Concentration camps. The road to hell. All 6 episodes in 1

Another attempt a reconstruction of the true horrific events of World War II, but without the "emphasis" on Holokost.V film uses rare documents, kinofotomaterialy, witnesses and historians.

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As the secrets of clear

We curse the name of journalists romantic as the old woman scolding and rakes franmasonami volteriantsami — without having to know any of Voltaire, nor of franmasonstve.Pushkin *


Everything becomes clear in comparison. To look into the mystery of the Church hierarchy, in most of its mineral resources, we decided to go through a comparison of the opposite pole from those clerics considered their sworn enemies. In the bulls of popes, in exposing the church manifests the secret society of Freemasons, alchemists, the Rosicrucians were defined as the army of Satan, as an organization of low, vile,

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The ancients believed that a person's life is determined by fate, destiny. Even the gods were largely subject to the dictates of fate, but the responsibility of Zeus, the head of the Greek pantheon, was to see to it that their life was the drawn path. They believed that it is possible to lift the veil of the future, and if necessary seek advice from various oracles. The most famous was the oracle of the god Apollo predictions, located near Delphi.

Quests for help priests soothsayers, interpret the will of the deity, or signs, such as thrown dice.

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What was he — King of Fear?

I. Occult Nazism = + armored divisions.

The Nazi Connection with occult teachings and rituals of the East for some time regarded as a myth created hoaxer stories III Reich. This attitude to this interesting question is based primarily on the absence of the relevant documents, and partly destroyed by the Nazis, and partly hidden by them. One of the prosecutors from the Allies at the Nuremberg trials of the Nazis in his speech that even the leaders of the process were deliberately removed evidence of ritual and occult aspects of the III Reich.

Veil on the mysteries of magic

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Unsolved world. Who Killed the Aztecs?

The Aztecs have a notorious reputation as a people, human sacrifices. But five hundred years ago, more than a terrible threat to destroy up to eighty percent of the indigenous population in the fields of death in North America. Most people believe that the Aztecs were killed in an unprecedented historical event, from diseases of the Old World, which brought the Spanish invaders. Today, scientific research gives us a very different explanation of this human tragedy. If the new theory is correct, the fate of the Aztecs could be repeated in the twenty-first century …

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Antarctica 1947 First Great Mystery of ufology

…"Fighting" with such a widespread phenomenon as UFO pointless and even silly — with equal success can be at every corner yelling that there is no God. However, more or less seriously studying the history of ufology itself, you can easily come across a rather curious thing that with some effort, can lead to the discovery of the secrets of a different order, but are never advertised in the world press …

After all, UFOlogy, unlike many other sciences and even most pseudosciences his own subject for study, as it is strange now to say no, and that it is

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News from the Cretaceous

Over the past decade, Africa has been done amazing discoveries in paleontology. Black continent has become a Mecca for scientists. In 1907 in Tanzania discovered a huge "graveyard of dinosaurs," and since then the hunt for fossils in Africa was set, so to speak, in a big way. More recently, in the mountains on the edge of the Sahara and Madagascar have been found in the world's largest accumulations of dinosaur.

One of the most successful fossil hunters said Paul Sereno. He is credited with discovery of the remains and afrovenatora karharodontozavrov, but he made a number of other

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Riddle of Tutankhamun

Great contents of Tutankhamen's tomb excited undying still interest in his life and mysterious death. Tutankhamun rules only nine years old and died of unknown cause at the age of 18 (some sources say 20) years. His strange death, scientists started talking again when Danish researchers who studied the clothes the young ruler of Egypt, came to the conclusion that he clearly suffered some strange disease that caused his hips have large fat deposits.

Currently in Europe illustrates a display of his clothes, with more than 400 exhibits. All of them were found in the burial chamber of

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Food of the Gods № 6 (19. 02. 2013)

"Food of the Gods" — a fascinating journey into the world of ancient cooking, flavored with bright scenes making of "divine food" and episodes of the latest discoveries of scientists. "Food of the Gods" will entice even the most sophisticated residents of the metropolis. You know, where we were visited by corn, cocoa, wheat, dates, tomatoes? What they have in their DNA? Where on earth were the seeds of grain? Vegetarianism — a legacy of the ancient or fashion of the day? Then prepare an elixir of longevity? How could the ancient people come up with all this yourself? Myth

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The terrible death of the Irish kings

Archaeologists explore recently found in a bog mummy, the prepared ritualistic way. The analysis of the mummified corpse has allowed scientists to learn many details about the king of the Celts.

Celts in Ireland did not take care of the preservation of the integrity of mortal remains of their rulers. They existed other customs. The skull of the deceased, they defer, abdomen was opened and detachable. Such barbaric way the ancients sacrificed their kings.

Celtic chieftain who ruled during the Iron Age tribe, lived in luxury and enjoy abundance. He obviously ate a lot of meat-eating and did not bother

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