In the tomb of the Mayan ruler

The dead man lay in his underground refuge 1,600 years. About him long forgotten, and no one troubled peace ruler of the ancient Maya. Tireless, archeologists discovered in the tomb of an unknown ruler of Guatemala.

In the grave, except for the remains of an adult male, lay the bones of six children, who followed him to the afterlife. In grave found rich burial. Valuable items in the tomb of a noble Mayan remarkably well preserved. Among them are a lot of strange unexplained details that can be interpreted in different ways. Scientists engaged in research findings and analysis

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At the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle of the pyramid is several times larger Egyptian

At the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle of the pyramid is several times greater Egypt. In early 1977, fishfinders fishing vessel registered in the ocean, a few out of the Bermuda rough, like a pyramid.

This led to the American Charles Berlitz organize a special expedition. This expedition discovered at a depth of 400 meters of the pyramid. Charles Berlitz says its height about 150 meters, the length of the base of 200 meters, and the slope of the lateral faces of the same, as the pyramid of Cheops. One of the sides of the pyramid longer than the

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During the construction of the pyramids used concrete?

How was built the largest Egyptian pyramids in Giza? It is believed that they were made of solid blocks of stone, carved in stone quarries, transported over long distances, raised up and stacked.

Has not yet put forward the version responsible for all matters relating to construction technology of the pyramids. The theory of the many thousands of workers, cut down, hauling, and raises the giant stone blocks by hand or with the help of primitive tools, does not hold. What prevented the Egyptians fell much smaller "bricks" for the construction?

For discussion, I present a version

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Dictators. Secrets of Great Leaders. Benito Mussolini.

He learned to read at four years. At five — was playing the violin. Wrote a very well-known at the time the novel. Had countless love stories. "The first Nazi Europe," he despised Hitler, but did the same as Hitler. He betrayed her friends and her friends, he shot his own son in law … Bloody game for control of the world and for Mussolini and Hitler ended almost simultaneously: the Fuhrer was gone in two days after Mussolini was shot. But remember them in different ways — perhaps because that Mussolini was more human.

Category: Mystery stories

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Repentance. In the footsteps of the family legend

The reader might have looked television series "Institute for Noble Maidens," about the life of the girls in the boarding school of Tsarist Russia. Among the subjects present 260 series and a line of revolutionary terrorists, in a society that has got a son headmistress of the institute. Topics of the creators of the series, obviously, come up, but that's really the murder of Alexander II reflected on the fate of one of the classiest ladies of the institution.

Krestetsky legend

Trinity Church in the rump

Town Krestcy Novgorod province, standing on the highway Moscow — Moscow, was

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Stonehenge megalithic complex, a world famous stone structure on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, England, from time to time presents scientists surprises.

Brought another surprise undertaken recently qualified stone buildings dating Stonehenge: it turned out that the first stone circle was set much earlier than previously thought. If recent data are accurate, the builders of Stonehenge ahead of logistics and architecture of their colleagues from ancient Egypt and Babylonia.

Of human civilization that existed in Europe and Asia in the late fourth and early third millennium BC, is actually very little known. Babylon was then the village. Indo-European tribes

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The global system of pyramids

We continue to talk about the sensational results Tibetan expedition, organized by the weekly "AIF" Russian Eye and Plastic Surgery Health Ministry and Bashkir savings bank. With the expedition leader Professor Ernst Muldashev talking Zyatkov Nicholas.

— Ernest Rifgatovich, you said that you have found a link that you find to the group of Tibetan pyramids with other monuments of antiquity.

— The main monuments (and meskikanskie Egyptian pyramids, Easter Island and the complex of Stonehenge in England) on the face of haphazardly scattered on the planet. But if the study included Tibetan pyramid complex, then there

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Prehistoric electricity

In the summer of 1977 a report was published on the results of research content 81 graves on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. All of them belong to around 4500 BC, the time when the achievements of technical ideas were largely confined to wooden or mud huts, various stone tools and ceramic pots.

This cemetery has made such a strong impression on the description of its component archaeologist, Professor, University of California at Los Angeles, Maria Gimbutas, she even resorted to rarely seen in academic language terminology. Graves — she wrote — are sensational in their extraordinary wealth

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Secret of the Indian columns

One of the kaleidoscopic world is India. This is a world in which dozens of intertwined cultures, religious movements, cults and rituals. Many of these cults can show Indian movies online, which are taken with the participation of well-known anthropologists and experts on sectarian issues.

India is full of mysteries that are simply dazzling. One of the most interesting mysteries of the Indian capital is a large column, which is made of iron. Weight of the column of over 6.5 tonnes and a height of about seven meters. Column, according to historians, about 1500 years old, and it was

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Secrets of the Queen of Sheba

Hundreds of legends of Africa, Asia and Europe tell of a mysterious queen country Savin. Some paint her beautiful, clever and rich woman, others portray demoness desert Saharan Africa. The Old Testament describes the visit of the wise queen of Solomon in the New Testament it appears on the Day of Judgment as apocalyptic Justicar. Ruled Ethiopia until 1976 dynasty Negus led descended from the legendary Queen of Sheba. What is this mysterious person? Mythical image or a historical person?

In many African traditions, Macheda, she's the mysterious Queen of Sheba, overcomes the

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