Race and the history of mankind

Humanity exists in cycles. Our race — 5th. According to sources in Maya: start — 13.08.4111 BC. e., end etc. b. — 23/12/2012 I Race — angelic people. Etheric (astral) body (looked like a luminous incorporeal form moonlight). Increase to 40 — 50 m (173 ft?). Their shells were the wave nature, they were one-eyed, eye function performed a kind of "third eye"; gemmate II Race — prizrakopodobnye people. "Sweat-born." Denser than I race, but the astral. Growth of 30-40 meters (60 feet?). Eyed, communicated by passing thoughts, were golden-yellow color, propagated by budding III Race — Lemurian. The first

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Golden Baba kept secret from the village shaman Pomozdino?

Ancient Finno-Ugric deity Sarnen An several centuries remains mysterious and incomprehensible. This idol worshiping peoples living on both sides of the Ural Mountains, and now face Sarnen An shines on the arms of the Republic of Komi.

The search for the Golden Baba were representatives of many generations. It would seem that for four hundred years idea was to completely discredit themselves, but they did not. So far, from time to time there are "absolutely credible information" witnesses, who know exactly where to store gold Baba. It still continue to search. And always these searches were accompanied by

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The mysterious land of Ophir

Where is she, the country of Ophir, older sister and grandmother Eldorado Klondike? The answer is too much … And really, unfortunately, no one knows anything.

In three years time …

For those who have forgotten, let me remind the Bible mentions Ophir as a source of immense wealth of King Solomon, who lived in the X century BC. e., as a sort of secret vault, where the great ruler took the money to build the house, and many other expenses, and costs considerable. Because, among other things, "he had seven hundred wives and three hundred concubines." And this,

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Archive secrets. Live broadcast from the moon. 1969

July 20, 1969, millions of television viewers witnessed a unique telephone conversation between U.S. President Richard Nixon and two astronauts — Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin — the first people who have been on the moon. This conversation is over, this sensational story, the uniqueness of which was not only in the landing of the first men on the moon, but in the fact that throughout the expedition for the astronauts to follow … TV camera.

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World Hyperborea

Three streams of Aryans

In this world, man-made disastersI fly like smoke above the grass.I am happy, because that unfeeling,Incorporeal, but still — alive!

Hyperboreans at all times worshiped the sun god — Ra, so called themselves Aryans and shouted "U-Ra." They were tall, big-and white-skinned humanoids with blond and red hair color and blue eyes. And some tulyane coddled hot hand with six fingers. Their hands were electrically heated through, pericardium meridian and chakra "lagoon", which was in the middle of the palm. Well, it is to make it easier to work in the Far server. In the

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Green Dragon Tibet

After the First World War, Russia miraculously hold a few years to the point of death. Some called it a "miracle", Grigory Rasputin. The very old man was also convinced. "That's not me — all will go to hell" — liked to say Gregory, and he was not wrong. The fact that his life and especially death turned the fate of the peoples of a vast empire, many historians agree.

About who was the elder Rasputin, disputes have been going on for almost a century. Grigori Rasputin is one of the most enigmatic figures of the early XX century. It

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The ancient Romans and Greeks treated eyes zinc

Medical drugs found on a shipwreck that occurred two thousand years ago, suggests that the Mediterranean civilization of classical antiquity knew very complex products.

Merchant ship sank about 130 BC. e. off the coast of the Italian region of Tuscany. He was noticed in 1974 and dubbed "Relitto del Potstsino" — in honor of the beach, near which it was found. Archaeological excavations carried out in 1989 and 1990. Gave glass bowls and amphorae carrying wine, and light, and even pewter and bronze vessels, most likely made in the eastern Mediterranean.

Piksida and tablets (photo G. Giachi et al.).


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Atlantis: In Search of a Lost Continent

A group of scientists are trying to prove that the legendary Atlantis is not a myth. To do this, they need to find it, and it turns out it is possible.

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Christopher Columbus — the greatest traveler

In the XIV century in the South-East European borders has increased the most powerful state, which has linked the freedom of movement of professing Christianity. This state was Turkey (Porte) — a powerful and aggressive young state. Turks closed all the way to Central Asia and India. There was an urgent need to find other ways, free from the threat of them.

Henry the Navigator (1394-1460) — Portuguese prince, repeatedly organized expeditions to the Atlantic Ocean, with the aim to find new land, which could serve as a starting point to India. Thus were discovered and conquered the Azores

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The exact date of Christs birth is not known so far!

We celebrate Christmas at random?

It turns out that way. Because in the Bible, the main source of historical Christian event, the date is not specified. It describes only the indirect points on which we can assume that Jesus was born around the middle of winter.

For example, when the angel announced to Mary of the coming birth of a son (Luke 1:26). Or when the angel told Zacharias about soon the birth of John (Luke 8:1-11).

Specific same date — December 25 — the first time have Sextus Julius Africanus in his chronicle, written 221 years.

A date

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