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Mysterious Kailash. Secret History.

Kailash — a mountain which is considered sacred peaks of Tibet. So far, it remains unconquered. Its height, according to some estimates, is 6666m.Kailash presents a lot of mysteries: at the foot of the mountain on a physical and spiritual level of the people there are strange things, which at first hard to believe. The results of the first scientific attempts to explain the phenomenon of Kailash seem overwhelming.

Category: Mystery stories

Cimmerians, who are they?

At the beginning of the first millennium BC. e. the transition from the Bronze Age to the Early Iron Age. The course of historical events leading to the transition of tribes of the North-West Caucasus to a higher level. This was connected with a man of iron. This leads to important changes in the economic life of the tribes.

Ability to obtain iron from ore open, as indicated by Engels, "… the Iron sword, and with it the iron plow and the ax. Man began to serve the iron, the last and most important of all raw

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Divine rally in Tibet

Even if Jesus Christ was in India, its religion obviously remained foreign to him

Nicholas Roerich. "Crossroads of Christ and Buddha" (1925). "On the manuscripts about Issa — the artist wrote in his diary — first the most complete negation of […] Then slowly crawl timid fragmentary information […] Finally, it appears that about the manuscripts heard and knew the old people in Ladakh"

Gospel of Tibet

A little more than ten years ago, the last day of May 1999, in the magazine "Ogonek" published an unusual letter to Pope John Paul II (Ioannes Paulus II, 1920-2005): «Your Holiness,

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Discovery: Understanding. Archaeological Mysteries

Monuments of Ancient Times … Remains mysterious past who refuse to give away all my secrets … What do the buildings so amazing and impressive facilities? And how had the Ancient Knowledge? Enabling them to create advanced civilizations in remote and often inhospitable parts of the world?Puzzles ..? Easter Island, the Pyramids, Stonehenge, Machu Picchu, the Nazca drawings ….. They do not lack!

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Logical explanation of the great mysteries

Mysterious events that occur in the world are not all that mysterious, and when you look at them from the point of banal logic and common sense.

Princess Anastasia

Is Anastasia, the youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II, survived during the shooting of the royal family? This issue dominates the minds of simple fans of all mysterious, and directors who have already removed at least a dozen films about the princess and her possible fate after the shooting.

Assumption that Princess Anastasia survived and emerged in 1920, when a certain Anna Anderson declared herself Anastasia, daughter of the Russian Czar

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Unsolved mysteries of ancient civilizations

Every person interested in the basics of the universe and the origin of life on Earth, at least once wondered how accurate translations of sources relied upon by the Bible. And what are the sources of the Bible?

You can take the Bible at face value, to see it as a literary collection of ancient myths and legends, and to believe in the creation of the world and the life of God in six days.

You can also explore the ancient sources, and to draw the information.

Many ancient manuscripts mention of human contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. Thoughts of

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BBC — Secrets of the Ancients: clawed hand

Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer and engineer Archimedes invented a machine known as a terrible clawed hand with which Greeks can fight the Romans, when they tried to conquer Syracuse. Despite the fact that there is no record of the appearance of the machine or device, the engineer Jo da Silva will try to recreate it in order to solve this mystery.

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Autopsy dinosaur

To this day, the biggest success for paleontologists to find a complete skeleton of a dinosaur. But this discovery could change our understanding of dinosaurs. In North Dakota, have been found not only the remains of the deceased 65 million years ago hadrosaur, and his mummy! His scales, muscles, tissues, and even if the organs were preserved, and now scientists can get complete information about the life of prehistoric reptiles. About what will tell the scanner images? And this discovery will change our views on the theory of evolution?

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Gates. The expedition to Egypt E. Muldasheva

Category: Mystery stories

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