Justinian and Theodora: the power of love

Their names, in fact — the image is clearly etched in my memory from school history course. Section "The Byzantine Empire" — and the sight gets famous mosaic of the Basilica of San Vitale "The Emperor Justinian and Empress Theodora." Through the centuries the story keeps the memory of their great deeds and great love.



The emperor of the Byzantine Empire Justinian I, surnamed the Great, whose reign marked the decline of antiquity and early Middle Ages, went down in history as a reformer, plans to revive the Byzantine same powerful empire by what was the

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Curse of Tamerlane.

Future great ruler was born in 1336 in the Mongolian tribe Barlas and as legend has it, his hair was white as snow, and took in his hand somewhere gore. Timur's name was at the hearing to 1370 when he had already achieved success conquering and conquered the area between the rivers Kashkadarya and Zarafshan. Soon Tamerlane already possessed vast territory of the state entered its areas of Amudarya, Syrdarya and Chirchik. As a result of brutal campaigns against neighboring countries joined Timur Khorezm, patted the Golden Horde, Asia Minor, India and Iran.

After defeating the Horde Iron Hromets

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Book of the Dead

Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead — this is not a book about death. This is a book about life, conquered death. Paradoxically, the less spectacular name that has become almost as common as a symbol of ancient Egyptian pyramids, mummies and papyrus, does not correspond to the content and the idea of the work. More than that — it is just the opposite of the meaning of his real name. But it is not only in the Book of the Dead — a problem far wider.

Ancient Egypt has long since completely wrong Europeans seem strange deaths, in

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Myths and facts about Imperial Russia

In contrast to the scientific world, the mass public consciousness lives myths. Every society has its own national historical myth, which plays a central role in the national consciousness. Society has lost this national myth, sooner or later doomed to decay. Everywhere in the world the national myth is inclined to see the history of their people better than what it is — remember the heroic age and forget about the facts, unpleasant for the society. Feature of modern Russia is the fact that here, on the contrary, the historical myth represents the past of our country in many ways

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The mysteries of ancient history. Of the pyramid in the «countryside»

I confess to some forgotten section of antiquities amusing, though, as hobnob, the material in abundance. But corny photocopied not want to, but to the expanded narrative hands do not reach. But here there was a mountain of Padang in Java, which is somewhat revived inspiration.

It turns out the place is not so much not known how many little explored. Mentioned in the archaeological record since 1914, but in 1979 there will get, in fact, the Indonesian archaeologists. Who built it and why is unknown. Differing dates. The specified post below takes building dating for a couple of

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Strange thing. The confidentiality of a person

What happens to a civilization? We are going through evolution or degrade? What we will see in a few hundred years?

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The mystery of the giants and the ancient history of the Earth

"At that time there were giants on the earth … They are strong, good people since ancient times. " Bible. 6th chapter "Genesis"

The history of every nation is full of mysteries and contradictions, and always more questions than answers.

Famous Bible Stories: David and Goliath

For example, the question of the existence of the world giants (Nephilim, giants) science the stuff of legend and myth. However, as correctly noted the largest Russian historian George Vernadsky: "… Traces of ancient historical basis can easily be located under the cover of mythology."

The possible existence of giants is not as

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Mary Magdalene had children by Jesus Christ?

Mary Magdalene is considered to be the most mysterious character in the New Testament. We are not aware of any of her childhood, nor of her parents or of her family. We do not know anything about her life. In any case, none of the four Gospels can not tell us how this woman lived after the execution of Jesus Christ …

When information is small, it domyslivaet. This information had to be thinking the Fathers of the Church and, when the question — do from the aforementioned holy Mary, or not do?

As Mary Magdalene first beheld

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The mysterious fate of the ancient libraries!

The ancient library containing the depth of knowledge of ancient civilizations in ancient times known as a repository of wisdom, a haven of thought, but like some mystical accompanied predestined fate of the great libraries of antiquity: some irreversibly destroyed, while others are hidden so skillfully that they can not be found and this day …


One of the first written records became collectors Assyrian king Ashurbanipal, who lived in the VII. BC "King of kings, the king of the four corners of the world, as called by his subjects, built in Nineveh huge building for the

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The ancients knew more than the modern official science

Let's face it, there are many in this theory is unclear. But mainstream science, by the way, generally on this subject does not make any comments. Like, that's all nonsense. Net UFO hallucination. Maybe it is so, but only very much like the truth. Like the fact that the Great Pyramid of Khufu is the real evidence of the incredible knowledge and man's entry into the mysteries of the universe.

Several centuries ongoing debate between proponents of this version and their opponents. Moreover, both sides are leading scientists and academics. While all agree that the Great Pyramid at

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