Maritime Troy

This archaeological discovery will amend the story just four states — Russia, the Republic of Korea, North Korea and China. Excavation at a plateau of the Sikhote-Alin, the settlement Koksharovka-1, near the eponymous village in Chuguyivske district of Primorye, helped discover the ruins of the capital of Bohai fifth — the first public education antiquity in the Far East of Russia.

This area is close to the river Ussuri four years presents archaeologists tempting surprises. In 2008, Russian and South Korean experts found in the forest remains huge structure, according to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta". Geophysical survey has confirmed the presence

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Destroying history

For millennia, someone had delivered mankind from painstakingly accumulated knowledge, destroying everything that might even indirectly indicate to people the true path of development — the way that you can go through, only improving their own strength and consciousness, but not with the help of crutches, "technical progress ".

As it does not sound corny, but have always been a source of knowledge of the book. And this book, especially their most valuable specimens, systematically destroyed. Let us consider this unfortunate process since ancient times.

When Caesar arrived in Alexandria, in the famous library there were at least seven

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The underground passage to the Kremlin. Part 2

But even now, 14 July 1987, a trolley, which departs from a stop just in front of our house, one wheel fell into the "well", suddenly opened under asphalt. When the well came down to the crash repair work, and with them the corresponding TV program "Good Evening, Moscow," we saw the room, lined with masonry. I'm with my wife Vika that night, luckily, was sitting at the TV screen and watched the evening transfer. And when the show is, I, just like in the best years, he shouted:

— The underground passage!

Well, not a tunnel, and it's

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Forgotten Pharaohs of Nubia

The most famous pyramid in the world are located in Egypt. About the Great Pyramid know everything. But did you know that not only the Egyptians built tombs in the form of huge structures? Farther down the Nile in what is now Sudan, many thousands of years ago, the kingdom prospered Kush.I this documentary will tell you the history of other African Great Pyramids

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Adam and Eve — the fruit of genetic engineering?

One of the greatest mysteries of mankind — this question of where, in fact, come from humanity itself. Religion and science are arguing about this for a long time, but maybe the truth is somewhere in the middle …

Why would a man virginity?

The Bible says that God created the earth, animals and people — from the dust of the image of God. Darwin's theory, which we passed through a school as absolute truth, says that man evolved from apes. But during the life of Darwin, his theory was subjected to strong criticism, and since its introduction, it

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Most mysterious places of the earth: Coral Castle

Coral Castle — a set of huge statues and megaliths weighing 1,100 tons, built by hand, without the use of machines in California (USA).

The complex includes a two-story square tower itself weighing 243 tons, the various structures, thick walls, an underground pool with a spiral staircase, a stone map of Florida, roughly hewn chairs, a table in the form of heart, accurate sundial stone Mars and Saturn, as well as 30_tonny month its horn just points to the North Star, and more. All this is located on an area of over 40 hectares.

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Through the apocalypse. History. Russian tsars

In the history of Russia, oddly enough, repeated exactly the same moment in different historical eras. In the fate of the country and its rulers constantly interfered with the conspirators. History has repeatedly rewritten.Who and what he wanted from Russia? As a force that remained in the shadows, using people, the Russian intelligentsia? What is known about the pre-Christian history of Russia and its baptism, and what is hidden? What common destiny Bogolyubsky, Ivan the Terrible, Paul I, Nicholas II?

And as reflected in the historical moments of our time? You will have something to think about after watching

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NGO: The Secret of Maya rulers

The ruins of the great city, lost in the jungles of Central America and Mexico. Who raised these cities? Even a hundred years and the efforts of two wonderful people did not have to reveal all the secrets of the ancient Mayans. In 1839, American John Lloyd Stephens and his British partner Frederick Ketervud went to the first of his two epic journeys to Central America.

Overcoming the danger and disease, they returned from the mysterious land with amazing stories and impressive image of a once great native American civilization. After a hundred years of Mayan archeology has

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Aluminum rod age 300 million years found in Primorye

Dalnegorsk known ufologist Valery Brier recently won an interesting — and, as he himself says — sensational — finds. Vladivostok resident Dmitry bought 3 tons of coal from Khakassia, south central Siberia, where the Kansk-Achinsk coal area of 400 square meters. km.

In one of the pieces of coal sticking out, he found a strange rod-like piece of twig black and white. He brought the find in Dalnegorsk, researcher of anomalous phenomena Valery Brier.

"We sawed the rod, which is extracted from coal Dmitry — said Brier. — The half I cleared from coal — and saw

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Battle of Civilizations: Guardians of the Universe

On the walls of the pyramids and temples of ancient Egypt recorded the amazing technology information unknown advanced civilization. Like the Maya, the Egyptians had a remarkably accurate calendars with comments relevant dates, and warnings of global catastrophe …

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