Architects ancient planets.

Around the world, there are megalithic structures of ancient civilizations: the pyramids, temples, platforms, dolmens and menhirs. According to experts, even today there is no technology to build such facilities.

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History: Science or Fiction? The Moscow Kremlin.

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Antarctica is classified as «strictly confidential»

This southern continent, covered kilometer layer of ice was not always so. But this is not to say. Especially, talk about the mysteries of Antarctica. They ask us to hide.


In Antarctica, there is a time portal

A team of researchers from the U.S. and the UK stumbled in Antarctica affects the mind opening. While working on a joint research project in the area of weather, the team has seen the emergence of rotating vortex of time.

Physicist at the U.S. Marianne McLean allegedly testified that she and her colleagues saw "spinning gray fog" in the sky above their

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Food of the Gods number 3 (29. 01. 2013)

"Food of the Gods" — a fascinating journey into the world of ancient cooking, flavored with bright scenes making of "divine food" and episodes of the latest discoveries of scientists. "Food of the Gods" will entice even the most sophisticated residents of the metropolis. You know, where we were visited by corn, cocoa, wheat, dates, tomatoes? What they have in their DNA? Where on earth were the seeds of grain? Vegetarianism — a legacy of the ancient or fashion of the day? Then prepare an elixir of longevity? How could the ancient people come up with all this yourself? Myth

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Unique mummy from Omsk, keeping the best of Lenin. Video

According, anatomical museum in Omsk Medical Academy eighty years stored unique exhibit — a man's body embalmed. Scientists still have not determined the exact composition of the material that was used for mummification.

The body of a middle-aged man is kept in a glass sarcophagus. This is the result of a unique anatomical experiment in 1933, conducted as a private laboratory assistant Andrew Romodanovsky. Specialists say that it is the only mummy, which has kept all the internal organs during preservation. The most amazing thing was that the basic ingredient of conventional

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The territory of misconceptions with Igor Prokopenko 29. 01. 2013

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Stone «newspaper» Viking

In order to recognize the runic inscriptions, in the eleventh century did not have to be literate. At the same time, those who could read, could learn from the rune stone is much more information than it was written. This is the conclusion drawn by researchers at Uppsala University in Sweden.

Rune stones are an important part of the cultural heritage in Sweden and many of them are still standing in place and bear the marks of people who lived a thousand years ago. They represent a unique source of knowledge about the Viking Age, and among

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Full description of the Halls of Svarog Circle and their patrons

Svarog Circle — Sky is the area to which a single summer moves Jarilo-Sun (now Zodiac, or the ecliptic). Svarog Circle is divided into 16 Halls Halls of the Virgin, boar, Pike, Swans, Snake, Crow, Bear, Buslov, wolves, foxes, Tura, Elk Finist, Horse, Eagle, Race, Jiva, Abode of the Virgin, the sacred tree — apple tree. Abode of the Virgin and Boar gives people the desire for knowledge of the world in all its diversity. People born in the palace, do not recognize the pressure on themselves when making decisions, and aspire to be leaders, to decide all questions. Abode

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Unsolved mysteries of Atlantis.

Atlantis — the great island or continent that once existed in the Atlantic Ocean west of Gibraltar. The earliest upominatiya of Atlantis — the works of the ancient Greek philosopher Plato. 12,000 years ago, Atlantis was a pretty big island, rich in minerals and a variety of flora and fauna.

Atlas was the head of the country (in Greek Atlanta, hence the name of the island of Atlantis. Atlanta owned a very good knowledge and unattainable today knowledge. Why leave the island in the ocean?

Many scientists think the cause was an earthquake that split the island into

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Secret history. Plasma. Weapons of the gods

Recent research scientists say that the fireball, which everyone knows, but, fortunately, few have seen, can be nothing other than a plasma gun, and, it is possible that in some cases the weapons someone artificially created, endowed the ability not only to kill, but also to gather information, analyze it and act on the environment. Paradoxical conclusion, but let's see what can serve as a confirmation of this conclusion


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