OGPU secret expedition to the mysterious country of Shambala. Fake Lama

144 000 years, dominated the world in ancient times, the World Federation of Great people. Thanks to our knowledge, there reigned in the world of our Golden Age. But, possessing universal knowledge, learning to work miracles, people began to consider se6ya above God. They created a giant idols and make them serve him, and then allowed idols to marry their daughters.

"The LORD saw how great man's wickedness on the earth, and that every imagination of his heart was only evil all the time. And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and

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Aviation ancients to the professional pilot

Balazs Ismailov — last pilot, retired lieutenant colonel. Almost all his life, he served in the Far East. But it is his explicit side of life, and there is also a secret: he is interested in history, but in the broad sense of the word, and in the narrow.


Ismailov interest aircraft antiquity, he examines them, collects all available information and, if possible, and travels to see for those in museums exhibits that attract his attention as a professional pilot.   — How did the your hobby?

— While serving in the Air, I could not help but

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Nmadi devil-dog.

Most recently, mankind has known about nmadi tribe, ethnic group living in isolation, lost in the golden sands of Mauritania, on the edge of the Sahara desert. Without a doubt, the place in which he lives a tribe, the most frightening and mysterious in the Sahara. There are endless "performance": the huge orange sand dunes are constantly in motion, changing the landscape. Desert, as in a vise, squeezed into this tiny oasis — rocky plateau Tishit.

The Islamic Republic of Mauritania (Al Jumhuriyah al-Islam al-Muritaniya), a state in north-west Africa 1,030,700 square kilometers. Population — 2.6 million people, the

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Terracotta Army.

The legendary army, called Terracotta (under the name of the material from which made the statue), was accidentally discovered by Chinese peasants in March 1974 during the construction of the local irrigation system. The find immediately attracted the interest of archaeologists, and soon there were deployed scale excavation.

Discovered army consists of more than seven thousand full-sized statues of soldiers and horses that were buried in 210-209 BC. e. along with the Chinese ruler Tsinem Shi Huang, the first emperor of feudal China. The first time he was able to unite under one ruler seven different states in the

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Secret history. Hitler. Adventures of a corpse

The authors comment on the outcome of the film investigation into the death of Hitler and Eva Braun. The work of the various commissions found numerous inaccuracies and contradictions. Does not hold the Soviet version of the poisoning of Hitler, and the views of Western scholars that Hitler shot himself or was shot, not confirmed by examinations and based only on the testimony of witnesses is very controversial …

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Ancient Babylon

The first researcher who undertook the serious excavations of ancient Babylon was Robert Koldewey spent 12 years of his life, having spent nearly two million marks for modest wages and salaries, the shovels and wheelbarrows to clear Babylon of biblical legends and make it a real fact.

Koldewey first expedition unearthed two rows of the walls of Babylon, which stretched around the city about 90 kilometers. This was twice the circumference of the last century London, and after that time London had more than two million inhabitants. How many people in this case, was living in Babylon?

In early

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Mysteries of History. In search of answers

Egyptians could build the Great Pyramid itself, using 2.5 million blocks of granite and limestone? How prehistoric builders created Stonehenge?

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Secret society. Stronger than before. 4 documentary series

Since the beginning of civilization, the powerful secret societies united in trying to change the course of history according to his purpose. As if the strings are pulled by millions of human lives. War, revolution, rebellion, acts terroresticheskie — all have an official version, but may in fact the situation is different?

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Aztecs for centuries: ancestors and early history

The Aztecs, the creators of the famous state, also known as tenochki or Mexica, were one of the many peoples who inhabited ancient Mexico before the Spanish conquest. However, when the first Europeans (first conquistadors, then missionaries and officials) met with their past, it was found that the Aztecs and their neighbors are not the original inhabitants of the valley of Mexico. Of the extremely controversial drevnemeksikanskih historical chronicles, whose content sometimes semi-legendary, and in some parts of the purely mythological character (as noted by many scholars), the following picture.

Once, in mythical times (at least, this was

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Mysteries of History. Connection times

Is it possible that intelligent life forms visited Earth thousands of years ago, bringing with them technology, drastically affected the course of history and human development? The theory of "ancient aliens", published in 1968 in the best-selling book by Erich von Däniken "Chariots of the Gods", has shaken people's ideas about human progress generally known. Where did the cave drawings of strange creatures, remains of landing strips in Peru, and Indian texts that describe the "flying machines of the gods", etc. Is it possible that ancient aliens were well known to our ancestors or just mysteries of the history?

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