Falsification «Mongol yoke»

Classical, that is recognized by modern science version of "Mongol invasion of Russia", "Mongol yoke" and "liberation from the tyranny of the Horde" is sufficiently well known, but it is useful to again refresh her memory. So … In the beginning of the XIII century Mongolian steppes bold and energetic fucking tribal leader named Genghis Khan amassed a huge army of nomads, welded iron discipline, and set out to conquer the world, "to the last of the sea."

Having won the nearest neighbors, and then capturing the China, the mighty Mongol-Tatar hordes rolled westward. After about five thousand kilometers,

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Unsolved world. Ice Age.

20 thousand years ago. Much of the northern hemisphere ice cover arrays, is the peak of the ice age. Suddenly, the earth starts global warming, which leads to a rapid and catastrophic consequences …

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The main mystery of Egypt

I have to say, I saw it, it is a miracle of miracles, not on the hot Giza plateau, where stands the three most famous of the hundreds of Egyptian pyramids, not in the Valley of the Kings on the west bank of the Nile and at dawn the summit of Mount Sinai.

I saw the horror and the curse of Egyptian antiquity, with its constant dire omens — the tombs and temples of the dead …

I saw the black soul of Egypt chooses me, one of many, and insinuating whispers calling me to her … aggressively

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Can you believe the VON Denikin

The success story of Swiss writer, stubbornly defending the hypothesis of ancient alien contact with humans, Erich von Däniken both mysterious and phenomenal. His first book, Chariots of the Gods was published in 1967 and five years later became a best-seller — read it in 26 languages, including Bengali, Marathi, Malayalam and Chinese. Five and a half million people were attracted fervent faith in his seemingly improbable ideas. We present them here in the form in which they were formulated in the Enquirer article from the magazine devoted to his books.

1. Around 10,000 years ago, alien aliens from

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A secret underground cities Hyperborean

Now, thanks largely to the literature, fantasy, well known to all such creatures as gnomes — little people who live in underground cities and do not really like to meet people. I guess all of us as children read books that tell about the mysterious little people.And here is the time to remember the famous saying: "The Tale — a lie, so it hint." It turns out that there are facts that prove that for centuries there were mysterious underground city, where the people lived, gone underground because of some natural disaster or bloody wars with obviously superior forces. "Chud"

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Mysteries of Nazca desert

Due to aviation in XX century were discovered accidentally deposited on the surface of the earth mysterious drawings enormous. The best-known today are drawings in the desert Nazca (Peru). The mystery of the drawings is misunderstanding the purpose, in the dark of the people who created them, as well as the method of application to the surface. These figures can only be seen from a plane or a high altitude.

Sandy plain of Nazca is 60 km long, 400 km south of the Peruvian capital of Lima. In these places, the land for years without seeing moisture. Rare

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The sunken city of the Bermuda Triangle

Canadian scientists have found an underwater city located in the Bermuda Triangle. According to the researchers, the pictures ocean floor there are four pyramids, one of which is made of glass. Architecture, in the opinion of Canadians, like the ancient culture and the "advanced" civilization Teotiukana Preclassic period of history the Caribbean and Central America.

Team led by Paul and Pauline Zalittski Vayntsveyga explored the ocean floor by a robot. With his camera photos were taken the ruins of the city, which is about seven hundred meters north of the coast of Cuba.

The footage, which came to the

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Stories Tunguska meteorite

About Vanavara village, located north of Krasnoyarsk, with a population of about three thousand people, hardly any of the outsiders could ever find out if it were not for the event, which brought fame to the whole world.

Already a lot of time has passed since the world was shaken by the news of the Tunguska meteorite, but scientists around the world continue to debate, to propose new versions of the event and respond with the old ones. As the phrase from the film, the truth is out there somewhere. Although the meteorite to popular opinion, and left a

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Mikhail Bulgakov. Mystical power of the Master.

Today the life of Mikhail Bulgakov, we know, it seems to be all but questions still remain more questions than answers. And mysteries and hoaxes and paradoxes …

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Pyramid of the Sun was hiding inside the ancient god

Experts from the National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico has a historical discovery. It turns out that archaeologists had found a sculpture of the ancient god of the Maya — Ueueteotlya. This deity represents the fire and hearth.

But most scientists were surprised the place where it was found a godsend. Sculpture and two stelae were stored for years in the famous pyramid of the sun at the height of 66 meters. Archaeologists can not yet explain how they got there. According to a pre-release, early on top of the pyramid was a temple, which was later destroyed by the

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