Mysterious Russia. Ryazan region. Fire and sword?

Where exactly Murom prince Peter hid sword of light, which beat the giant snake? Is this ancient weapon Hitler hoped to find, but the monster still are found in the forests of the Ryazan?

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The tragedy of a missing submarine K-129

February 1968. These days the world has never been so close to World War III. Only a few people knew that the fate of the world depended on a submarine — the Soviet submarine K-129, which is in the midst of the Vietnam War, was given the task to take in the sights of the Pacific coast cities and seven ships of the U.S. Navy.However, the American coast submarine did not appear …

March 8 crew is not made contact with the base. 70 days of searching yielded no results. Soviet submarine disappeared in the ocean as the Flying

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Medieval prosthetics

Interesting to see what was the prosthetic limb disabilities in the Middle Ages.

Metal hand 1560-1600 year


Prosthetic leg in 1918


Metal hand 1500


Leg 1928


Leg 1891


Victorian prosthetic hand with interchangeable tips


Prosthetic leg made of aluminum


19th century wooden leg


Wooden leg with metal feet from the 19th century


19th century wooden leg


Metal hand 16th

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The oldest city in the world

Famous cities of antiquity

One of the most ancient civilizations of Egypt is V-IV millennium BC. Gh. with its capital at Memphis, founded around 3100 BC. e.Other ancient civilizations — Sumer, with its city-state of Ur, Babylon and other — has existed since the end of the IV before the II millennium BC. Gh. in Mesopotamia, now southern Iraq.

The most ancient cities of India — Harappa, Mohenjo-daro, date back to the IV-III millennium BC. e., the famous Petra — a city carved into the rocks of South Jordan — the end of the II millennium BC. e.


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The Baptism of Russia truth and fiction

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Secrets of Siberian mummies

Scientists have managed, albeit partially, to restore the lost technology ideal embalming the body, on the decipherment of which they fought for nearly 80 years.

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Map of Mystery

In the middle of the last century there was a myth associated with the discovery of America. Was found Vinland map, which excited the minds of scientists, and the traces of this myth were in this age. The map includes the outlines of North America, and it was done 500 years before this continent discovered by Christopher Columbus. However, some of the scientific community has never recognized the existence of this mysterious card. But this does not change anything, because the palm will remain in Columbus.

What is this card? This is a

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Mystical secrets of skulls

Bolivia has one of the most amazing and scary at the same time a holiday called Da de los Muertos — Day of the Dead, when, according to legend, the souls of the dead returned to earth.

Necrotizing contact

In addition to the traditional visit cemeteries and placing gifts on the graves of loved ones, the local people in this day removed from being removed from the shelves and drawers skull someone from the family that are "guards" of the house from evil spirits and misfortunes, put them in front of the house and is decorated with beads ,

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Paradoxes of ancient knowledge

"… B-rooted in our view of the past always seemed Neolithic ancestor in the form of a shaggy detinushki, chasing mammoth. But unexpected discoveries fell down one after the other …"

Who were our ancestors? On this question, it seemed, had long been an exhaustive answer. Response, involving gradual — of cut stone to the rocket, from generation to generation — people from developing ideas about the world, the gradual accumulation of knowledge.Rooted in our view of the past ancestor Neolithic always presented in the form hairy detinushki that with the club at the ready, and scratching uhaya pursues

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Secret area. Pyramid. Extraterrestrial Technology

According to some scholars, the ancient pyramids — are high-tech facilities. Among the findings of archaeologists are items whose origins are as mysterious as the history of the construction of the pyramids.

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