Cursed Island

In Kenya, Lake Rudolf, is an island Envaitenet, in the language of the local tribe elmolo means "irrevocable." Just a few kilometers in length and the same in width. Local people do not settle on it, considering the "accursed place."

In 1935, Kenya's expedition of British explorer Vivian Fusch. Two of his colleagues — Martin Sheflis and Bill Dyson — went on a mysterious island. It has been 15 days, and scientists do not come back. Worried Fuchs sent there lifeguards. They found no trace of their comrades — a deserted village natives. The island looked absolutely empty. Was

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Islam in Russias history. Doc. film

One of the most common ideas of modern propaganda, as in the liberal and patriotic in the media — this myth that Russia throughout its history, is a brilliant example of the peaceful coexistence of traditional, culture-religions — Christianity and Islam. On the validity of the provision conversation lead candidate of theology, priest Daniel Sysoev, Ph.D., associate professor, writer Dmitry Mikhailovich Volodikhin, theologian, professor of religious studies MDA, writer and missionary, Yuri V. Maksimov

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Gods Russia

About the pantheon of gods of Russian paganism

This diagram shows the historical relationship of the Russian people, including pedigree Varangian Rus.

On the pagan gods in the history of Europe

Beginning of the tour, the best way may be a "history" of the Byzantine chronicler Leo the Deacon, which describes the representation of the people, which is a contemporary of this writer:

"They say that the Scythians (Rus) Greeks revere the sacraments bring the pagan rite of sacrifice, and poured out drink offerings for the dead, having learned that whether at their philosophies and

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Morpheus in digital format

"In the middle of the last century, Olds and Milner were engaged in experiments on brain stimulation. They implanted electrodes in the brains of white rats. They had a barbarous technique and methodology barbaric, but, having found in the brains of rats pleasure center, they have ensured that the animals pressed the lever for hours, closing current in the electrodes, producing self-stimulation to eight thousand per hour. These rats do not need anything real. They did not want to know anything, except the lever. They ignored the food, water, danger, female, nothing in the world they did not care,

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Mysteries of the Issyk-Kul

Kyrgyz Issyk-Kul — the second largest mountain lake in the earth. Its length is about 180 km, width — 60 km. In a fall of more than 50 rivers. Located at an altitude of 1608 m, while maintaining a depth of about 700 m and at the same time — amazing clear water, it is not for nothing that awarded the "blue heart of the Tien-Shan." And of course, this body of water connected many wonderful secrets …

Until recently, the name "Issyk-Kul" was interpreted as a "Hot Lake" as in Kyrgyz "Issyk" — hot, and the "culture" —

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West Sayan — abandoned abode for extraterrestrial civilizations

Ancient civilization extraterrestrial origin has left its mark in the Western Sayan. Giant dam and stone giant amaze and inspire awe.Ergaki ridge — a unique natural park in the Western Sayan Mountains in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. And at the same time it is a mysterious place, which, as they say, keeps the memory of an ancient civilization, which owned Supertehnologiya.

Here in the mountains there is a stone city. Erected a huge dam — but who and how it could build a few thousand years ago? At the bottom of the valley someone built a huge stone

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Sunghir — the northernmost settlement of ancient people of Europe

In the 60 years of the last century on the outskirts of the ancient city of Vladimir Sunghir on the river, which flows into the Klyazma about c. Bogolyubovo was one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of the twentieth century — was found the northernmost human settlement Kostenki-seletskoykulturnoy generality of the late Paleolithic (ancient Stone Age). Lived these lyudiprimerno 25-30 thousand years ago (even more ancient are the new dates obtained in 2012 in Oxford — 34,800 years ago) and were our direct ancestors.

This was the era of the latter, Wurm glaciation. In those vremenana this place

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In Mexico, the Aztecs found pyramid opponents

In Mexico, the excavated ruins of the vanished state Tarasco: pyramid, priestly settlement, the imperial treasury. Escaped from the Aztec Indians P'urhépecha created ritual center right in the middle of the lake — on the island Apupato.

Archaeologist Christopher Fisher of the University of Colorado unearthed in the Mexican state of Michoacan traces of a vanished civilization Purepecha Indians, which conquistadors called Tarasco. It flourished from 1350 to 1520 years BC west of the Aztec Empire. For several centuries, the Aztecs have made unsuccessful attempts to conquer the P'urhépecha, but those who owned metal processing, with a copper weapons were

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Found in the desert outpost of the Pharaohs!

The excavations in the Sinai desert in Egypt, found the fort, built of mud bricks and shells, which can be the key to open a network of fortifications that were built on the northern borders of the pharaohs of Egypt.

Archaeologists have discovered fortifications age about 3,500 years old, which in times of military tension could be placed a garrison of 50 thousand soldiers, and previously thought votive inscription of Karnak temple in Luxor can provide information on where to find other fort. But the discovery of this ancient fortified point of Tara in the once fertile area of

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Man is descended from aliens

Different extraterrestrial civilizations thousands of years ago on Earth performed genetic experiments. From then on our planet live different races …

Nowadays many scholars rightly believe that centuries ago, our ancestors communicated directly with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. According to these researchers, "astronauts" repeatedly and with different goals visited Earth, leaving a numerous traces of their stay. That is evidenced by archaeological discoveries, which we today and tell.

Recently, in the Gobi desert found human skulls with horns. Dug their Belgian scientist Friedrich Meisner. On this basis, he speculated that the aliens in the distant past was carried out

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