The history and tradition of burial

In history there were water and air burial, discarding, burying, cremation, mummification, dissection, cannibalism. The most common — cremation and inhumation. A culture burial occurs when there is a concept of the soul and the afterlife. With the V century BC use natural hills. Often placed on the back, crossing his arms. Cremation was used for 7c. BC (Common in Europe, Russia, India, Japan, etc.), came out of use during the fight monotheism and paganism. Were buried after cremation.

Ancient SlavsFor the most part in the 11-13th centuries. — In the coffin into the ground, but there were "pagan" rituals.

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Four medieval buildings, located in the ancient city on the island Kneiphof had one address: Konigsberg 13. Nearly a century ago, there was one of the most mysterious laboratories in the world. What she was doing and what events preceded its creation?

Mystical European Capital

Since its inception to the present day Königsberg (now Kaliningrad), considered the city of mystical mysteries and amazing secrets. From the XIV century there, feeling completely safe, settled mages and warlocks, whose fame spread far beyond Germany. The island Kneiphof create entire occult schools who collected and studied magical knowledge and unexplained phenomena.

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Argentine village, which 25 years under water

Continuing the theme of doom naturally remember those cities that have already been through the apocalypse local scale. One such ghost towns — Villa Epekuen, resort, located 600 km from Buenos Aires (Argentina). It was built in the 1920s, but after half a century began to enjoy great popularity among tourists, as there was a chance to relax in the unique salt lake Lago Epekuen. Today, on the site of the village — only the ruins, 25 years ago, she went under the water in the flood.

Lago Epekuen knowingly became a tourist mecca, it has a truly unique

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Battle of civilizations. The ancient geniuses

Archaeologists often find mysterious artifacts — statues and paintings depicting various high-tech devices. Where and when the ancient able to see them? Who created it, and who they fly?

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Battle of civilizations. Find Atlantis

The legend of the sunken Atlantis is haunted mankind. Whether there was this mysterious civilization really? If so, when and where?

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Secrets of the megalith

In many countries of the world and even on the sea floor are mysterious constructions of huge stone blocks and slabs. They are called megaliths (from the Greek words "megas" — big and "Litos" — stone). Still do not know who and why had in very ancient times in different parts of the planet as a titanic work, because the weight of some blocks in the tens or even hundreds of tons.


Altai megalith. Photo:

The most amazing in the world of stones

Megaliths divided into dolmens, menhirs and trilitis. Dolmens — the most common type of

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Battle of civilizations. Battle of the Ancient Kings

On Earth, there are traces of the atomic bombings and rocket attacks, which … several thousand years. In turn, in the ancient texts describe super-being, which travel on aircraft, have a superweapon and advanced technologies. What the gods flew from beyond the stars? Who led the ancient nuclear war on Earth?

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Archive secrets. The funeral of John F. Kennedy

November 25, 1963 all three national U.S. television channels broadcast the funeral of John F. Kennedy. Frame is shown on the air. Was broadcast via satellite — then it was a completely unknown technology that has not yet spread throughout the world. Thanks to television, the day Kennedy's funeral watched not only in twenty-six countries and 175 million Americans could watch the procession through the streets of the capital. Television cameras captured exclusive footage, which will long remember.

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Biblical Mysteries. Herod and the massacre in Bethlehem

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The underground passage to the Kremlin. Part 1

Late thirties … Four friends — Lev Fedotov (aka Levikus or FYEDOTIK), Oleg Salkovsky (Salik, or Big Man), Michael Kite (Mihikus, Mistihus, Stihius or more Himius) and Yuri Trifonov (Yuriskaus) lived in the same house, went to the same school and the same class.

Take decades, and already a famous writer Yuri Trifonov wrote the novel "The House on the waterfront."House on the Embankment Bersenevskaya or Government House (popularly shortened Dauprat) was dressed in a gray coat of concrete, 25 entrances and 505 apartments.

Some People's Commissars and Deputy Commissar lived to 140, and most of them will die

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