Scientists have discovered that the ancient mummies found the elixir of slimness

Wonder drug was hidden in a very unexpected place. Researchers from the University of Oklahoma has been suggested — the epidemic of obesity antibiotic. People abused them for decades — to absorb them in large quantities. Antibiotics, of course, hit in the stomach. Already there began to struggle with the local, beneficial, bacteria. Those of them who were able to survive beyond recognition. And now they are taking part in the wrong metabolism. That is, simply to help in weight gain.

Correlate with the cause of obesity, the researchers suggested treatment. In their

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Who live under the ground?

The first mention of a mysterious underground people appeared in 1946. American scholar, writer and journalist Richard Shaver told readers of the magazine "Amazing Stories", dedicated to the paranormal, his contact with aliens living under the ground. According to Shaver, he lived for several weeks in an underground world of mutants, similar to the demons described in the ancient legends and tales of earthlings.

Could be attributed to this "contact" on the carousing imagination of the writer, if not hundreds of reader feedback, who claimed also visited underground cities, talked with their inhabitants, and have seen various miracles of

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Urban Legends: Mystical Kharkov

Kharkov — one of the most mysterious cities of Ukraine. According to legend, in almost every old building haunted. But most of all the secrets of the local harbor catacombs. Though there is a secret magic room, which houses the book of records of the future of humanity. True, it is just unsubstantiated rumors.

However, with the ghosts really've encountered many of Kharkov. Thus, students of the theater department at the University of Art talk about the lady in white, which sometimes appears in the corridors of the school. Usually phantom looks like haze, resembling the outlines of her

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Mayan Crystal Skulls

This legend has long passed from mouth to mouth in Central America. Mayans and Aztecs believed that the world was destroyed four times, and we live under the fifth sun.

Under the first sun giants lived, their world destroyed water. Second sun — witness the destruction of the world and the destruction of people kite, which also turned people into monkeys, rescued one man and one woman. Third world burned heavenly fire (meteorite), the people of this world eat a fruit.

In the fourth sun people died from starvation caused by the flow of fire and blood. End of

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What secrets keep Tibet?

The distance from the Egyptian pyramids to the Tibetan and from Easter Island to the Mexican pyramids are the same. Today there is no doubt that the world system of pyramids built by someone long ago to connect our planet with space.

The participants of one of the scientific expeditions to Tibet found that where the axis of the main mountains of Tibet Kailash on the opposite side of the globe, you can go directly to Easter Island, where there are stone statues of unknown origin. When connect the island with the Mexican pyramids imaginary line and continue

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Special Project. Mafia Land of Soviets

"The world behind the scenes" was dissatisfied with the appearance of such an unpredictable and strong player as the Russian Mafia. How Russian "thieves in law" almost became a criminal kings of the world.

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Technology Druids

Our knowledge of Celtic culture is based primarily on archaeological evidence. How would flowery and neither would look authentically literary sources, it is advisable to continue our brief evaluation of the environment in terms of the existence of the Druids scale accuracy, the proposed Hawks. We start therefore with technology issues, what archeology can inform us the most reliable and direct way.

Location of iron ingots

Technological methods and the possibility of any people depend primarily on their ability to use the raw materials. However, of all the available natural resources person chooses only those that can be incorporated

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Healing in Russia

People involved in healing (from "aim," "make whole"), ie, engaged in activities aimed at restoring health, were in ancient times. They are not associated with any structures of the society, professional training, but has healing properties "from God." Nevertheless, there were well-balanced system of "report card grades":

BLESSED — Clairvoyant or spontaneous, ie, getting information about objects or events of the outside world, not based on the work of well-known senses and judgment of reason (extra identification of material objects or objective events). He has not gone from the world, did not break with the society — most of

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The temple of God Chronos

There is nothing that controls life, of our life, like the time. People already in prehistoric times were able to count down the days, months and years with great accuracy. At first, they looked into the sky with the naked eye, watching the sun, moon and stars.

Later — astronomical principles laid the foundations of his stone circles, pyramids or temples. Up until recently, archaeologists believed that the ancients were capable of something, considering these facilities rather abstract. Secrets of ancient monuments in Europe, Asia and America, and not only serve religious and spiritual goals, but also played the

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Poisoned Treasures

Why opening the tombs of ancient Egyptian kings always lead to tragedy? As famous works of art affect the fate of those who touch them?

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