Nazi secret research

Do not have time to collapse like a house of cards, seemingly monumental Empire as the Third Reich, and the world is talking about the many mysteries, to whom the ownership Nazi leadership. Secrets of the searches of the relationship between the German nation and the ancient Aryans, from the name of civilization which Hitler and decided to give the name of the German people.

Evidence, well, or at least what seemed like the Nazis so were collected sufficient. Modern ethnographers real evidence of direct communication between Western Europeans and Aryans did not see, but the Third Reich

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Astrological duel

It was long thought that Hitler hated the various predictors and clairvoyants. Indeed, since 1933, under the ban were not only all the astrological associations of Germany, but any publications related to the prediction of future topics. But it was tough measures taken by the Nazis to the astrology, make you think, and not afraid of a Nazi unit magicians competition?

Historian Gerald Schuster puts it: "First, no totalitarian regime can not tolerate the secret societies. Secondly, becoming the leader of the nation, Hitler wanted to show the respectability of the Nazi movement and would not prevent the

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Shambhala: the mystical and the real

The first information about Shambhala came to Europe at the end of the Middle Ages through the stories of travelers in the East Asian. The first of the mysterious country told Portuguese Jesuit missionaries Esteban Kachella and Joao Cabral. In 1628, trying to pass from Bhutan to Cathay (Cathay), that is, in China, which at that time were rather meager information they learned about the existence of the country unknown to them — "Ksembala" (Xembala). Bhutanese government told them that this is a very famous country and its borders with another state called Corn.

Of such a response

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Vsevolod Belyustin, the new Saint-Germain

As the names of these members of the historical Rosicrucian Fellowship, no one knows what to belong to this organization suspected all somewhat prominent scientists XVII and XVIII centuries. And it is not only scientists, but also the most famous adventurers. One of these individuals was a mysterious Comte de Saint-Germain — a living legend, the disputes which have not ceased to this day. Saint-Germain (French Saint-Germain, 1710? -1784?) — Adventurer, medium, alchemist. According to eyewitnesses, the Saint-Germain was a secular, brilliantly educated, fluent in all European languages and knew how to gracefully walk away from answering any direct questions.

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Seekers: Unknown baptism of Russia (2013)

Elbrus. 2001. Here archeologists have made a surprising discovery — presumably the remains of the city Kiyara, the capital of the first Russian state Ruskolani that existed at the beginning of the first millennium. And long before that, in the XVIII century, in Pyatigorsk, unique statue was discovered, which is unique in the world has been found so far. It was a big rock in the form of a human figure, its edges were carved ancient inscriptions, on which was inscribed the Orthodox cross …

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Mayan underground labyrinths. Portals to the underworld

Previously unknown system of labyrinths of stone pyramids with small temples found in the Yucatan Mexican archaeologists. Experts suspect that the Mayan builders were not only unique terrestrial and underground facilities, many of which are only to be found.

"We have an almost complete circuit of underground tunnels and mazes, some of which extend to the water, and some are even in the ponds', — The head of the archaeological excavation of Guillermo de Anda, said Labyrinths are quite long, as soon connect 14 caves, some of which are flooded. The scientists

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Was Dracula is a vampire?

"Once upon a time in the world bloodthirsty prince Dracula. He puts people at stake, roasted on hot coals, cooked in the pot head, flayed alive, cut up and drank their blood … "- Abraham Van Helsing said, flipping through a book about the terrible crimes of lifetime vampire.

Many people remember this scene from the film Coppola, based on the novel by Bram Stoker's "Dracula", and perhaps it was from this films learned that Dracula was not a fictional character.

The famous vampire is a prototype — the Prince of Wallachia, Vlad Tepes Dracula, known (from the

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The architecture of the Aztecs

At night, February 21, 1978 in the heart of Mexico City, at the corner of Guatemala and Argentina, the workers of the city electricity excavated. Breaking through the thick concrete floor and penetrated into the ground by two meters, they suddenly came upon a layer of stone. Clean the surface of the stone from adhering clay, workers found it relief and decided to postpone work until the morning.

For identification of the finds on the phone summoned a group of archaeologists from the National Institute of Anthropology and History. February 23 it was found that the find is part

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MAGIC: The pyramids, mummies and tombs: Why build the pyramids?

Leading the program and experience the ancient world of pyramids and pharaohs. So, who? when? and for what? built pyramids, find out in this movie.

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Gate Tonga

In Polynesia, there is a unique stone structure XI century — the Gate of Tonga. According to local legend, in a certain time of the year, after passing through the gate, you can go into the habitat of the local god and the same road back. According to other legends it — the burning of dead rulers, a symbol of kinship ties.

Gate Tonga

Tonga gates are in the eastern part of the island of Tongatapu, known as the treasure of the past Polynesia kolybel.V it now it is the archaeological zapovednik.Eta part of the island is wild

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