Peruvian city of Caral — cradle of civilization

More than a century ago, American archaeologists discovered in Peru, near Lima, a few fragments of pottery utensils, which was not less than four thousand years. Despite such advanced age, the findings were quite primitive and well forget about them. But in 1994 these places was a powerful Pacific storm, flushed with a layer of sand area near the village of Kara. Below it, as it turned out, had been buried for centuries the mysterious ruins.

The first find of interest Rashio Professor Carlos Vecchio, representing the National Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Peru. Specialist remembered local Indian

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As pope magician

Pope Sylvester II (950-1003), who was known more as Herbert, for two reasons left a reputation mage magician. First, he was very well educated and gifted man. Second, he seems to have studied in Spain, in the cordon or Toledo. And while Spain was ruled by the Moors and Saracens in Europe and was considered the heir eastern magic and wisdom, because this is what the legend says.

Spanish pagans considered the world-renowned masters of the art of magic. In the house of one of them lived Herbert. It was a magical wizard

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Secret area. Forbidden Archaeology (30. 11. 2012)

Everywhere archaeologists do strange discovery — the objects created on high technology, which could not have been in ancient times. Perhaps these treasures left representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations? ..

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Orthodox wedding: what we know about him?

Orthodox wedding — this is the rite, which dreams of every girl. Yes, it's about the wedding, and not about the regular registration in the registry office, for the wedding — it's a marriage before God. And we believe that only such a marriage will be happy, and certainly the only one, sincerely hope that the wedding will save us from a possible divorce after they met, will help you find and keep for years to come understanding.


It is associated with no explainable expectations and excitement — only a wedding can create an invisible but strong and touching

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Secrets of Tibet: Portals to other worlds?

The participants of the scientific expedition in 1999 found that where the axis of the main mountains of Tibet Kailash on the opposite side of the globe, you can go directly to Easter Island, where there are stone statues of unknown origin. When connect the island with the Mexican pyramids imaginary line and continue it on, then upremsya … just in Mount Kailas in Tibet.

And when you combine this meridian of Mount Kailash with the Egyptian pyramids, then again go to Easter Island! The distance from the Egyptian pyramids to the Tibetan and from Easter Island to the

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Mysteries of History. From the depths of antiquity

In the ancient tradition of the Zuni tribe lost the memory of extraterrestrials visiting Earth, and of the gods descending from heaven. Are there any similar legends in other cultures and religions? And if so, what helped the emergence of?

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Guge — forgotten kingdom of Tibet

Once upon a time, back in the Middle Ages, there was a mysterious state in Tibet Guge, the power and wealth of which legends. Are ancient frescoes in the mountain caves and ruins rock-cut city. This is all that remains of the once mighty civilization of Asia. The preserved remains of the palace buildings can be judged on how high a level of civilization Guge …

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Guatemala. Maya

There are lots of theories about the origin of cultures and peoples who inhabited the once vast expanses of Central and North America. Until now, scientists have no consensus about how there was an ancient Maya civilization and why it died away. Some believe that the indigenous peoples of Mesoamerica came from Egypt. They brought with them the ability to build the pyramids and write hieroglyphs.

Others are convinced that the ancient inhabitants of this continent are descendants of immigrants from Asia. This, incidentally, is confirmed by the similarity of genetic analysis of blood taken from representatives of

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Mysteries of Palenque

Palenque — the code name pazvalin large go.pod in Chiapas (Mexico), the Center of Political and kultupnogo Maya III-VIII centuries. n. e. Palenque was killed, probably, are the result of the invasion of tribes from the shore in the Gulf of Mexico in the IX. The ruins are known from the XVIII century and neodnokpatno investigated. About finding a 1952 pubpike "With mipu on a string" reports koppespondent Teppy Incognita Vladimirov Gupev. In the late 40's and early 50's. in the Mexican town of Palenque were simulated in a large apheologicheskie Workflow over RESULTS eccentricity experts scratching their heads nearly

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The pursuit of an idol

Fifteen hundred years did not stop attempts to capture the ancient god of the peoples of the Russian North: Ugrians Voguls and Ostyaks, ancestors of modern Khanty and Mansi. It is a sacred pagan idol — cast in solid gold statue of the great mother goddess, gives one soul.

She was considered the patroness of life and procreation and was called Sorni nai (in the vulgar translation — Golden Woman).

Hide goddess

Buddhist Goddess Kuan Yin immortality

No one knows exactly what it looks like a statue of a goddess. Rare sources describe it as a metal

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