This is to his credit, he discovered America for the Old World. But he was by no means the first person to set foot on its shores …

Volcano and Nebuchadnezzar as engines of progress

Who managed to beat Columbus? Oh, to that effect weight versions and hypotheses. One other curious. Let's start with the most incredible. America was discovered … the ancient Japanese! It happened already 6300 years

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Historical traces mysterious Hyperboreans

In ancient written sources, Greece, India, Persia and other countries there is a description of the peoples inhabiting the territory of Russia circumpolar over 2.5 thousand years ago. Among the ancient states there was also a mysterious country of the Hyperboreans, virtually unknown and unexplored today.

The encyclopedia says that the Hyperboreans — it's the people who live on the other side of the north wind Boreas, which blows from the caves of the northern mountains.

They are fabulous people, who lived in a paradisiacal country, forever young, not knowing the disease, enjoying uninterrupted by "the light of the

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