Secrets of the Staffordshire hoard

A story about an amazing discovery, shocked archaeologists around the world, "Staffordshire hoard", valued at £ 3 million.

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Secret area. Monster Riddles times

Giant anaconda found hunters in the Far East, from an unknown predator animals killed in Belarus, traces humanoid creatures appeared in Adygea. As prehistoric animals survive?

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Hyperborea and change the Earths poles

Ph.D., a researcher at the Russian North Valery Demin life collecting information about the legendary Hyperborea and searched the remains of this civilization.


— In the death of Hyperborea was guilty cold snap?

— This is the first thought that comes to mind when looking at the modern polar climate. Indeed, numerous data show that at different times in the Arctic climate change. For example, recently announced the results of a foreign expedition, which took place in 2004 — a research vessel with two icebreakers "Fit" to the North Pole at the distance of 250 km. There, the researchers

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Ferdinand Magellan: hapless hero

It so happened that most of Discovery, for that matter, or any other, make lucky — people everywhere that promotes success and are able to easily go where any other certainly cannibals eat or be shot by bandits. Fernand Magalyaynsh, better known to all as the Magellan — the first person to organize a successful circumnavigation — never to breed Winnings not belong. His success, he was only obliged ability to achieve the goal in spite of all the problems, difficulties and troubles.

Wounds to the award

Fernand Magalyaynsh, better known to all as the Magellan

Birthplace of

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Illuminati — servants reptilian gods

What are afraid of the Illuminati, and that in this connection it should be done?

Masons have created a vampire centuries pyramid of control and they are afraid to lose it — because it is not only their system is getting very sophisticated goods by most other people, but also a huge energy recovery system of the cyclically recurring pain and pleasures of the human masses, limited special program to continue repetitions and permanent weaning energy — is the life support system governing Illuminati ancient gods, given to people in the past …

How is arranged this "divine vampirism?"

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GEOMETRY Nazca: Who, when and how?

First of all, what are these images and marks on the surface of the desert, or geoglyphs, as they are sometimes called? From the top, they look like lighter than the surrounding area, line, area, geometric shapes, line drawings of various animals.

Up close, the surface of the earth, it is clear that the soil of the desert is covered with numerous small stones (pebbles and gravel dark brown because of their covering so-called "desert varnish" — salts of iron and manganese). Line drawings and is a shallow furrow, from

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Under the eight-pointed star

Northern neighbors of the Sumerians to interfluve — the Akkadians, who created powerful states of Babylonia and Assyria, borrowed their gods from the Sumerians. More than that — the Sumerian language has long been the language of the Akkadians created scriptures and mythological stories, although the Sumerians to the second millennium BC have disappeared, and their culture absorbed the culture of neighboring peoples.

We have heard a great poem about the creation of the universe, the gods, the earth and man — "Enuma Elish", written in Babylon, three thousand years ago. This unique monument gives a complete picture of

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The descendants of the Atlanteans

Mysterious people whites live in the Atlas Mountains in North Africa. Some 500 years ago, their ancestors built the pyramids unique in the Canary Islands. And in the Sahara are the same people in ancient times created the irrigation system, which operated until the 1950s! These tall, strong people — descendants of the Atlanteans …

One root

Scientists haunt whites haired people living among enough blacks in the north-west Africa, especially in the mountain areas. But until recently, they were not alone. "Next" on the islands of the Canary archipelago, to

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Strange thing. Fall of the Empire. (25. 01. 2012)

Which led to the death of the ancient civilizations? Climate change, natural disasters, resource depletion and population imbalance? All that has destroyed other civilizations, is a real threat to us.

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Secrets of the World with Anna Chapman. Love and War (01. 02. 2013)

Is it true that the main monster today starts a war with millions of victims because they pushed for this someone's manicured fingers?

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