Mystical mysteries of Odessa

Odessa — a city with a unique flavor, that's why so many celebrities born here and not surprisingly, many of the inhabitants of Odessa walks jokes. And, of course, much the same without the mystics! For example, there is in Odessa Zhevakhov mountain where often observed UFOs, and on top of holding their rituals occultists of all stripes: they say that there is a special energy.

A few years ago, Professor Andrew Dobrolyubsky Normal University with a group of colleagues and students, organized in the Mount excavations. Intuition is not deceived researchers: they found an ancient Greek religious sanctuary.

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Siberian mysterious place

Back in the forties of the last century visionary from the U.S. Edgar Cayce predicted flooding of America, Japan, England, which will occur sometime in 2015 as a result of a global cataclysm. The tsunami and earthquake destroyed California, most of England, Holland, Japan and Hawaii. Least affected Russia, and Western Siberia and will do intact. But will remain intact only a small part of this region, which is in one hundred and fifty miles from the city of Omsk. And that is what will be the new place for the ark of humans, from which to begin

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Library of Atlantis located in the jungle of Ecuador?

In the jungles of Ecuador, where enthusiasts are still looking for the gold of El Dorado, may be hiding a much more valuable treasure. They say that a civilization that existed on Earth thousands of years ago, in the rocky tunnels underground hid accumulated knowledge, in order to save them from the impending disaster on Earth. It is a "library of Atlantis."

Several people claimed they had seen in these caves incredible library — on the shelves of the book was an iron, piled thousands of translucent quartz plates inlaid, near the statue of people somewhere were mysterious doors

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Secrets of the Crystal Skull

80 years ago in Central America found an amazing artifact, now known as the "Mitchell-Hedges skull," — says PhD in artificial intelligence, cybernetics, "in combination" expert Vitaly Pravdivtsev anomalous phenomena.

— Preceded the discovery began in 1924 to clean up the tedious work of the ancient Mayan city Lubaantuna, who drowned in the humid tropical jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula (then British Honduras, now Belize). Thirty-three hectares of forest, which absorbed almost divined the old buildings, to facilitate excavation, it was decided to burn down. A couple of years an archaeologist and researcher Albert Mitchell-Hedges and his daughter, Anna,

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