Earthquake of magnitude 4.7 occurred in southern Japan

Earthquake of magnitude 4.7 occurred off the east coast of the southern Japanese island of Kyushu, the chief of Meteorology Japan.

Hearth lies at a depth of 20 kilometers. Tremors were felt in six of the seven prefectures of the island.

No casualties or damage. No tsunami threat.

A series of major earthquakes around the world in the morning 26.02.2012

Terrible earthquake, split Krivoy Rog

The earthquake was formed division (50 to 70 m, 20 — D).

Recall that the cataclysm occurred on January 14. Death and destruction of buildings there. The epicenter of the earthquake occurred in a remote area of the city (near the cemetery "West"). The result was a huge crater.

"January 14 earthquake of 3.9 points, a special commission of mine management. Artem "ArcelorMittal Krivoy Rog", which explored the possible shifts earth's soil. But the Commission did not find any changes. But by January 18 came to us a document from the chief engineer of the mine office to them. Artem

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In Minsk in October again blooming chestnuts

Despite the cold October weather in Minsk on Dzerzhinsky Ave Zhukov and others on the street. DOLGOBRODSKAYA chestnuts bloomed again.

"The trees bloom again in uncharacteristic flowering period, most often it is along the roads and highways. This is due to the impact that they have a car exhaust, lamp night light, hot asphalt or soil due to closely spaced communications, salt sprinkled on a winter road. Because of all these factors, they are under constant stress, "confuse" the time of year again and blossom. Regarding the chestnuts can say that this is the year all over the country intensified

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Powered by environmentally friendly fertilizer

Researchers from the city of Constanta (Romania), today announced the successful completion of the research in the search for the optimal production technology of fertilizers for agriculture, which could be classified as a cleaner.

In their work the researchers used a compound-treated sludge discharged by treatment plants, and algae. Thanks to technology developed by the Romanians, the end-product does not smell of mud and algae and is suitable for use as a fertilizer in agriculture while remaining environmentally friendly.

So far, the project is only in the development stage, but the Romanians have already calculated that they are ready

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Thunderstorms and hail are expected in Moscow and Moscow region

Thunderstorms and gusty winds are expected in the Moscow region on Monday night, according to portal "Meteonovosti."

"From 21.30 to 24.00 in Moscow and in the Moscow region from 23.00 to 3.00 expected rainfall, strong winds with gusts of 15 meters per second," — said in a statement.

According to the forecast, the bad weather will be accompanied by hail.

Nearly two-monthly rainfall fell in one of the districts of Primorye

Active snow cyclone in 12 hours brought the Khasan district of Primorye about two monthly rainfall in Vladivostok received more than one month norm, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday Primgidrometa representative.

Rain and snow began in Vladivostok on Monday night. At night, they intensified the blizzard began. Edge GUMCHS Russia issued an urgent warning about the sharp deterioration in the weather. Rescuers and online services Maritime alerted due to the cyclone.

"The maximum amount of precipitation fell in the village of Barabash — 32 millimeter. This monthly rate here is 12 millimeters. Moreover, here, as well as in the

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The center of Russia covered frosty anticyclone

The territory of Central Russia and Siberia collided with another cold front. As the weather forecasters, the air temperature in these areas by 7-10 degrees below normal. Morning temperatures in Moscow on December 17 reached -26 ° C, which was the night's record this month.

According to forecasts, the cold will not let center of the country until the end of the week. The air temperature in the dark does not rise above -20 ° C, and the further east, the more horrifying is less (up to -34 ° C). Blame the anticyclone, which carries the cold Siberian air

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United States: Implications of a tornado in Kentucky

The storm passed through Louisville, Kentucky, injured and left without electricity for about 12,000 homes and businesses, according to the U.S. National Weather Service.

Training programs on energy efficiency must be introduced in schools — scientist

Educational programs aimed at promoting energy efficient behavior, need to be implemented in Russian schools and universities, it will help to form the population of the Russian culture of energy management, the vice-president of the Russian Academy of Sciences Nikolai Laverov.

"This problem (energy efficient behavior — Ed.) Certainly deserves to have a separate course (in educational institutions)," — said the Laverov.

According to him, laying the foundation for saving culture should be combined with the application of engineering solutions to reduce energy losses, especially in the large towns and industrial centers.

"If we combine these directions, you will be

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