Give a sports dynasty!

Russian Sergei Fesik, swimmer and Olympic medalist, during a press conference held in Penza, August 16, confirmed that he proposed Zoueva Russian swimmer, won the "silver" at the Games in 2012. Fesik reported that the first of its intention to recognize Natalia Kozlova, a trainee athlete.

Previously, it was agreed that the athlete will make the offer after the competition, regardless of the results shown. The day athlete participated in the qualifying stage of the competition and showed the fourth result. Sergey has decided to cheer his chosen and invited her to ride on the London Ferris wheel, and

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In one of the oldest canals of Canada documented cases of mass death of fish

Thousands of dead fish found on the surface of the water in the Rideau Canal (Rideau Canal) in Ottawa. Tourists and local residents complain of foul smell and speculate on the causes of the fish kill in the organization kanale.Federalnaya Parks Canada, which is responsible for the Rideau Canal, says that there is no reason to worry. The organization has received many calls from residents concerned about the situation around the canal at the loss of the fish. However, representatives of the organization say that the fish died of natural causes, not related to pollution, in particular the lack of

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In China, the 100-meter frozen waterfall

Residents of the province of Zhe-jiang in China witnessed a rare natural phenomenon. Waterfall, a height of about 100 meters, completely frozen.

According, amazing scenery attracts many tourists who enjoy taking pictures on the background of an ice waterfall.

Specifies that, in the region cold snap in early January — the norm. It was at this period is the coldest days of the year. Usually decrease in temperature is accompanied by heavy rains and winds.

Unknown cut down more than 50 ancient pines on the outskirts of Yakutsk

Law enforcement authorities are searching for attackers who cut down on the outskirts of Yakutsk 50 pines, which are more than a hundred years, told RIA Novosti the city hall.

According to the source, the employees of the Environmental Protection Yakutsk during bypass forest areas to detect the fact of unauthorized felling of pine trees on more than 50 Sergelyakhskoe highway.

Together with representatives of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Roslesinforg" Yakut forestry, Saysarskogo county council and management of Environment Yakutsk was drafted certificate of inspection areas.

"We will give the materials to the investigating authorities to bring those responsible

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Rare turtle species may disappear because of oil exploration in the Adriatic

The planned seismic survey of oil fields in the Adriatic Sea violates the migration routes of Red Loggerhead turtles and further increase risk of extinction of these reptiles, said an international non-governmental organization for the protection of the oceans Oceana.

"Areas where oil exploration will be carried out, border marine reserve and waters like the Sicilian Strait, which are critical for the conservation of rare migratory species such as the white shark, bluefin tuna and sea turtles" — said the coordinator of the Brussels office of Oceana Nicholas Forney (Nicolas Fournier), quoted in the report.

Thus, under the threat of

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Strong wind de-energized several towns of Transnistria

Strong wind gusts that reach up to 20 meters per second, on the night of Monday to Tuesday left without electricity for a number of settlements of Transnistria, told the Acting Director General of the state enterprise "Uniform distribution mains" Dennis Crook.

"Strong winds damaged power lines six 10 kW, five of them in the company's specialists restored Dubasari Republic. Besides operational mobile teams to troubleshoot the subscribers after 20 single call," — said Crook.

According to him, on Tuesday morning were de-energized village Garmatskoe (Dubasari) and Corotna (Slobozia district), two streets in Tiraspol and Bendery.

The main reason for

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Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk airport resumed work after an interruption due to cyclone

Plastic into the sea was more dangerous than expected

According to new research, the results of which have been recently published in the journal "Ekonauka and Technology", fragments of plastic entering the global aquatic ecosystems tend to absorb some chemicals with which they come into contact in the water.

This means that any plastic, cast into the sea, is a dual threat to marine animals. Swallowing a piece of sea creatures can get both gastrointestinal injury from sharp edges of debris, and contamination with toxic substances, which had time to react plastic. This greatly increases the risk of death to marine life and accelerates its onset. And even

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Bird deaths in the Krasnoyarsk Territory

Minusinsk a meeting Antiepizootic Commission Minusinsk district dedicated to the mass death of birds in Lake Tagar.

Recall that the August 22, 2011 during the examination of the lake Tagar birds were found dead and diseased individuals.

In the committee attended by the head of administration Minusinsk district, chairman of the AV Peresunko, Head of the Department for Interregional South Rosselkhoznadzor group of districts of the Krasnoyarsk Territory NG Beklemeshev and others.

Following the discussion, the decision to enter the monitoring mode on Lake Tagar, provide samples of materials for research to elucidate the causes of the disease poultry, to

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Russia expect a repeat of last years heat wave

As reported, heatwave established in most parts of central Russia. This week in the capital region the temperature rises to 30 degrees, which is 6 degrees above normal.

Hot weather brought air flows from Central Asia. Some experts remind us that just as a heat wave began in the last year, the "Russia-24".

New temperature records have been registered in Western Europe. Thus, in the British capital — plus 32. In France and Belgium — plus 35, and in Spain and Portugal is already under 40.

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