Food of the Gods (05. 02. 2013)

"Food of the Gods" — a fascinating journey into the world of ancient cooking, flavored with bright scenes making of "divine food" and episodes of the latest discoveries of scientists. "Food of the Gods" will entice even the most sophisticated residents of the metropolis. You know, where we were visited by corn, cocoa, wheat, dates, tomatoes? What they have in their DNA? Where on earth were the seeds of grain? Vegetarianism — a legacy of the ancient or fashion of the day? Then prepare an elixir of longevity? How could the ancient people come up with all this yourself? Myth

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Well-known Russian Egyptologist of the riddles of ancient pyramids

These days we are all wallowing in the ocean of information, often with difficulty distinguishing lies from the truth — we live in such times. Man drawn into a whirlpool of various facts and arguments, and get yourself out of it is beyond the power. Especially when it comes to some very interesting and mysterious subject. For example, such a mesmerizing as the origin and destination of the Egyptian pyramids.

This magazine "Echo of the Planet" talked with Victor Solkin known Russian Egyptologist, founder of the Association for the Study of Ancient Egypt "MAAT" and a member

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Baalbek built aliens?

The ancient city was in oblivion, and in some books on the archeology of him stopped to mention

The history of humanity has left a lot of mysteries yet to be unraveled. One of those mysteries of the ancient buildings are now made out of huge, weighing hundreds of tons of boulders. Who were the builders of these structures? Versions are different. Some researchers suggest that the ancient people had an incredible level of knowledge and appropriate technology, others — that have participated in the construction of the aliens from other planets. Among the versions also have the assumption

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Myths and sensation of Crimea — from aliens to dinosaurs

The list of VIP-guests, visiting the Crimea, is just right to make … aliens — so often cited here for their "documented visit." We are talking about the unusual rock paintings in the caves of the plateau Chater-Dag to Mangup.

Sensation 1: Cave drawings

From time to time come to the Crimea, Russian and Ukrainian ufologists and contactees with extraterrestrial intelligence, which officially "open" and "find" the same image.

"A sensational discovery was made in the Crimea Zaporozhye ufology. One cave mountain Chater-Dag, they found cave paintings. Among

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Signs and death of the Aztec Empire

In the decade before the landing of Cortez in the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan, appeared in the night sky of fire, like the dawn, the pyramid. At dawn phenomenon disappeared. Soon the temple of the god of fire broke out and he was almost put out — in the ancient structure to burst lightning. The sky color is often seen mirages — unusually dressed bearded men riding on some strange animals (horses were unknown to the Aztecs). Clerics urged the people to prepare for the bad …

Thus, the events of the conquest of the Aztecs nebyli unexpected. Montezuma

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Pole death. Why did the expedition to the South Pole died in mysterious circumstances?

The event, which took place in February last year, the largest compared to the first manned flight into space. Russian researchers in Antarctica in 20 years struck nearly four-kilometer thick ice and reached the surface under the ice of Lake Vostok. Scientists hope that s lake, which millions of years of no contact with the outside world of the earth, you can catch a clue many mysteries of the ice continent.

On one of them at one time told the world the Soviet polar Yuri Korshunov, who miraculously survived in Antarctica during the infamous expedition to the South Pole

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Mysteries of History. Secrets of the Dollar

Where did the symbols on the dollar? Researchers believe that the design of the dollar due to the political and religious conspiracy since the birth of the American nation. It allegedly involved not only the founders of the United States, but also one of the most highly esteemed President — Franklin Roosevelt.

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Who built the Wall of China?

A group of British archaeologists, led by William Lindsay, the fall of 2011 could make a sensational discovery was found part of the Great Wall of China, which is located outside of China — Mongolia. The remains of this huge structure (100 km in length and 2.5 meters in height) were found in the Gobi desert in the south of Mongolia. Scientists have concluded that the discovery is part of the famous Chinese landmarks. In the materials section of the walls are wood, earth and volcanic rock. Building itself dates back to the period between 1040 and 1160 years BC.

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Culture, mystery and life of the Magi

All ancient societies had clearly demarcated caste division. Ukrainian spiritual community in ancient times had the same status as that in India, the Brahmans, the priests, the representatives of the highest caste.

In Ukraine, there are several names to refer to people who were involved in religious ritual: the wise men, priests, wizards, and sorcerers, diviners, nymphs, witches. Clearly, all of these nicknames are concerned people with different functional responsibilities. The Ukrainian Rusich, like all Slavs, there was a kind of hierarchy of priests: each village or tribe had a sorcerer. Stood at the head of the supreme magician

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Strange thing. Abandoned by the gods. (01. 02. 2013)

The film about the incredible natural phenomena that ruined the greatest civilizations of antiquity.

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