Secrets of the world. The Will of the Titans.

Around the world are gigantic skull. It is believed that they belong to representatives of the most ancient civilization of the Titans. What happened to the super-civilization of giants? What was the cause of their death?

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The second attempt of mankind

Artifacts that contradict the generally accepted theory of the origin and development of humanity, it is inappropriately located in different parts of the world. Scientists then figure of a man in a suit in the ancient burial ground discovered, they imprint the tread of his boot in the sandstone, which age is 10 million years old, the porcelain cup, which 500 thousand years. 

  First nuclear explosion on Earth occurred 30 million years ago

Of course, all of these findings can close your eyes. However, you can and avoid the unthinkable: once on Earth had a

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Lithospheric disaster and ancient maps of Antarctica.

Piri Reis map of 1513

In 1929, in the ancient imperial palace in Constantinople was detected card, thrilled many. It was drawn on parchment and dated 919 year according to the Islamic calendar, which corresponds to 1513 of the Christian era. It was a signature Piri Ibn Haji Mammadov, the Turkish Navy Admiral, now known as the Piri Reis.


At the time, Piri Reis made other interesting statements about the sources from which he drew his information. He used about twenty cards, mainly the time of Alexander the Great, and the maps drawn on a rigorous mathematical basis, scientists

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Tibetan legend about Jesus

"And the book has its own destiny." This Latin aphorism is fully applicable to the "Tibetan Gospel" — Central apocryphal legend about Issa in the East is called Jesus Christ. The first European (French) translation of stories published in Paris in 1894. Russian translation was published in the Journal of Kharkov "Faith and Reason" and a pamphlet — in St. Petersburg, published by "Journal of Knowledge" (1910).


These publications can not be called scientific in the modern sense of the word: the text is more widely, there is no explanatory comment. However, the content of the apocrypha of

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Lenins mother-in-law

About teschah often written in satirical terms, emphasizing their stupidity, wickedness and quarrelsomeness. But there are other mothers-in which sometimes keep the family and all their belongings. Such was the mother Krupskaya. Hope — in the home "complete sad sack" — kitchen work openly called "Mura". Place hostess in a small family leader took Elizabeth V., her mother (1843-1915 years). So far, this worthy woman remains in the shadows, if about Lenin and his wife, written thousands of books, of Elizabeth V. nobody even wrote a little essay.


Elizabeth was born in the family of the Altai

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Agartha — the mystical capital of the world

Everybody has heard about the mysterious Hyperborea, Shambala and powerful perished three ocean depths of Atlantis. But few know about another mystical center of the earth, the "spiritual" capital of the world, underground country called Agartha.

The word "Agartha" or in other words — "agarthi" is translated from Sanskrit as "invulnerable, inaccessible." The collection of ancient texts — sacred Tibetan sages "Jiang Book" says that in the world there are two sources of power: "The source of his left hand," is responsible for material power, its center is located in an elevated land of Shambhala, a country of violence

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Tundra under a palm tree

Recently, our polar explorers descended to the bottom of the bathyscaphe Arctic Ocean, to prove that the Lomonosov Ridge — a natural extension of the New Siberian Islands and Ridge Range, which means that an organic part of Russian territory.

Independent evidence that the legendary Hyperborea — a huge continent, covering the whole of the current Arctic — is integral with today Eurasia, found Alexander Koltypin, candidate of geological-mineralogical sciences.

Land, now hidden in the bottom of the Arctic Ocean, which once was sunny fragrant earth. The temperature in Hyperborea ranged 25-30 ° C, the coastal waters heated to

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Again artifacts

Something with which most people do not want to give up — it is formed over time stable view of the world.

It's no secret that in our post-socialist countries are widespread idea of materialism. A religion and improvement are considered somewhat superstitious, "backward." About a year ago I read a note about the "mad archaeologist," and now more thoroughly acquainted with the book by Michael Baigent "Forbidden Archaeology". In the XIX century it was found very many traces of prehistoric civilizations, and later on finds and discoveries written in serious scientific journals, scientific conferences. It is astonishing that

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Prehistoric catastrophe. The survival of the Earth

Research into the causes and chronology of global disasters directly affecting humanity: eruptions of supervolcanoes (crater calderaand visible to us as Lake Tobo in Indonesia, the eruption occurred 74,000 years ago, caused a four-year global winter and left its mark in the genome of the people of India; caldera crater is located under the park Yeloustoun U.S. superizverzhenie which is projected in the near future), Ice Age (has reached the maximum boundaries 21,000 years ago, which ended 13,000 years ago), the asteroid (kloriyskoe event — the fall of the iron meteorite in North America caused the extinction megamlekopitayuschto 13,000 years

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Live Thread: Underground intelligence. (30. 11. 2012)

It is believed that the gates to the parallel worlds can be found in the anomalous zones. Ancient Egyptians through these portals communicate with extraterrestrial aliens. That representatives of extraterrestrial intelligence and built pyramids and stone observatory. They help open tunnels in space and time. These tunnels and secret expedition looking for the Third Reich. But the search led them to the gates of hell …

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