Tuskedzhiysky shame. Scandalous episodes in American history

The result of a grand experiment, conducted at the University of Tuskedzhi for forty years, was a shock. And it's not a high-profile scientific discoveries — they were not there at all. Tuskedzhiysky experiment wrote one of the most shameful pages in the history of the United States of America.

Bad blood

In 1932, the city of Macon County (Alabama) started the experiment, officially referred to as "Tuskedzhiyskoe study did not treat syphilis in the male Negro race." At the time, syphilis was considered one of the most dreaded diseases. They suffered 35% of the population in the south, "black"

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The secret of the Inca masonry

Preserved Inca structures are built of huge blocks of stone, so carefully adjusted to each other, which is not included in the seams and a knife blade. How the blocks of stone weighing up to 100 000 kg so adjusted to each other, because the Incas had no iron tools?

Juice, soften a stone

Secrets of masonry has long troubled scholars of culture of the Incas, ruined by the Spanish in the XVI century. Wave of interest in this problem fueled reports that allegedly in the construction of the walls by the Incas used the juice of the plant

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Mysterious Australia: Who portrayed the petroglyphs?

Australia for many of our fellow citizens is very exotic country.

Immediately after you arrive in the Green Continent, you will encounter mnogichislennymi manifestations, shall we say, a somewhat different nature. When in Russia winter in Australia reigns summer. Even the water in the tub is drained in the opposite direction of our ideas, which shows a different geographical location — Southern Hemisphere.

However, if this, if I may say, puzzles many familiar from textbooks of geography and physics, the mysteries of the history of the continent's many Russians clearly do not know. One of the major Australian historical

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Sumerians — Children of the Gods

For many decades, scientists interested in the problem of origin of the Sumerians and their appearance in southern Mesopotamia. And until now, the mystery is not close to being resolved, and in view of the new research has become even more confusing.

The people of the mysterious mountain

Sumerians believed that the Earth came down from heaven, mysterious creatures, who created the human

Almost all scientists working on this issue agree that the Sumerians — the people came. Sumerian texts indicate that the ancestors of the people went out into the area between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers

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Chinese Atlantis

In China, in Zhejiang province is Lake Qingdao — it's amazingly beautiful place, man-made. Qingdao lake was formed in 1959 by the construction of hydroelectric power plants. After the construction of the dam, the reservoir was formed, with a giant square five hundred seventy-three square kilometers. Chinese call Qingdao Lake — the lake of a thousand islands, so named due to the fact that on the surface of the lake is located 1078 large islands and thousands of small islands.

Lovers of land tours is to visit themed islands: Monkey Island, Bird Island, Island of the castle, etc.

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History of Civilization. FACTS extraterrestrial intelligence

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Kiwi Bird on the crossroads of history and parallels

In the dialogue "Timaeus", written in the V century BC BC the Greek philosopher Plato, named Critias tells her amazing story supposedly told Solon — Athenian statesman who lived two centuries before Plato, Egyptian priests of the city of Sais

"There was an island which lay before the straits, which you call the Pillars of Heracles he called Atlantis and was more of Libya and Asia combined

Kings of the Union of the island extended to many other islands and on the mainland part of the opposite, and in the strait — up to Egypt and Tyre

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Atlantis. Location options

The main options for the location of Atlantis

Atlantic Ocean

From the text of Plato's dialogues is clear that Atlantis was in the Atlantic Ocean. According to the priest, the army of Atlantis "was on his way from the Atlantic sea." Priest says that contrary Pillars of Hercules was a large island, more than Libya and Asia put together, from which the other islands can be easily cross "for the whole opposite continent" which is easy to guess America.

Therefore, many of atlantologists, especially those who believe the date 9500 BC, believed that Atlantis was once in the Atlantic,

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Occult secrets Pushkin

The whole life of the poet imbued strange coincidences, prophecy, mystical signs. Do not take this into account is simply impossible, especially since the untimely death of Pushkin and the result of these predictions.

The role of the obsessive fears in the life of the poet

We know that many people of creative professions have a high sensitivity to detail and strange behavior. Was no exception, and Alexander, the extreme vulnerability and emotions which were the source of much of his poetic talent. But this kind of psychological traits of the poet could not be fully realized in his

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Che Guevara — Don Quixote Revolution

When the body of Che Guevara shot put on display, the peasants, who saw revolutionary being almost fantastic, tried to tear off pieces of his clothing and cut the locks of hair on the mascots. A figure executioners killed Che reminded of Christ crucified. This threw them in indescribable horror. Today the image of Che Guevara — a convinced Marxist, Cuban — remains the same bright and attractive to many people around the world. What is the mystery of the great Commander?

It will be the winner!

Raul Castro and Ernesto Che Guevara in the Sierra del Cristal

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