Finders. Secrets Aksai Dungeon

February 28, 2013 23:02

In the Rostov region in Aksai there is one attraction that makes the locals strong interest. This is — a completely unique system of underground tunnels, located directly under the town of Aksai. With Aksay dungeons connected lots of different legends about ghosts. This area residents considered abnormal. How did these dungeons? And it's really — the old shelter from enemies, quarries or underground bunker for testing military equipment, built in the middle of the twentieth century? And why this is where the tragic events connected with the disappearance of people and military

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Day cosmic history — in search of a new land

November 5, 2012 7:28

Secrets of the world. Living Water. In the quest for immortality

January 22, 2012 12:59

Ural scientists grew potatoes, like beets

October 27, 2012 23:42

Scientists at the Agricultural Research Institute of the Ural new breed of potato that has a rather strange look, but contain high amounts of nutrients.

As told by Elena Shanina development, a new variety of potato, which is called "Chudesnik" is very high in antioxidants, three times more vitamin C and almost no starch, resulting in blue or beet pulp. "All of this makes the potatoes dietary product" — sums up Elena Shanina.

A couple of years such potatoes will hit — now the seeds "Chudesnika" sent in Tyumen on the largest Ural Agricultural company

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The X-Files, Magic Stone

December 18, 2011 14:56

The highest quality recording UFO 2000-2012 years

September 23, 2012 22:17

The aliens from the past — Aliens and dinosaurs

November 15, 2012 3:47

Mysterious Russia. Chelyabinsk region. Guests from the dungeon (2012)

October 8, 2012 5:14

Mysterious Russia. Chelyabinsk region. Guests from the underground 2012 Mysterious creatures that live in caves — trolls leprikony, gnomes, dwarfs, klurikony, dvergi — is in the mythology of almost all the world's peoples. But what lies behind these legends and whether they have any real background? Here in the Chelyabinsk region of the Ural Mountains, many believe: underground people — not fiction …

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Clever Cat

November 29, 2012 0:56

One day I was walking home from work. My route passed through the yards of houses, and in them, as usual, was walking home and yard a lot of cats.

One of them just sat on the edge of the pavement, and suddenly, he saw me, jumped up and ran across my path. I'm not superstitious, but still frustrating when you have the nose of a cat running across the road. I caught up with the fast pace and it went around, trying to get closer to home. After going a little further, looked around

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Abnormal glow over Arizona

October 2, 2012 0:57

Video appeared on the Internet, which show unusual lights (UFOs) in the skies over the city of Phoenix, Arizona, who, as the author of this video — emerged in the morning at 5:00 am September 13, 2012.

Earlier similar lights were seen over the city of Austin, Texas, United States (although the video with the user quickly removed). The distance between the cities of Phoenix and Austin — over 2,000 kilometers.

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