Volunteers save pilot whales stranded

A flock of 22 pilot whales washed up on a ocean coast in Florida. Volunteers, veterinarians and experts Coast Guard tried to save whales. They were covered with wet towels, doused with water and even tried to return to the sea.

Despite all the efforts of volunteers, survived only five dolphins. They are now under the care of veterinarians.

Until now, scientists could not give an exact answer, which can cause such mass suicides of cetaceans that occur from time to time in different parts of the globe.

Generally, if one individual strand, the others try to help her,

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Storm warning announced because of a snowstorm in the northern Kurils

Employees GUMCHS Russia announced on Sunday prompt warning in response to the severe snowstorm in the North Kurile region, according to the Office.

According to forecasters, December 24, in the North Kurile region (island Paramushir) is expected to moderate snow (7-19 mm), an increase in wind up to 40 meters per second, a strong storm.

"Due to the bad weather disturbances in the work of transport, energy and other economic facilities. Citizens are advised not to leave the settlements at the time of the warning on fresh food products, medicines for chronic patients. Consideration should be given additional light

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Moscow authorities approve the plan in October to combat bark beetle

The authorities of the Moscow region in the next week will approve a plan to mobilize resources to address the bark beetle in the forests of the region, told the president of the Russian Geographical Society (RGS), the governor of the Moscow region, Sergei Shoigu.

He noted that the region is now conducting "a great job of mobilizing all the forces that are in the region, namely the mobilization in a good sense of the word, so that as soon as possible to deal with this challenge."

"I think that in the coming weeks, we will approve a plan to

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Rostov airport operates on the actual weather conditions due to fog

Airport in Rostov-on-Don translated into operation on the actual weather conditions due to fog, told RIA Novosti the airport.

"Visibility on the runway is 150 meters (350 feet required), so work on the actual weather," — said the source. He added that while there is no delay the flight.

Fog can form when temperature drops. Yesterday in Rostov air temperature was below zero, now — plus 4 degrees.

Video about a loyal dog in the ruins became a leader hits YouTube

Against the background of the terrible tragedy in Japan, local journalists filmed and posted on the Internet a video of touching the dog's behavior, which remained after the tsunami without owners and faithfully guard the ruins of his wounded friend. Spot called "Endless loyalty" (Ultimate Loyalty) became the leader of views on YouTube — it looked more than 50 thousand people.

Record demonstrates as clearly purebred, but exhausted and dirty dog wearing a collar hanging around his wounded tribesman lying in the rubble. He tries to draw the operator's attention to the prostrate dog sits down and looks

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Dive to a depth of 8 km

According to a popular news site famous American film director James Cameron set a new record. Sitting in the Solomon Sea, near the island of New Guinea, to a depth of 8 kilometers. Plunge was not immediately apparent, had to make multiple passes. But, in the end, still managed to set a record.

At first dive zhiznesnabzheniya systems broke down, it occurred at a depth of 7260 km, when the record was already very close. Once the system was restored, began the second dive. Then the device from the device refused sonar, so famous record holder had to navigate

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A strong earthquake occurred in southern Mexico

Earthquake of magnitude 7.1 occurred on Tuesday in Mexico — the epicenter was located in the southern state of Chiapas, according to the National Seismological Service of Latin American countries.

Chiapas authorities say that while no evidence of injuries or damage.

This is the second major earthquake in a day in Mexico. Earlier, an earthquake of magnitude 5.6 was recorded in the state of Guerrero. Tremors were felt in the capital Mexico City, their magnitude was 4.9. According to Mayor Marcelo Ebrard, a helicopter circled over the city showed that no destruction, information on possible casualties have also been reported.

U.S. state of Ohio halfway submerged.


U.S. state of Ohio halfway submerged. Severe flooding caused by heavy rains that triggered the melting of snow in the mountains. As a result, the valley turned into deep rivers. Flooded roads and towns. Several deaths.

Authorities quickly evacuate people to safe areas. Meteorologists warn that the water level will rise until Monday, and then starts to decline, according to TV channel "Russia-24".

In early March by the disaster in central U.S. killed four people. Stormy weather with winds and rain struck the Midwest and have produced tornadoes in Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee. Heavy

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«Lada» «XRAY» — Englishman on the right!

Recently in "Crocus Expo" opening ceremony of the Moscow International Salon. The first day of the opportunity to see new items were given to journalists. According to Michael Podorozhanskogo, editor of the magazine "Auto Review", despite the fact that the announcements said about a lot of prime, really super-new items, when it came to a fundamentally new car, the possibility of the change of generations, can be counted on the fingers of one hand . But, of course, a pair of curious little stuff, surprisingly, belong to our "AvtoVAZ". On them, with the permission of the high public attention should

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Tornadoes and hail battered Bangladesh

In southern Asia, the winter is over. Change the landscape and the sky. A wave of hot air has replaced the cold masses. But the heat has brought with him the storm.

The worst weather in Bangladesh. In the spring, when warm, moist air masses from the Bay of Bengal meet with cold and dry masses of the Himalayas, there are even a tornado.

One tornado passed last night over the regions Sadar, and Baliadangi Haypur. He was accompanied by rain, storm and hail. Some hail diameter is 15 inches. Were destroyed five thousand hectares of wheat.

In 70 homes

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