«The first computer world: the clue Antikythera Mechanism»

If in 1901, it is not found, no one would have believed in the possibility of the existence of such a complex mechanism. He would have been a genius, whether it is even easier than it is. This is a story about one of the greatest discoveries in history. This corroded bronze object — a device for predicting the future.

It was created 2000 years ago in ancient Greece. The ancient Greeks created an amazing device, which was essentially a mechanical computer.

Reconstruction device showed that it was an astrological calculator, calculations that produced by a complex

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Traces of the crash «flying saucer» preserved in coal?

Vladivostok residents found a metal rack, like a piece of the microscope. Scientists determined its age — 300 million years.

Heated the stove

The plot, which will be discussed, started more than ordinary. Vladivostok resident Dmitry ordered some coal for the winter. Whether in his place by someone else, maybe just casually all the coal would be burned. But then, throwing fuel into the fire, the man noticed that one of the common pieces of coal pressed into something resembling a rod either, or rail.

Having decided that the most with this task is not to manage, Dmitry

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The ancient roads leading into the unknown!

In the Sierra Nevada mountains in California, you can see the direct path length of over 60 km, built now extinct tribe of Indians miuok. Further to the south-east there are remarkably straight "road", which converge at the Cha-to-Canyon in New Mexico. Built 1,000 years ago, long extinct tribe of the Anasazi, they reach 9 meters wide. This despite the fact that the Anasazi had no wheeled vehicles, or horses. Road stretch far into the wilderness surrounding Chaco Canyon, and fragments of the same road, there are in Arizona and Utah.

Apparently, they bind religious buildings — the

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Discovery of Kasteidollo

According to Giuseppe Ragazzoni, geologist Professor of the Institute of Technology in Brescia (Italy), at the end of 1960, he worked in the coral rocks near the village Kasteidollo near the bottom of the hill Kallede Venta. While searching for shells in coral deposits, he found the upper part of the skull, which is almost completely covered with pieces of coral, green and blue glued clay.

Continuing the search, the scientist also found some bones of the chest and extremities, which clearly belonged to members of the human species. Professor handed bone

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Mummies inoplyanetyan Chronicles archeology

Among the many mummies that archaeologists have found around the world, sometimes come across instances that simply can not belong to the human race, even though they have a lot of humanoid features. For example, in one of the tombs of Egyptian mummy was found, the growth of which is about two and a half meters. One would assume that this is just a very tall man, but the mummies found no trace of the nose, and tongue, and ears are also absent.

Archaeologist Gaston de Villars were able to establish the approximate age of discovery — about four

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Crystal Skulls

For the first time this skull was found in 1927 in Central America, the expedition of the famous English archaeologist and explorer F. Albert Mitchell-Hedges. Preceded the discovery began in 1924 working on clearing the ancient Mayan city in the humid tropical jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula (at the time — British Honduras, now — Belize). Thirty-three hectares of forest, which absorbed almost divined the old buildings, to facilitate excavation, it was decided to burn down.

When the smoke finally cleared, the expedition saw an amazing sight: the stone ruins of a pyramid, city walls and huge, thousands

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It is hard to find people on earth, who would not have been tales of the creatures living in the dark dungeons. They were much older than the human race and had their origin from dwarfs, disappeared from the surface of the earth, possessed secret knowledge and crafts.

Against people inhabitants of dungeons were generally hostile.That would suggest that in fairy tales described actually existed, and it can be today existing underground world.

Mysterious underground world exists not only in legends. In recent decades, the number of visitors to the caves has increased markedly. Deeper and deeper into the

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The pyramids were stores of diamonds?

Egyptian pyramids — the main miracle of light. Some think that they were built for the Pharaohs of narcissistic self-burial, others claim that the design of the pyramids wizards Atlanta encrypted magic knowledge of the mysteries of the universe, and some remember about aliens, he says, can not afford to build earthlings such grandiose constructions. Archaeologists are excavating, fiction writing books, it would seem difficult here to surprise us with something sensational. However, there is one issue on which I now try to give an unexpected answer.

I must say, I do not

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Krypto: The Ark of the Covenant (A. Sklyarov)

Andrey Sklyarov discusses with Catherine Shergova leading questions about the Ark of the Covenant, the myths and legends which contain sacred manuscripts. How to treat them, and whether in fact this Ark? This and much more in the program "Krypto. Ark of the Covenant"

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Mysterious burial

Krasnodar Territory found burial, which can solve the mystery of dolmens. It remains of a man who lived about 6,000 years ago. Around the time of ancient Egypt built the pyramids of Giza.

A rare case for archeology: the villagers Shepsi dolmen found with one of the oldest graves. There are fragments of ribs, arms, skull and hip bones. People buried here about a thousand years older than the Egyptian pharaoh Khufu. And he was buried in the monumental tomb of the time, located in a stone dolmen. Specialists note that the exact figure for the dating of this

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